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Champion 7500 watt generator

If you need a powerful 7500 Watt generator to keep your appliances and tools operational when the power goes out, this unit will make an excellent choice. It can run most standard devices including five 75-watt light bulbs.

It’s a dual fuel generator, so you have the choice between gas or propane as fuel source – with propane being easier to store and lasting longer than gasoline.

Powerful Engine

Champion has designed this generator with you in mind if you require something powerful enough for even the toughest tasks, complete with a powerful 420cc engine capable of producing 9,375 starting watts and 7,500 running watts when using gasoline as fuel. Furthermore, its low oil shut-off sensor prevents overheating for proper maintenance and surge protection and Volt Guard to further increases functionality.

Not only is this generator notable for its impressive peak wattage and runtime outputs, it is also highly portable – featuring a 6.6 gallon fuel tank that allows it to run for 16 hours when fully charged. Furthermore, its convenient control center includes Intelligauge feature which records voltage frequency and runtime hours to help with maintenance needs; plus it comes with a 3-year warranty covering servicing parts.

This generator is an excellent option for camping, RVing, and powering tools at an off-grid worksite. When using gas as fuel, it produces 8,500 watts and 6,250 watts when using LPG; furthermore, its noise level drops significantly at 23 feet with just 74dBA noise level! Unfortunately, its weight makes lifting manually difficult but its wheel kit and folding handles help simplify maneuverability; plus being CARB compliant it’s perfect for use throughout California!

Durable Design

A large generator provides enough power for household appliances and outdoor equipment and is easy to operate and maintain, making it a practical choice for homeowners and outdoor enthusiasts. When properly maintained, a durable large generator should last a long time; look for features such as quiet operation and fuel efficiency when searching for one.

A 7500-watt generator can help power appliances like refrigerators, lights, microwaves, window AC units, TVs, and coffee makers during an emergency. You could even use it to run larger items like gas furnaces and water pumps; however, it may not be sufficient for running central air conditioners simultaneously.

When selecting a generator, keep both the running and startup wattages of each appliance you plan to power in mind. Your generator should have sufficient power to start them all and to run them at an adequate level – look for one with automatic shutoff to avoid overloading or circuit breakers for protection from voltage spikes.

The Champion 7500-watt gas generator boasts a compact design with standard and durable parts to last long, as well as a wireless remote starter FOB for convenient remote starting, along with dual fuel capability allowing the use of either gasoline or propane gas fuel sources. Although an excellent value, its loud noise levels may disturb neighbors if used during quiet hours in residential areas or nearby business centers.

Easy to Operate

Having a generator available during power outages is essential to keeping essential electrical devices operational. There are a variety of 7500-watt generators that can meet most household needs; however, please keep in mind they won’t power every device simultaneously.

When selecting a generator, it is essential that you carefully consider its Running Watts and Starting Watts ratings. The former measures how much power a generator can deliver continuously without exceeding its protection circuits. The latter measures the maximum current available during startup demand – typically measured over several seconds by an automatic voltage regulator (AVR).

Westinghouse’s WGen7500 7500 Watt Generator for homeowners stands out with its fair price, quality build, and warranty, as well as being compact enough to power tools during DIY projects or act as a backup in case of power outages – up to 11 hours with 50% load!

This generator is easy to start up and operate using an electronic key or switch, features a built-in spark arrestor, and meets both EPA and CARB regulations, with durable handles and wheels for effortless movement.


This Large 7500 Watt Generator can easily be transported, making it perfect for outdoor events, DIY projects, and emergency home backup. The dual-fuel model can run on either gas or propane, ideal in emergencies because its fuel storage capabilities allow indefinite usage with proper precautions taken (of course).

If you’re unsure which appliances will work with your new generator, a great way to determine compatibility is to create a list of them and their wattage ratings. Next, use a generator size calculator to calculate their starting power or running watts requirements – then find one that best meets them!

With 9,375 watts to start devices and 7,500 watts of steady power, this generator can power all your electrical appliances during a power outage – including lights, refrigerator, window AC unit, modem/router, security system, furnace blower, and TV. Its built-in surge protector protects them against voltage fluctuations that could harm equipment.

Champion portable generators feature a durable roll cage frame, convenient carrying handle, and never-flat tires for effortless transport. Cold Start Technology ensures fast starts even in extreme cold, while Intelligauge tracks voltage, operating hours, and operating time usage – adding an extra measure of protection and monitoring. You can link them to your home transfer switch for even greater protection!


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Home » Generators » The Large 7500 Watt Generator From Champion

The Large 7500 Watt Generator From Champion