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Electricity powers most home electrical equipment, including lights, refrigerators, window AC units, modem/routers, security systems, TVs and computers. Volt Guard’s built-in surge protector protects against voltage spikes or overloads to safeguard your electrical equipment against overloads or spikes in voltage.

Perfect for outdoor events, DIY projects and emergency home backup needs. Compliant with both EPA and CARB standards and offering three years limited warranty plus lifetime technical support.


With 9375 Starting Watts and 7500 Running Watts, this generator has enough power to keep essential home appliances operating during a power outage. Plus, its portable design makes it suitable for DIY projects or outdoor events with portable tools or equipment; powered by an efficient Champion 420cc OHV engine and features an Intelligauge that displays voltage, frequency, operating hours as well as an easy-to-use Powerdial that unifies off/run/choke settings into one dial; plus foldaway U-shaped handle and never flat tires ensure easy transport or placement and can help ensure it can always find its home!

Its low noise level (only 74dBA at 23 feet away) makes this generator perfect for backyard use. At the same time, its 5.7 gallon tank offers 8 hours of run time at 50% load and features Volt Guard surge protection to safeguard appliances and electronics against surges in voltage spikes.

To determine what size generator you require, begin by tallying up all of the devices and appliances you wish to power during an outage and adding up their respective wattages – taking special note to include starting watts which tend to be two to three times greater than running watts. Find a generator that meets or surpasses these numbers – for instance, consider this dual fuel Westinghouse WGen7500DF generator as an economical yet flexible choice.


Not unlike portable generators sold by big box stores, which are intended for outdoor use, this unit packs quite the punch in such a compact size. With an incredible starting capacity that can start appliances and tools two to three times their running wattage load capacity – ideal for providing backup power during extended or intermittent outages at home!

One of the great things about this generator is its ease of start-up: push a button. That makes it far superior to older models which required manual cranking – both tedious and dangerous! This model remains relatively silent thanks to an oversized noise reduction pulse flo muffler: only 71 decibels when half load.

A key feature of this generator is its 6.6 gallon tank, providing ample run time during an outage for most homes. Furthermore, this model features a built-in fuel gauge to monitor how much gas is left in its tank; and as it’s powered by either gasoline or propane (LPG), for greater versatility and ease.

Size matters when selecting an emergency generator, and determining the wattage of key household devices and equipment can help. Westinghouse also offers an online Wattage Calculator that can assist in selecting an appropriate generator size.

Easy to Move

Generators can be an invaluable backup in case of power outages, helping prevent frozen pipes, spoilt food and basement flooding, and save lives when medical equipment is required for serious conditions. Before purchasing one, however, you must determine the amount of wattage your generator requires.

One way of doing this is to add up all of the wattages used by appliances, lights and other items during an outage and calculate its total wattage usage. Once this figure has been established, you can determine what size generator best meets your needs; ideally it should be slightly larger than your maximum usage so that it lasts as long as necessary without running out of gas.

The WGen7500 portable generator is an intuitive power unit for home or portable use, offering home backup power or versatile portable energy wherever it’s needed. Boasting a 7500-Watt Generator Capacity to power large appliances or multiple power tools simultaneously. Being Transfer Switch Ready means no extension cords are needed in an outage situation – steel frame construction with rolled handle for additional strength and weather-protective rubber outlet covers make for added strength against elements.

The WGen7500 features an easy remote start option, making operation simple. Additionally, this mower features recoil and electric starting mechanisms to select which option suits you best.

EPA/CARB Compliant

An emergency gas generator is an intelligent solution for power during disaster or weather emergencies. A generator offers 9,500 peak watts and 7,500 running watts to support appliances and electronics such as lights, refrigerator, sump pump, TV window AC furnace blower, and Cold Start Technology, which helps get it going in cold temperatures. Furthermore, Volt Guard and Low Oil Shutoff help keep engines operating at peak efficiency.

A large 6.6-gallon tank offers up to 11 hours of run time before needing refueling. Plus, with its electric starter and remote you don’t even have to leave home to start it or control its on/off status from up to 160 feet away! Furthermore, its durable welded steel frame features never-flat wheels for smooth rolling over rough terrain.

This generator is safe at home as long as it meets EPA and CARB compliance (provided you follow proper installation and operation guidelines). Ensure it’s used outside and at least 20 feet from any windows, doors or vents; additionally it should be properly maintained to prevent moisture damage.

Home » Generators » Emergency 7500 Watt Generator

Emergency 7500 Watt Generator