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Champion 100891 vs Westinghouse 7500

Product Champion 100891 Westinghouse WGen6000
Fuel Type Gasoline or Propane Gasoline
Engine 4-stroke 439cc OHV 4 Stroke 420cc Westinghouse OHV
Fuel Tank Capacity 7.7 gallons 6.6 gallons
Suggested Tank Size (Propane) 20 lbs N/A
Running Wattage 7,500 7,500
Run Time at 50% Load 10 hours on gas, 5.5 hours propane 13 hours
Number of Outlets 4 5
Ignition System Type Electric & Recoil Electric & Recoil
Transfer Switch Ready Yes Yes
EPA Approved Yes Yes
CARB Approved Yes Yes
Product Dimensions 28.9 x 27.7 x 26.1 inches
Weight 207 lbs 193.2 lbs
Warranty 3 years 3 years
Special Features Intelligauge, Volt Guard, Cold Start Technology, Never Flat Tires Electric Starting, Overload Protection, Automatic Voltage Regulation, Low Oil Shutdown, Muffler, Hour Meter, Fuel Gauge
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Benefits And Uses Of A 7500 Watt Generator

It is a reliable backup source of electricity during emergencies, can run large appliances on job sites, and is convenient for outdoor events and leisure activities.

Home Standby Generator: Having Enough Watts

Emergencies can strike anytime, leaving you and your family in the dark without access to essential appliances. It is a reliable backup source of juice during these critical times, ensuring that your home remains functional even when utility providers fail to supply electricity.

Consider a scenario where a severe storm knocks out the grid in your neighborhood for an extended period. You Can keep perishable food items safe in the refrigerator and have means for charging communication gear such as smartphones and laptops; both crucial aspects of staying informed about ongoing emergencies while remaining connected with loved ones.

Powering Large Appliances And Tools On Job Sites

A powerful unit is a game-changer for powering heavy-duty equipment and appliances on job sites. Its robust capability to provide continuous output enables contractors and construction workers to operate essential equipment such as air compressors, electric saws, welding machines, and even large watt7500 lighting systems.

For instance, imagine you’re managing a construction site in a remote location with limited access to an electrical grid or during a blackout; the versatility of portable generators like the gas-powered Honda or Champion 7500 ensures that work continues uninterrupted.

Having portable electricity at your disposal increases productivity and promotes safety by keeping well-lit environments that reduce accident risks on-site.

Moreover, many models are transfer switch ready, allowing seamless integration into your existing network for easy load management.

Convenient For Outdoor Events And Leisure Activities

It allows you to enjoy outdoor events and leisure activities with the convenience of readily available electricity. For instance, it can be used at campgrounds for powering RVs, cooking appliances, or charging electronic gear, ensuring that your camping experience is both comfortable and enjoyable.

In addition to camping and tailgating scenarios, it is an excellent choice for hosting outdoor weddings or family reunions where additional lighting, catering equipment, or music systems may be required.

Its versatility makes it an invaluable tool because it allows various electrical products to work continously without the hassle of extension cords strewn throughout your event space.

Considerations When Choosing A High Watt Generator

When searching for the ideal generator, it’s essential to take into account key features such as fuel type and tank size, runtime and noise level, as well as its portability and home standby capability.

Fuel Type And Tank Size

The fuel type and tank size are important factors to consider as well. Most units run on gasoline, but two fuel options that also use propane or natural gas can be more cost-effective in the long run.

The tank size can determine how long the device will run without needing to refuel, so it’s worth considering if you think you will need it during an emergency or at a job site.

For example, the Westinghouse WGen7500DF has a 6-gallon fuel tank and can run for up to 16 hours on one tank of gas, making it a reliable option for powering your home during outages or getting through an entire workday without interruption or check current.

Runtime And Noise Level

Another important consideration is the runtime and noise level. The runtime refers to how long the generator can run on a single tank of fuel, which can vary depending on the model and load.

Additionally, it’s essential to consider the generator’s noise level as you don’t want it disturbing your neighbors or campsite. Look for low decibel ratings and features like insulated casings or mufflers that can help reduce noise levels.

Sufficient runtime and low noise output ensures a reliable backup without disrupting your daily routine or surrounding environment.


One essential feature to consider is portability. When faced with an emergency or grid outage, you want to be able to move around and transport it from one location to another.

Many generators come with wheels, which makes it easier to roll them around on different terrains.

Outdoor activities such as camping or tailgating call for lightweight options that are easy to set up and take down. The Westinghouse WGen7500 weighs just over 200 pounds but has a foldable handle and wheel kit for effortless maneuverability.

Top Recommended 7500 Watt Generators

1. Westinghouse Outdoor Equipment 7500

Stay Prepared with Reliable Backup Power During Emergencies.


  • Electric ignition for easy and fast starting
  • Overload protection and automatic voltage regulation for safe use of appliances
  • Low oil shutdown to prevent engine damage
  • Muffler for quiet operation
  • Hour meter and fuel gauge to monitor usage
  • 7500 watts of output power, suitable for residential use

The Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment 7500 is the top choice for its ease of use, durability, and superior performance. Boasting a powerful 420cc 4-Stroke OHV engine with a long-lasting cast iron sleeve, this engine provides an impressive wattage profile: 6000 steady and 7500 peak to keep your home appliances working during blackouts or emergencies. Its transfer switch ready L14-30R outlet allows direct connection to your home’s electrical system without hassle – eliminating the need for extension cords.

Ease of maintenance is another standout feature of the Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment 7500. With its VFT Data Center on the intuitive control panel, real-time updates on essential information ensure that you can take proper care for lasting dependability. At the same time, its built-in fuel gauge ensures efficient operation during its runtime up to 13 hours on a full tank (6.6 gallons). Encased in a hardened steel frame with roll bars, foam grip handles, and never-flat wheels, this portable unit offers exceptional transportation capabilities across any terrain – all while rubber outlets protect against environmental damage.

In conclusion, the Westinghouse 7500 exceeds expectations as No.1 pick in our list because it delivers unparalleled performance coupled with user-friendly features tailor-made for ultimate convenience during emergencies – ensuring reliability when it matters most!


  • Functionally Tested in the Factory: Your Westinghouse 7500 has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it meets high-quality standards. No need to worry about any flaws or defects.
  • Automatic Low Oil Shutdown: With a long-lasting cast iron sleeve and automatic low oil shutdown, you can rest assured that your engine will run smoothly without damage.
  • Two GFCI Receptacles with Rubber Covers: The added safety of rubber covers on both 5-20R 120V household duplex receptacles minimizes the risk of electrical shock during use, providing peace of mind to users.
  • Plug-and-Play Convenience: The Westinghouse 7500 comes with oil, an oil funnel, tool kit and user’s manual — everything needed to get started right out of the box (minimal assembly required).
  • Transfer Switch Ready L14-30R Receptacle: With one transfer switch ready L14-30R receptacle offering 120/240V twist-lock capability, this panel is perfect for powering multiple appliances at once.



  • Generates up to 7500 peak watts, ensuring your home stays powered even during extended outages.
  • Comes ready with a transfer switch and multiple outlets, including GFCI for added safety.
  • User-friendly plug-and-play kit includes oil, and a manual for quick assembly and start-up.
  • Backed by a comprehensive 3-year limited service warranty and nationwide customer support network.


  • Heavy and bulky, making it difficult to move around
  • Louder than some other portable generators on the market
  • Some customers have reported issues with customer service and warranty claims

This Westinghouse 7500 Peak Watt Generator is the perfect choice for busy homeowners who need reliable and convenient backup power during a blackout. This one provides high-performance, transfer switch ready outlets with safety features such as GFCI receptacles and rubber covers.

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2. Champion Power Equipment 100891

Versatile and Reliable Multi Fuel Portable Generator


  • Multiple fuel capability: can run on either gasoline or propane.
  • Electric ignition system for ease of use.
  • Impressive 7500 watts output wattage.
  • Long runtime of up to 10 hours on a single tank.
  • Durable and high-quality construction from trusted brand Champion Power Equipment.
  • Compact size is just under 3 feet long, making it easy to store and transport.

The Champion 100891 is a powerful and versatile portable generator, making it an excellent choice for homes and projects where reliable power is essential. With its impressive 9375 starting watts (“SW”) and 7500 running watts (“RW”)on petrol, or 8400 SW and 6750 RW on propane, this generator can easily handle most appliances during an outage. Moreover, the convenient electric turn on feature ensures that your power source will available quickly in any situation.

One of the standout features of this generator is its ability to operate on both gasoline and propane with the patented fuel selector switch enabling safe transition between fuels. Its Intelligauge helps users monitor voltage output and maintenance intervals while the built-in Volt Guard protects against electrical voltage spikes. The noise level at 74 dBA from 23 feet may be a bit louder than a vacuum cleaner but considering its remarkable capabilities, it effortlessly claims our No.2 spot in terms of efficiency, durability, safety, ease-of-use and support.

Overall, investing in the 100891 Portable guarantees consistent performance, extensive warranty coverage (3-year limited), and free lifetime technical support from dedicated experts across numerous services centers nationwide.


  • Powerful: The 100891 is quite robust, boasting 9375 SW and 7500 RW on gasoline. Plus, with built-in Volt Guard surge protection technology you can trust it to prevent unexpected overloads.
  • Fuel Optionality: You can run the Champion on either gasoline or propane right out of the box, making it a versatile choice for various needs. Propane burns cleaner than gasoline and is considered a more eco-friendly fuel option.
  • Electric Ignition: Say goodbye to strenuous manual rope pulls thanks to the convenient rocker switch that gets your engine going quickly and easily – battery included!
  • Intelligauge: Keep track of voltage, hertz and runtime hours with ease using the intelligauge feature; this helps monitor output levels and maintain maintenance intervals.
  • Product Support: Buy with peace of mind knowing that your purchase includes a 3-year limited warranty AND lifetime technical support from expert customer service representatives – anytime you need help or advice!


  • Dual fuel capability allows for convenient operation with gasoline or propane
  • High starting and RW provide ample output for your needs
  • Volt Guard surge protector prevents overloads and damage to your devices
  • Intelligauge keeps you informed of voltage, hertz, and runtime hours for easy monitoring


  • Heavy and bulky design, making it difficult to move around
  • Louder than some others on the market

This Champion 100891 9375/7500-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator is perfect for tech-savvy homeowners and DIYers who are looking for a reliable, electric ignition generator model for their home. Easily monitor your situation with the Intelligauge feature and switch between gasoline or propane anytime! Get yours today and always be prepared!

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In conclusion, these are powerful and versatile machines that can come in handy during emergencies or outdoor adventures. It can power appliances, tools, and even air conditioners and furnaces.

We highly recommend considering the Westinghouse 7500 Watt or the Champion 100891 as your top options.

Investing in either of these is wise due to their durability over time from trusted brands like Westinghouse or Champion Power Equipment.

Choose one today to gain peace of mind knowing that you have reliable backup power whenever necessary!


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  1. Watt are the benefits?

It is capable of powering multiple appliances and tools simultaneously, making it an ideal choice for emergency backup power or outdoor events where access to electricity may be limited. During utility outages, it can also run important home appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, and sump pumps.

  1. How much fuel do the generators consume?

The amount of fuel consumed by the generators depends on several factors including load size and runtime. Generally speaking, you can expect it to burn approximately 5-7 gallons of gasoline per day when being used at full capacity.

  1. How much noise does the machine produce?

The noise level largely depends on the model you choose but most generators have decibel levels ranging from around 65 dB -75 dB at about seven meters away which means these generators should not cause any significant disturbance in your neighborhood. Thet are no louder than a pickup truck lift gate.

  1. Can I use my generators indoors?

No, it’s not safe to use any internal combustion engine-powered device indoors due to potential carbon monoxide poisoning risks.Locate the product outside if possible while keeping its exhaust pipe well-away from open windows or doors;if no external location is available then one will need heavy-duty ventilation system installed nearby before using this large unit inside safely with proper precautions taken like regular maintenance checks and monitoring units regularly for overloads or other malfunctions which could cause dangerous results if ignored over time. View details on the product page.

Home Product Running Watts

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