eRapta ERT01 vs ERT02
I remember my father saying that reversing is the most difficult part of driving and is thus often taught last to learning drivers. Well, not anymore. With the technology coming up with so many new products every day, it’s difficult to imagine a problem and not find a gadget that solves it.

If you have difficulties parking your car, the automotive aftermarket industry has you covered. They’ve come up with dozens of backup cameras to help you drive in the reverse, park, or have a clear view of what’s behind you while driving.

Many of these cameras offer good image quality, guidelines, and even lights for the best experience. Because all brands boast many features and say their camera is the best, this article will review two such cameras on the market. Let’s see how the eRapta ERT01 2nd generation backup camera stands against the eRapta ERT02 2nd generation car rearview camera.

The rearview cameras of eRapta are the solution to the reversing problem. The eRapta ERT01 and eRapta ERT02 are two amazing cameras that help to see what’s behind the car very efficiently. Both come with many similar features but some unique qualities too. But no need to worry, I will be carefully analyzing the eRapta ERT01 and the ERT02 side by side based on their features and will also recommend to you my personal preference.

eRapta ERT01 vs ERT02 Comparison Chart

eRapta ERT01 eRaptaERT02
Dimensions 9.4 x 1 x 1.3 inches  9.4 x 1 x 1.2 inches
Weight 2.88 ounces 2.88 ounces
Voltage range 12-24V DC Power 12-24V DC Power
Waterproof International Standard IP 69 Waterproof Property  International Standard IP 69 Waterproof Property 
Angle 149° 149°
Night Vision Yes, because of the AUTO-Lighting LED Lights Yes, aided by 6 glass lens and 2019 chip
RCA Cable 26 ft
Parking Guidelines yes yes
Screen size 4.3″ 4.3″
Price Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon

Similarities between eRapta ERT01 and eRapta ERT02 

Let’s see the similarities between these eRapta vehicle backup cameras.


Both the ERT01 and ERT02 are waterproof. This means that you can easily drive your car on a rainy day without the fear of the cameras not working. The waterproof aspect of Erapta ERT01 is just what is needed to go to work even when it’s raining cats and dogs.

Camera Size

Both the eRapta ERT01 and ERT02 have an advantage over the competition because of their size. They are small and fit right above, or behind, your license plate. Naturally, they will be barely noticeable because of their sizes and won’t cover your plate number. Even better, they won’t ruin the aesthetic of your car.


The angle of both the cameras is the same too. It is wide enough to let the driver see even in the blind spots that are a source of anxiousness for every driver.


Both the cameras are fairly easy to install. I did not have any problems with that, however, it would still have been better if the company had provided an installation manual with the ERT01. That would have made the process easy for everyone as some people might not be as well versed in such processes.

One of the things that is important when buying any gadget is the ease of use or installation. Luckily for you, eRapta rearview cameras are incredibly easy to set up, and you will have them on in less than an hour for sure.

The eRapta ERT01 and eRapta ERT02 cameras come with a set of cables needed for installation. All you have to do is screw the camera where you want it, connect the wires to your taillights, and the monitor on your dashboard. Once you do all that, you will be set to go.

Though both are easy to install, it also depends on the car it is being attached too. Sometimes it’s tricky but I believe an email to the company could solve the issues. 

Field of View

eRapta is very proud that its rearview cameras have a good field of view. As a matter of fact, both the ERT01 and the ERT02 models have a 149° perfect view angle. This enables a better overview of the space behind you.

Differences between eRapta ERT01 and eRapta ERT02 

Find out what makes these backup cameras different.

Dimensions and parking guidelines

Both the cameras come with parking directions which might be helpful to some, but I find them annoying and prefer to keep them off. The dimensions are almost the same too, however, if installed behind the license plate, the ERT02 is barely visible which is a positive aspect for some people.

Winner: the ERT02 takes the lead in this one.

Picture/ Video quality

This is a point of difference for the cameras. I have to say that both cameras give amazing results, especially in the daytime. The ERT01 has 8 LED lights around the camera for better picture quality. The colors are also very clear. This camera also gives amazing results at night time. Again the LED comes into play and does an amazing job.

The ERT02 does a very good job at the camera quality too. The day time vision is very clear and displays the right colors. The night time vision of this camera is good too. However, compared to the ERT01 or even it’s own day time vision, the night vision is not as good. Though it is clear and enough for the driver to be comfortable, it’s not as remarkable as the ERT01.

Winner: the ERT01 is the winner in this regard.

LED Lights

The addition of LED lights on the eRapta ERT01 backup camera creates a big difference in design between these two products. And even though you can connect the camera with your taillight for a better effect when parking, the LED lights provide additional help since they can rotate together with the camera for better coverage.


The life of both cameras could be said to be the same. However, according to some other users, the ERT02’s life was shorter than the ERT01. However, I believe if the company is contacted, it should replace the camera if it stops working in a very short while. Though I have seen people complain about the ERT01 too, not more than ERT02. 

Winner: to me, the ERT01 gets the lead in this area.


What sets apart these products is their design. The ERT01 has one body, and you can’t install it behind the license plate, which some may find annoying. On the other hand, the ERT02 has a body that is a bit separated from the camera itself, making it possible for you to screw the body behind the plate for a better look.

Pros and Cons

Erapta ERT01


  • Very clear night vision enables the driver to drive confidently even in dark or low light areas.
  • Waterproof makes it safe to drive in rain.
  • The wide-angle helps see so clearly, it feels as if the back is right in front of your eyes.
  • The LED lights near the camera make this camera’s result SO much better than others.
  • Comes with parking guidelines that can be very helpful, especially for learner drivers.
  • To me, the camera is worth the price because it delivers the promise.
  • Easy to install
  • The cable is very long, should be enough for even a truck



  • I could do with a little bigger screen size so that I am better able to analyze my situation
  • The lens might get foggy


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  • Camera quality lives up to the expectation
  • Amazing day time vision
  • Easy installation
  • Night vision works well too
  • Not very prominent 
  • The angle is wide so the blind spots can be seen too



  • Installation can be difficult for some vehicles
  • Night time vision is not as good as the day time vision
  • The lens tends to fog up


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Which eRapta Vehicle Backup Camera is Better?

Though both cameras are waterproof, which is a very important feature, and both are similar in many aspects, I would recommend the ERT01. This is because it is remarkably good at its basic purpose, which is to provide a clear picture/video. It’s better than the ERT02 especially at night time vision, thus it is my preference and also my recommendation. 

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eRapta ERT01 vs ERT02 – Which Backup Camera is Better?