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A 7500 watt generator should provide power for most appliances in an average home and can even be used during work or DIY projects.

This inverter generator offers clean and stable power to sensitive electronics without risk of damage, featuring easy electric start and convenient handle for transport.


7500-watt generators provide more than enough electricity for you and your electrical devices during an extended power outage, from keeping the fridge, sump pump and lights running to doing laundry or watching television – plus providing energy for window air conditioners or space heaters as needed.

If you require more powerful appliances like central air conditioning systems or heaters, larger generators will be required; however, the unit presented here makes an ideal option for most homeowners searching for an affordable yet reliable portable generator to use during a power outage.

The inverter technology delivers clean and stable power without spikes or current distortion that could harm sensitive electronics. It meets both EPA and CARB compliance and comes equipped with an integrated spark arrestor for use in national parks, making starting it effortlessly with its electric starter feature and digital data center displaying machine information such as remaining run time, battery voltage levels and fuel levels.

Consumer Reports has also rated this generator highly due to its carbon monoxide safety technology, which will shut off if it detects high levels of CO in an enclosed space. Furthermore, this parallel-ready generator allows you to connect additional generators for increased power output.


The Champion 201004 generator provides enough power for most in-home backup needs, even when running multiple lights and appliances simultaneously. Plus, it’s significantly quieter than many of its peers in this category and has convenient features. Unfortunately, its main drawback is not offering 50A outlet support which means it cannot power 240V air conditioning units or similar powered devices; but that’s still an affordable choice with great overall reliability, customer support, and three year warranty coverage!

This user-friendly generator has a dial that lets you easily select your operating mode. Plus, its compact build allows for convenient storage; its telescoping handle folds neatly away into its square frame when not in use – not to mention that it boasts a long-running 420cc engine!

CR testers found that this generator performed consistently during peak power usage, an important feature as failure to meet demand could cause it to shut off unexpectedly or lead to appliances overheating and stalling out. Furthermore, its CO safety technology earned an A rating; this prevents it from starting if carbon monoxide levels in an enclosed space reach unsafe levels.

One potential drawback to consider with this system is its higher-than-average amount of noise production; however, that shouldn’t pose much of a problem if you reside in a quiet neighborhood.


If you need a generator to keep essential appliances operating during a power outage, this generator may be just the thing for you. With its compact body and simple setup process – starting up just by pressing one button! – this one could easily become your go-to solution.

It features an auto-idle feature to save fuel while simultaneously lowering engine RPM, prolonging its life. Furthermore, this generator includes a fuel shutoff feature that uses up any excess fuel in the carburetor to prevent it from gumming up and remote start capability that lets you control it from up to 80 feet away.

This dual fuel generator runs on gasoline or propane, and can last 8 hours at 50% load before decreasing runtimes due to capacity. For easy transportation this model comes equipped with wheels and collapsible handles for effortless portability.

This generator comes equipped with two GFCI 120V household duplex outlets, one L14-30R twist-lock outlet and two USB ports, all weighing in at 224 pounds when empty – significantly heavier than some of the other models on this list.


The Honda EU7000is stands out as an inverter generator with low cost that produces both peak and continuous power output, making it the best value among large inverter generators. It features a convenient electric start-up process that makes using it an enjoyable experience, and also boasts carbon monoxide safety technology which prevents running the machine if carbon monoxide levels in an enclosed area reach hazardous levels. Because of these qualities and affordability, this unit is frequently recommended for home, camping and job site use.

Westinghouse’s WGen7500 series generator is another reliable option for an affordable 7500 watt generator, thanks to its efficient engine produces plenty of energy while remaining quieter than many of its peers. Furthermore, this generator offers good runtime on one gas tank; unfortunately, no 50A outlet could potentially put off certain homeowners.

The Champion Power Equipment Open-Frame Inverter Generator is an affordable choice with an average runtime per fuel tank, features such as built-in surge protection, Cold Start Technology, battery charger port, and 3-year parts and labor warranty (parts + labor). Unfortunately it has an acceptable total harmonic distortion (THD), though insufficient to power sensitive devices such as laptops, smartphones, or CPAP machines.



Home » Generators » The Best Inverter 7500 Watt Generator

The Best Inverter 7500 Watt Generator