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Ninja Foodi FD401 vs FD402

What is the difference between Ninja Foodi FD401 and FD402? Which preasure cooker to choose? Which of these two Ninja Foods is better? Not with difficult questions if you know the answer. We know the answer and will be happy to guide you to the right purchase decision.

Businesspeople are busy all the time and always on the run. Most of them do not eat properly, and instead, always go for take-outs in fast food restaurants. The main reason behind this is their lack of time to cook. Most home-cooked meals will take a long time (even hours) to prepare which businesspeople and moms cannot afford.

Fortunately, there are food making appliances that can significantly cut the cooking time into just minutes. Cooking pots such as the Ninja Foodi FD401 and Fd402 are godsent for people always on the go. You can make a plethora of home-cooked meals that you know are healthy and delicious. Let’s jump straight to Ninja Foodi FD401 vs FD402 comparison!

Ninja Foodi FD401 vs FD402


Ninja Foodi FD401

Ninja Foodi FD402

Capacity 8 quartz 8 quartz
Cooking functions Yes Yes
Type of functions Pressure cook, air fry, steam, slow cook, sear/sauté, bake/roast, broil, dehydrate, yogurt Pressure cook, air fry, steam, slow cook, sear/sauté, bake/roast, broil, dehydrate, yogurt
Number of stove top temperature settings 5 settings 5 settings
TenderCrisp™ Technology Yes Yes
Automatic stay warm (up to 12 hours) Yes Yes
Nonstick ceramic coating Yes Yes
Wattage 1760 watts 1760 watts
Color Stainless steel/black Stainless steel/black
Product dimensions (L x W x H) 16.1 x 14.6 x 14.3 inches 16.1 x 14.6 x 14.3 inches
Price Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon


Differences between Ninja Foodi FD401 vs FD402

According to Ninja Kitchen, the Ninja Foodi FD401 and FD402 are virtually identical since they come from the same product line. All of their dimensions and functions are the same, with only one exception. The Ninja Foodi FD402 comes with more accessories such as silicone mitts, while the FD401 does not. In terms of pricing, they are priced identically also. Therefore, it will be wise for you to get the Ninja Foodi FD402 instead, for the additional accessories.



Ninja Foodi FD401 and Ninja Foodi FD402 – Review

Here are the features you need to know before you purchase either the Ninja Foodi FD401 or the FD402.

XL Cooking Capacity

You can cook up to 8 quartz in volume of food with the Ninja Foodi FD401 and FD402. This XL cooking capacity can hold a large 7-lb chicken that you can either cook via pressure cooking or the TenderCrisp cooking (more on this later). Both cooking pots come with a deluxe reversible rack that can hold up to 8 chicken breasts and steam some side vegetables. 

9 Cooking Functions

The Ninja Foodi FD401 and FD402 are versatile cooking pots that can function like 9 different cooking equipment. Cooking functions include pressure cook, air fry, steam, slow cook, sear/sauté, bake/roast, and broil. Cooking large meals is up to 70% faster with both cooking pots compared to traditional cooking. Meat can be pressure cooked from frozen to crispy in just as little as 20 minutes. Moreover, both operate as air fryers so you can enjoy some fried foods with 75% less fat compared with conventional frying methods. 

TenderCrisp Cooking Technology

Among all its cooking functionalities, the TenderCrisp is the most impressive. The Ninja Foodi FD401 and FD402 will function as a pressure cooker first to make the meat you are cooking as tender as possible. After which, you can drop the crisping lid to create a final crispy outer finish. 

Build Quality and Materials

In terms of build quality, these cooking pots have a decent build. Although the FD401 and FD402 have mainly plastic build on the outside, both still look classy and premium with their brushed aluminum finish. Moreover, the ceramic pot that comes with both cooking pots has a non-stick creaming coating for easier cleanup. 

Pros and Cons

Ninja Foodi FD401 and FD402


  • The Ninja Foodi FD401 and FD402 hold a high capacity of up to 8 quartz. You can even place a large whole 7 pounder chicken inside these machines.
  • With their 9 different cooking functions, the recipes you can do with these cooking pots are endless.
  • Your cooking time can be shortened to just minutes.
  • Both cooking pots have the TenderCrisp cooking technology that pressure cooks the meat first then gives it a crispy outer finish.
  • The cooking pot has a non-stick ceramic coating so you can clean up easier and faster.
  • According to Shark Ninja, some parts of the FD401 and FD402 are dishwashers safe such as the cooking pot, silicone ring, reversible rack, Cook & Crisp™ Basket, and detachable diffuser.



  • Some of its users are complaining about having a lid error.


Final Verdict

In the age where everyone and everything around you moves insanely fast, one aspect of life we tend to forget is eating proper home-cooked meals. As the famous saying goes, ‘Time is Gold,’ having time for cooking is almost non-existent. People would rather go to fast food chains that are unhealthy at best. To solve these problems, you can buy a cooking pot that can do everything for you. The FD401 and FD402 are great examples of this. I recommend you get the FD402 for its additional useful accessories.

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