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This generator comes equipped with a 3-year limited warranty and lifetime technical support, plus it features a transfer switch-ready outlet to eliminate the need for extension cords when running household appliances.

This dual-fuel generator runs on either gasoline or propane and can power a large house for 11 hours with one tank. It features a user interface panel with convenient outlets and two duplex GFCI 120 Volt AC 30 Amp Twist-Lock Receptacles protected with flip-up rubber covers for safety.


Champion Power Equipment has long been recognized for designing and producing reliable outdoor 7500 watt generator, power generation devices, and their 7500-watt generator is no different – specifically created to meet the needs of both home and job site users alike. Fueled by either gasoline or propane, it makes an ideal option for areas experiencing frequent or prolonged power outages.

Before selecting a generator, it is vitally important to determine the power requirements of all devices you intend to run with it. To do so, write out an inventory of appliances you plan to power along with their wattage requirements – once this information is in hand, it becomes easy to compare it against the power output of your generator.

Consider also how fuel efficient your generator will be; make sure it can run for an extended amount of time on one tank of gas to reduce interruptions during the night for refilling purposes. This way you will never have to wake up unexpectedly to refill it at 4AM!

Power Output

This generator boasts 9,500 starting Watts for an increased peak, outpacing both 7500 Watt generators we considered. Furthermore, its remote key fob lets you start it from within your home; an invaluable feature during bad weather. Running Wattage for this model is limited by the main breaker at 31 Amps while featuring one 120/240 Volt AC 30 Amp Twist-Lock Receptacle (NEMA L14-30R) as well as two duplex GFCI outlets with flip-up rubber covers to shield them from dirt or moisture that could potentially erode contacts.

This generator weighs in at 205 pounds but features never-flat wheels and an ergonomic handle for easy mobility. Furthermore, its built-in spark arrestor ensures safety in national parks. Though not an ideal generator to power an entire home’s essential appliances such as security systems or refrigerators, this one should provide enough back up power to get by.

Noise Levels

Like most generators, this unit can produce quite a lot of noise when in operation, especially if installed on hard surfaces such as concrete, wood or asphalt where its noise will only amplify further and become louder.

One easy way to reduce generator noise is by placing anti-vibration pads beneath it, which can lower its decibel level by at least 10dB and reduce vibrations that cause noise through its exhaust pipe(s).

An additional way to reduce generator noise is installing a muffler. These devices are specifically designed to muffle noise coming out of a generator’s exhaust pipes, and can be purchased at most hardware stores. While simple in installation, installing one does require some mechanical aptitude.

Fuel Capacity

When purchasing a generator, both power output and runtime should be considered. You don’t want to constantly stop your generator due to running out of fuel as that would add extra weight and inconvenience.

This generator’s fuel tank holds 6.6 gallons and will run for 11 hours when loaded with an empty gas tank. Easily switch between gasoline or propane operation with its built-in tank gauge for monitoring purposes.

Reviewers love this generator for its reliability. It features convenient electric start, Cold Start technology and Intelligauge monitoring of voltage, frequency and operating hours. Furthermore, this model includes an oil shutoff sensor to protect itself from overheating or damage; using this feature in addition to properly storing and fueling its use can extend its lifespan further; one unique portable generator can run both gasoline and propane.


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Home » Generators » Outdoor 7500 Watt Generator

Outdoor 7500 Watt Generator