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The Powermate 7500 Watt Generator is an ideal option for homeowners needing backup power for their homes, RVs or workstations.

This generator meets both EPA and CARB regulations, featuring a digital Intelligauge that displays voltage, frequency and operating hours.

With its no-flat wheels and handle, this machine is easily transportable. Furthermore, its low oil automatic shut off feature prevents engine damage.

Powerful and Efficient Engine

The generator features a 420cc Overhead Valve engine that is powerful enough to power most electrical appliances and equipment in the home during an outage. It can operate with both gasoline or propane gas. It can handle both indoor and outdoor use, running at 50 percent load for 8 hours from a fully charged 5.7-gallon tank with approximately 60 decibels from 23 feet away, which is quieter than most vacuum cleaners. Furthermore, its digital Intelligauge displays voltage and frequency alternation while Volt Guard surge protection protects appliances and electronics against further spikes that could potentially harm them.

The control panel features an uncluttered and easy-to-understand layout designed for user simplicity. Two 120/240V AC duplex receptacles equipped with 30 Amp push to reset breakers and GFCI protection, covered by flip up rubber covers to protect from dirt or moisture that could erode contacts, are fitted with 12 Volt battery charger ports and 25F generator cord, an operator manual is included as well as 3-Year Limited Warranties as well as lifetime Technical Support from CARB/EPA certified generator.

With its full 6.6 gallon fuel tank, this generator can power a 1,200 BTU window air conditioner and 1.5 Ton Central AC (manual transfer switch required) for up to 16 hours at half load. Additionally, this generator can power refrigerators, freezers, sump pumps and electric tools.

Easy to Move

Finding the ideal generator means finding one that meets your specific power needs. Consider which devices will need power at any given time, their respective requirements and fuel preferences (generators can be powered by gasoline, propane gas or natural gas – each comes with its own set of pros and cons); finally find one with sufficient runtime that is easy to operate.

Champion offers this generator as an attractive, user-friendly solution that’s built to last, meeting EPA and CARB compliance and offering free lifetime technical support from experts. In addition, the package comes complete with a wheel kit, 25 foot power cord, owner’s manual and 1.2 quarts of oil for use.

This 389cc single-cylinder OHV Champion engine produces 9375 starting and 7500 running watts to easily power your home during an electricity outage or project at work, camp site tools or workstation. Running at 50% load for 8 hours on one full gasoline tank with its noise level equivalent to a vacuum cleaner at 23 feet away.

Easy to Operate

The ideal 7500 watt generators for home use are simple to operate and maintain and easy to move around – making them convenient for camping or other outdoor uses. User-friendly units typically feature a control panel with start and stop buttons and digital fuel gauges indicating when it is time to refill the gas tank.

This dual-fuel generator runs on gasoline or propane and features an automatic switch to easily select the appropriate fuel source depending on your power needs. Boasting 9375 starting watts and 7500 running watts, this unit can power most appliances during an emergency and lasts 8 hours of run time on a full tank of gas; or up to 5.5 hours at half load on propane.

The WGen 7500 portable generator features a 12-volt battery, 9.5-inch solid wheels and manual transfer switch; is EPA and CARB compliant; includes an owner’s manual; is covered by a 3-year limited warranty with lifetime technical support; features an Intelligauge digital monitor displaying voltage frequency operating hours and has foldaway U-shaped handle making transportation and maneuvering simpler; foldaway handle makes transport and maneuverability even simpler – plus never flat tires make transportation much simpler!

Easy to Maintain

Are You Planning an Emergency Power Outage? The Digital 7500 Watt Generator Is an excellent investment. As a portable model with enough power to run four large appliances simultaneously and switch between LPG and gasoline for added flexibility. The no-flat foam-filled pneumatic tires and dual handles make the generator easy to move around; for maximum noise reduction consider purchasing some mufflers as well. Plus its digital gauge displays voltage, current frequency as well as total hours used allowing easy track of maintenance needs!

Champion Power Equipment Portable Generator produces only 74dB at full load – comparable to a conversation between two people. It runs up to eight hours on one tank of gas and features multiple outlets to connect home electronics. Furthermore, its digital Intelligauge displays voltage, frequency and operating hours; while Volt Guard surge protection ensures devices stay protected against over-voltage surges.

This model comes equipped with both an electric start option and traditional recoil starter for convenient operation in all environments, as well as Cold Start Technology to operate it during freezing weather conditions easily. Furthermore, it meets EPA, CARB, and CSA compliance and has three years of manufacturer warranty with lifetime technical support provided free of charge.

Home » Generators » The Digital 7500 Watt Generator Is Powerful and Quiet

The Digital 7500 Watt Generator Is Powerful and Quiet