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Ensure your generator is properly grounded to prevent electrical shock from any ungrounded devices connected to it, and dissipate static electricity that may build up from devices connected to it. Grounding also helps dissipate static electricity which may build up in devices not grounded properly.

Make sure you adhere to recommended maintenance schedules. Check and refill engine oil after 8 hours of operation, followed by every 50 hours after that. Check cooling air slots and openings frequently to prevent dust build-up.


With a starting wattage of 9375 and running wattage of 7500, this generator can power various appliances during an outage including lights, refrigerator, freezer, window AC unit, furnace blower fan, security system, TV and computer. A built-in surge protector prevents overloads while Intelligauge monitors voltage frequency and operating hours; its never-flat tires and foldaway U-shaped handle make it simple to transport and store.

Follow the Maintenance Schedule found in this manual, using only regular unleaded gasoline. Keep the generator free from dirt, dust, moisture and corrosion by regularly cleaning or replacing its spark plug and air filter as instructed.

Certain electric motors need up to three times as many watts to start as needed for running, so be sure to allow this extra surge when adding devices to your generator. Furthermore, consult local codes regarding the proper grounding of your generator as this can reduce electrical shock risk significantly; grounding lugs and wires are available specifically for this purpose.


Power tools for DIY projects or emergency backup during an outage? No problem; this generator has your power needs covered. With 7500 running watts and 9375 starting watts of starting capacity, this generator has enough juice to run lights, refrigerator, furnace blowers, modem/router and security systems without overloads or spikes that could potentially damage sensitive electronic equipment. Its Volt Guard built-in surge protector helps ensure an uninterrupted power source.

Easy-to-use features of this generator include Cold Start Technology for fast starts in cold weather, an Intelligauge that monitors voltage, frequency and operating hours, as well as foldaway U-shaped handle with never flat tires for convenient transport. A grounding lug is included for compliance with local electrical codes. Please read your owner’s manual and safety rules before operating and maintaining your generator as directed for maximum performance and warranty coverage.


Champion offers this 3-Year Limited Warranty Dual Fuel Generator and Lifetime Technical Support, perfect for home use. Certified as both EPA and CARB compliant, it uses gasoline or propane gas with its convenient fuel selector switch for effortless switching. Intelligauge makes power output monitoring simple, tracking voltage, hertz frequency and run-time hours. A low oil shut-off sensor and 1.2 quarts of included oil help ensure maintenance readiness. This EPA-certified generator boasts plenty of outlets, with one 120/240V 30A locking outlet (L5-30R) and four 120V 20A GFCI protected household outlets (5-20R). With its foldaway U-shaped handle and never flat tires, this generator is easy to transport and store. However, warranty coverage excludes damage caused by neglect, unauthorized repairs/alterations, power surges/lightning strikes, and failing to follow recommended care and use instructions; for further details, please consult your owner’s manual.

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Home » Generators » Champion Manual 7500 Watt Generator

Champion Manual 7500 Watt Generator