Auto-Vox CS2 vs AUTO-VOX W7

Most new cars come equipped with a parking system. It can include sensors to stop you from hitting objects behind you or a rearview camera to help you see where you’re going when going in reverse. 

However, not everyone can afford a new car or has this feature in their car already. But, the good news is that this can be fixed by buying a rearview camera kit. You can find many variations online. Some come with a monitor included; others don’t. Either way, you can find an easy solution to this problem.

Speaking of which, let’s see how two models fare against each other. This will be a review of AUTO-VOX CS2 vs. AUTO-VOX W7. Which camera will turn out to be a better choice?

Auto-Vox CS2 vs AUTO-VOX W7 – Similarities

Let’s review the specifics in a side by side chart.

Auto-Vox CS2 vs W7 Comparison Chart




Screen Size 4.3-inch display 5-inch display
Waterproof Yes Yes
Field of View 110° 110° angle
Guidelines Yes Yes
Night Vision Yes Yes
Signal Digital Digital
Price Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon

Signal Transmission 

The AUTO-VOX CS2 and AUTO-VOX W7 cameras have a digital transmission signal. What this means is they will provide you with a stable image of good quality. Moreover, there won’t be any interference from your Bluetooth since the signal is digital and not analog.

Camera Angle

One thing that is important with rearview cameras is the angle they cover. What use would be a camera that gives you very little support and field of view? Fortunately, the AUTO-VOX CS2 and AUTO-VOX W7 have a 110 degrees angle.

Adjustable Parking Lines

Both models offer the option of having adjustable parking lines to help you navigate when parking your car. The lines can be adjusted to fit your needs. You can have two lines or three, depending on what you want. But, if you feel they are unnecessary, you can easily turn them off.


An important feature of any rearview camera is to be waterproof. After all, it is installed on the outside of your car, meaning it has to withstand different weather conditions. Fortunately, both the AUTO-VOX CS2 and AUTO-VOX W7 have cameras that can operate in low and high temperatures, or from -4 degrees up to +149 degrees Fahrenheit.

Night Usage

These reverse cameras can be used during the night or low-light circumstances, as well. Perhaps the image quality is not the best at night, but as long as you have reverse lights on, you can use the camera. Additionally, you can connect it to your taillight, so they automatically go on as soon as the camera is turned on.

AUTO-VOX CS2 vs. AUTO-VOX W7 – Differences

Screen Size

There are not many differences between the AUTO-VOX CS2 and AUTO-VOX W7 rearview cameras. Probably the most apparent difference to spot is the screen size. On the one hand, you have AUTO-VOX CS2 with a smaller display of 4.3 inches. Compared to that, the AUTO-VOX W7 has a bit bigger display of 5 inches. Still, the contrast is not that big.


Now, when it comes to the pricing of these products, there is a difference. In a way, this is expected. Even though there aren’t many differences between the two, the prices still differ. You can buy the AUTO-VOX CS2 camera for just above $100. On the other hand, if you shell out a bit more cash, you can buy the AUTO-VOX W7 camera for almost $140. 

Value for Money

As can be seen clearly, the two cameras have useful features. They can withstand any weather, provide a good camera angle, and can be used at night. But are they worth the money?


The cheaper out of the two, the AUTO-VOX CS2 will cost you around $100. For a reverse camera, this is not a lot. It’s a fair price for what you get. What might be disliked by some is the display size, but if you’re skilled enough of a driver, this shouldn’t be a problem. 


Standing at around $140, the AUTO-VOX W7 is more expensive than the other model. However, you will get a larger display. Everything else is the same as on the other model. Obviously, these two products don’t differ much, as you can see from this review.

Pros and Cons





A wide camera angle. No signal interference.
It’s more affordable. It has a wide camera angle.
The camera is very durable since it’s waterproof. It can withstand any temperature from -4 to +149 degrees Fahrenheit.



For someone, the screen size may be small Not the best for night vision.
Buy on Amazon Buy on Amazon


The Final Verdict

I think it’s safe to say both of these AUTO-VOX cameras would be a good purchase. Nevertheless, at the end of this review, only one can be the winner. This time, the honor will go to the AUTO-VOX CS2 camera.

Not only does it provide solid features like the wide angle or night vision, but it’s also very durable and can be used, whether it’s rain or sunshine. Plus, you have a digital signal, which means there will be no interference from other devices around you. It truly is a great deal for just above $100.

Why pay morefor the AUTO-VOX W7 when you would get the same thing from an CS2 camera? And you don’t really need a larger display if you will use it only for parking. Therefore, the AUTO-VOX CS2 is the perfect reverse camera.

The Winner – AUTO-VOX CS2. 


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