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Generators can be invaluable tools in an emergency power outage situation, providing electrical energy that you can use to power all of your appliances and tools.

First and foremost, consider the power rating of the device you plan to run – this information can be found on its label as Starting Watts and Running Watts.


This generator boasts 9375 starting watts and 7500 running watts to provide emergency backup power during an outage. Suitable for either gasoline or propane gas fuel sources, its low oil shutoff sensor prevents overheating while its CO Minder technology monitors Carbon Monoxide levels to alert users. Ideal for DIY projects as well as emergency backup power during outages.

The light and compact generator makes it easy to carry to a job site. It can power various devices including lights, refrigerators, TV, sump pump, window AC unit and multiple power tools, and charging phones or laptops while producing minimal noise levels for home use during an outage situation.

The Honda EU7000is features an easy remote start/stop feature and an auto-return switch to prevent overheating of its engine. Its fuel economy is excellent; running up to 8 hours at half load on one gasoline tank. Furthermore, there is a low oil shutoff sensor and never flat tires – all connected via transfer switch or standard twist lock outlets in your household electronics network. Furthermore, an engine idle control saves fuel by decreasing output when not in use.


This generator boasts an extremely quiet operation with only 74 decibels of sound when operating at full throttle – lower than even that of a vacuum cleaner! Therefore, it will not disturb children or older individuals while they sleep. Inbuilt safety features include overload prevention and low oil shut-down to protect the engine from overheating; an LED lit control panel and comfortable bar-style handle make pulling easy.

It is also a dual fuel generator, so you have more flexibility as propane is easier to store than gas and lasts much longer; unlike its counterpart, gas may deteriorate over time.

Another advantage is its clean and reliable power source, making it suitable for sensitive devices like computers and smartphones. With only 23% total harmonic distortion (THD), this generator offers very minimal interference compared to similar products on the market; however it isn’t sufficient for running high-end appliances like CPAP machines and refrigerators as these require additional power than it can provide.

Starting this generator with an electric starter makes it significantly simpler and quieter when starting than older generators that must be manually cranking by hand. Additionally, this ensures a quieter start-up process.


This generator boasts a liquid-cooled engine to help manage temperature more effectively and make it quieter, while its 6.6 gallon fuel tank with built-in gauge makes estimating how long one refill will run for easier. Perfect for construction sites and industrial use alike. Multiple outlets including two GFCI outlets and an L14-30R 120/240V twist-lock receptacle make this an excellent option.

Another advantage of the EU7000is generator is that it can connect with multiple EU7000is units via an optional kit for up to 14000 watts of power, featuring its built-in circuit breaker to protect against overloading and overheating, making this generator durable and long-term reliable; wheels and handle enable for effortless transportability from place to place.

Only drawback is a noise level of 74dB at 23 feet which may disturb neighbors or compromise your peace. New technologies are being employed to minimize this noise.

Westinghouse’s dual-fuel model 7500W generator is our pick for 2023. For just a little extra money you’ll get the added flexibility of using either gasoline or propane as fuel sources; propane being much easier to store and not spoiling as quickly, making it invaluable during times of emergency or natural disaster.

Easy to Use

Not only is this generator packed with power, but it also features an excellent user interface. A push button electric start and backup recoil make getting it going fast and effortless. A low oil shut-off sensor and Volt Guard built-in surge protector protect against overloading. Furthermore, its convenient fuel selector switch enables easy swapping between gasoline or propane usage – an invaluable feature when portable generators require both!

With enough power for lights, fridge, modem/router, security system, and window AC in an outage or job site situation. The control panel features two 120V 20A GFCI duplex outlets and one 240V 30A locking outlet; as well as a cigarette lighter plug socket – there’s even room to add a voltmeter! And its never flat wheels and foldaway U-shaped handle make navigating it simple – perfect for easily moving this generator around your yard or construction site!

This generator is built to last, thanks to its durable all-steel frame and brush excitation assembly and its maintenance-free engine with 3-year limited manufacturer’s warranty for added peace of mind. However, before purchasing this size generator, it’s important to assess all your electrical appliances to determine its capacity is suitable – calculate how many watts each appliance draws and add it up before deciding whether this model or something bigger would better meet your needs. If not larger models may provide more coverage.


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Home » Generators » Powerful Industrial 7500 Watt Generator

Powerful Industrial 7500 Watt Generator