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When the power goes out, having a generator to operate your appliances can make all the difference. A good generator should provide enough wattage to power the refrigerator, modem/router, window AC unit and furnace blower while in an outage situation.

To select an appropriate generator for your home, first calculate the total running wattage of all devices that need powering and select one with adequate surge power.


When the power goes out, reliable generator power is crucial to keeping lights and appliances operational. Generac’s 7500 Watt generator offers an economical choice, providing enough juice for essential items such as a refrigerator, freezer, window air conditioner, modem/router and security system – not forgetting its convenient connection directly to breaker boxes via an included transfer switch and remotely monitored via their Mobile Link system.

This model features a liquid-cooled engine to maintain optimal operating temperatures while operating more quietly than air-cooled models. You can use either gasoline or propane as its source, with its convenient fuel selector switch enabling easy transition. A foldaway U-shaped handle and never flat tires make this generator easy to transport around your home or to a site, while its CO Guard feature automatically shuts it down if it detects high levels of carbon monoxide within its operating area.

Power Capacity

At 7,500 running and 9,500 peak watts, this generator can serve as backup power in most homes during extended outages and provides plenty of electricity to work sites for tools and appliances. The 6.6 gallon gas tank holds enough fuel for approximately 11 hours of run time with its convenient gauge to help estimate remaining run time.

Contrary to most generators, this one features a liquid-cooled engine to manage temperature and be quieter than air-cooled models effectively. The Intelligauge display monitors voltage, frequency and operating hours while its convenient foldaway U-shaped handle and never flat tires make it simple and safe transport.

This generator stands out among our selection of 7500-watt generators by having more outlets, such as its 120/240 Volt, 30 Amp NEMA twist-lock receptacle limited by a 28 Amp trip switch and two duplex GFCI 5-20R outlets equipped with 20 Amp push to reset breakers that feature rubber covers to protect them from dirt and moisture build-up.

Fuel Capacity

Before purchasing a generator, always carefully consider your power needs. That way, you can select one that will meet them effectively. To calculate this sum total of power requirements for all appliances and devices in your home backup setup. Having done this will enable you to select an ideal generator.

A 7500-watt generator can power most home appliances and electronics; however, it cannot run a furnace as its startup requires significant power. Therefore, it is crucial to calculate your power needs before selecting your generator.

This generator can run on gasoline or propane fuel and features an easy fuel selector switch to toggle between them easily. Furthermore, its lightweight construction and convenient handle make transport easy; perfect for camping trips, outdoor projects, worksite power backup and home backup purposes, and being covered by Champion’s 3-year limited warranty and lifetime technical support services.

Noise Levels

Noise levels of generators are measured in decibels; each number on this scale corresponds to a 10-fold increase in loudness to human ears. Private office conversation typically registers 60 dB while chainsaws can produce as much as 100dB of sound intensity. But where a generator is situated and which direction its airflow takes can also influence how loudly its noise output is heard by surrounding residents and workers.

Under normal loads, home standby generators typically emit noise levels between 65-75 decibels; this noise level is comparable to that produced by washer-dryers and HVAC units, and should be tolerable within proximity.

Westinghouse’s WGen7500 generator boasts an outstanding set of features at an economical price, making it one of the quietest 7500W generators on the market with just 55dB noise output due to its insulated enclosure. Plus it comes with an impressive three-year warranty and fantastic customer support!


Home » Generators » Generac Standby 7500 Watt Generator

Generac Standby 7500 Watt Generator