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Buyers love this dual fuel generator’s flexibility. Users can switch between gas and propane usage – an advantage since gas spoils faster.

It features Cold Start Technology and Intelligauge that monitors voltage, frequency, and operating hours. Furthermore, this unit features push-to-reset circuit breakers with low oil shut off sensors for added safety.


Powerhorse 7500 Watt Generators are made to be durable, making them an excellent choice for homeowners. They’re great for DIY projects, outdoor events and emergency power outages; running appliances and tools for DIY projects or running your entire home in case of power outage emergencies. Their advanced engine is engineered for long life and superior performance while featuring exclusive CO sense technology – stopping, alerting and saving users from carbon monoxide gas! It features four standard household outlets (two duplex 120V GFCI L14-30R outlets plus two USB ports.

This dual fuel generator offers 9375 watts of surge power and 7500 watts of running power with gasoline, 8400 watts surge power and 6750 running power with propane. It features an easy electric start system and its portable design makes it simple to move around; never-flat wheels and handle make transporting easier, although at 202.4 pounds it may weigh quite a bit.

This generator has a battery for its recoil starter and an optional wireless remote start system. In addition, there is also a low oil shutdown sensor built into this model that helps make its use safe and straightforward; this feature prevents your generator from being damaged by operating while its oil level drops too low, something which often destroys other models.


Generators can be an essential power source when camping outdoors, but they can also produce considerable noise that may disturb neighbors or make your campsite unwelcome. To minimize its decibel level and keep neighbors happy, try soundproofing techniques – these will reduce noise produced by your generator and lessen its effects.

Many generators require hand cranking to start them, which can be tiring and time consuming. To make starting simpler and reduce noise emissions from its production, the WH7500E features an electric starter as well as an oversized noise reduction pulse flo muffler which reduces sound levels to as little as 71 decibels; an impressive feat considering most 7000-watt generators produce much louder sounds.

The Champion 7500 Watt Dual Fuel Generator is an exceptional backup generator, designed to meet all your emergency power needs. Boasting high starting watts and adequate running watts, its versatility can meet home backup, worksite, RVs and outdoor projects needs alike. Fuelled by gasoline or propane for easy remote site use. Though quieter than competitors, its noise level may still be too loud for some users. Unfortunately, it also doesn’t come equipped with carbon monoxide detector which may pose health hazards in certain circumstances.


Generators produce carbon monoxide when burning gasoline, so they must be located at least 20 feet from buildings. Furthermore, they produce heat which must be vented properly or it could result in fire. Read and follow all user manual directions for the safe use of a generator.

If you are using a portable generator outdoors, be sure to locate it in a secure outdoor location and protect it with an operational canopy. Do not attempt to manipulate it when your hands are wet – doing so could electrocute you! Additionally, avoid operating your generator near areas that pool or puddle water during rainstorms as doing so could void its warranty and render your machine unsafe.

Make a list of the electrical devices and tools you plan to power with your generator, then total their wattage requirements – this will help determine how much fuel to purchase also, if you plan to permanently connect it to your home’s electrical system via transfer switch installation as required by National Electrical Code.

If you need to use electrical extension cords, ensure they’re rated (in either watts or amps) at least equal to the sum of all connected appliance loads. Furthermore, ensure they’re free from cuts or damage and feature all three prongs – including one grounding pin – as they should function reliably and safely.


This generator features a 6.6-gallon fuel tank and can operate under full load for 11 hours at full power, featuring an automatic voltage regulator that helps ensure stable output power under fluctuating loads. Starting is quick and effortless using gasoline or propane gas power sources; plus there’s even lifetime technical support! Plus a three year limited warranty!

The Generator Pro Portable Electric Start Generator offers portable power for DIY projects and power outage situations. Equipped with an electric starter with recoil backup, and featuring CO Minder technology that monitors carbon monoxide levels to keep you safe – turn a dial between fuel types. Plus it is lightweight and easily portable making this an invaluable asset.

This generator boasts many outlets, making it perfect for powering multiple devices simultaneously. It includes one 120/240 Volt, 30 Amp NEMA L14-30R twist-lock receptacle limited by a 28 Amp trip switch; as well as two duplex GFCI 12 Volt 20 Amp (5-20R) home style outlets protected with flip-up rubber covers to protect them against dirt damaging connections; it even comes equipped with an intuitive user interface panel displaying runtime information and battery levels!


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Home » Generators » Weatherproof 7500 Watt Generator Review

Weatherproof 7500 Watt Generator Review