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Wireless backup cameras are a necessity for every driver nowadays. Not only are they a cool gadget, but they’re also very helpful with parking or backing up your car. 

When looking for a camera, it’s important to find one that’s of good quality. This would mean it’s waterproof, has a good signal, and as wide of a viewing angle as possible. Additionally, if it had night vision, that would be a great advantage. But, is it possible to find a camera with all of those features?

Actually, yes. There’s AUTO-VOX to offer their best backup cameras. With that in mind, let’s check out two of AUTO-VOX cameras–M1W and CS-2. Do they have what it takes?

AUTO-VOX M1W vs CS-2 Comparison Chart

Weight 1.42 pounds 1.65 pounds
Screen Size 4.3” LCD 4.3” TFT
Viewing Angle >110 110
Night Vision Yes Yes
Waterproof Yes Yes
Signal Analog Digital
Adjustable Parking Lines No Yes
Mirror Image No Yes, optional
Price Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon


Let’s take a look at the similarities between AUTO-VOX M1W and AUTO-VOX CS-2.

Screen Size

The first similarity between these two AUTO-VOX cameras is the screen size. Both the AUTO-VOX M1W and CS-2 come with a screen of 4.3 inches. Considering what it will be used for, it’s a solid size. A bigger one would only be a distraction. Of course, you could probably buy your own display and connect it to the camera, but that’s up to your preferences. 

Night Vision

A thing customers worry about is whether the camera will work well at night. Luckily for you, the AUTO-VOX backup cameras, both the M1W and CS-2 provide good night images. They have night vision, which makes everything easier. 

Additionally, when you install the cameras, you will probably connect them to your taillights, which will light up when you back up. Normally, this will provide you with a clear image. Plus, the M1W has 6 LED lights to further help at night.


A highly important feature, the IP 68 waterproof standard can be found on both of these cameras. What this means for you is that you can use the camera in extreme weather ranging from -4 to up to +149 degrees Fahrenheit. Regardless if it’s raining, snowing, or you have high temperatures, the camera will work. 

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Differences between AUTO-VOX M1W and CS-2 

Screen Type

Although it may seem as though the products have the same type of screen, the reality is that there is a small difference. Both are, indeed, an LCD. However, the AUTO-VOX CS-2 has a TFT screen. It’s a type of LCD screen, but it’s brighter and sharper than a regular LCD screen. This type of screen can also cost more. But, all that makes sense since it’s a higher quality display. 

Field of View

The AUTO-VOX M1W and CS-2 are amazing backup cameras. However, the M1W might be a bit better when it comes to the angle the camera covers or the so-called field of view. With the AUTO-VOX CS-2 you only get the standard 110 degrees. On the other hand, with the AUTO-VOX M1W the camera can cover more than that, up to the staggering 170 degrees. 

Adjustable Parking Lines

Each model of the AUTO-VOX camera has parking lines. However, you can adjust them according to your car or liking only on the CS-2 model. On the M1W model, they can only be switched on or off; there is no in-between. 

Mirror Image

Another feature only available on the CS-2 model is the option to use mirror imaging. You can choose whether the image will appear normal or it will switch into the mirror mode. This is not an option on the M1W camera.


Finally, a major difference is the type of signal the cameras use. Naturally, when using a gadget such as a backup camera, it’s important to have a strong connection without any interference. Well, this security can be found on the AUTO-VOX CS-2 because it has a digital signal, unlike the M1W, which has analog. When the signal is digital, there will be no interference from other devices or signals like Bluetooth. 

Value for Money

There are many features to think about when it comes to rearview cameras. You need them to work no matter the weather conditions, to give you a good image, and more. Nevertheless, all of that will influence the price. At present, you can find these models at various prices. But what makes them the right choice?


What makes this camera the right choice is the angle the camera covers. Unlike other cameras, the AUTO-VOX M1W can show up to 170 degrees, which sets it apart from other models. Every other feature is standard. And what can ruin its value is the analog signal it has. 


Now, the AUTO-VOX CS-2 may be of greater value since it comes with a full package. Not only does it has a digital signal, adjustable parking lines, but it also has a slightly better display. 

Pros and Cons

Pros Pros
Wide angle, up to 170 degrees. It has a digital signal.
Auto switch camera when reversing. The screen is sharper and brighter.
You can use a mirror image.
Cons Cons
It has an analog signal. Only up to 110 degrees viewing angle.
There are no adjustable parking lines.
Buy on Amazon Buy on Amazon

Which AUTO-VOX Wireless Backup Camera is Better?

In the end, after reviewing both cameras, it’s clear that the winner should be the AUTO-VOX CS-2. When looking at what it offers, it’s the better model. You will get fantastic bonuses like mirror imaging, a good-quality camera, being waterproof. Moreover, it’s wireless, meaning there are no wires that need to be drawn out throughout your car. Plus, you will get a stable signal transmission since it’s a digital signal—all in all, a perfect camera for your vehicle. 

The winner – AUTO-VOX CS-2


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AUTO-VOX M1W vs CS-2: Which Backup Camera Is Better?