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ClearStream 2V vs 2Max

Having a Netflix account to watch movies and TV series has its advantages. However, it costs a lot of money. Netflix subscription costs from $8.99 to $15.99 a month. At the end of the year, it can cost you almost 200 dollars. Instead, you can go buy TV antennas that will save you money in the long run. There are around 50 to 100 TV stations you can access over the air for free in most areas in the U.S.

Furthermore, cable and satellite broadcasts are most often compressed which translates to a lesser quality image. Over-the-air TV signals do not have that problem. Lastly, you can enjoy 4K content for free due to the advancement of broadcasting technology. Today, we are going to look at two TV antennas for Antennas Direct – the ClearStream 2V and ClearStream 2Max. Let us take a closer look to see similarities and differences between ClearStream 2V and ClearStream 2Max.

ClearStream 2V vs 2Max

ClearStream 2V  ClearStream 2Max 
Range 60+ miles 60+ miles
Location Outdoor Outdoor
Style Multi-Directional Multi-Directional
Frequency UHF / VHF UHF / VHF
Gain UHF 10.4 dBi / Hi-VHF 3.1 dBi UHF 8.7 dBi / VHF 2.6 dBi
Beam Angle 470 to 700MHz: 70 Degrees (Horizontal Plane) Reception Pattern 470 to 700MHz: 60 Degrees (Horizontal Plane) Reception Pattern
Available Color Black/Silver Dark Gray
Assembled Dimensions (L x W x D) 18 x 35.5 x 3.6 inches 17.25 x 31.5 x 4 inches
Weight 4 pounds 1.8 pounds
Warranty Lifetime Warranty on Parts Lifetime Warranty on Parts
What’s Included Reflector, Loop Element, VHF Dipole kit, mounting hardware ClearStream 2Max Antenna, Indoor Antenna Stand, mounting hardware
Price Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon


Differences between ClearStream 2V and ClearStream 2Max

While ClearStream 2V and 2Max are different products, there is no significant difference between the TV antennas. Sure, they have a difference in UHF and VHF gains, but it does not matter that much since both are considered high gains. Moreover, they have a marginal beam angle difference of just 10 degrees which is insignificant. Moving on, their assembled dimensions are also not far off. If there is a significant difference, it will be their weights because the ClearStream 2V is heavier at 4 pounds versus the 1.8 pounds of the 2Max.


Similarities between ClearStream 2V and ClearStream 2Max

Let’s review what aspects the ClearStream 2V and 2Max have in common.

TV Antenna Range

Both the ClearStream 2V and 2Max have a similar TV antenna range of 60+ miles. You can stream crystal-clear and high-quality signals straight out of the box. Both antennas are perfect for suburban and rural areas where heavy foliage or roofing materials may interfere with the incoming signal. The ClearStream 2V and 2Max are considered as high gain TV antennas, hence its 60+ miles range. If there are fewer trees or buildings in the signal path, both antennas can go further.

Outdoor Multi-Directional Antenna

The ClearStream 2V and 2Max are multi-directional antennas. Also known as Omni-directional antennas, the multi-directional antennas emit spherical shaped signals. Thus, it does not matter in what direction the transmitting signal is coming from. Moreover, the position or rotation of the antenna also does not matter as long as it can pick up the transmitting signal. With its 60+ miles range, I think this won’t be a problem. If you want a more accurate transmission, you can change the direction of the antennas. Luckily, both the 2V and 2Max have wide beam angles (with the 2V having a wider beam angle). Lastly, you can use an app to help you aim the antennas better (more on this later).


While most TV antennas are installed outside the house to receive over-the-air TV signals, some can also be installed inside the house. Antenna Direct’s ClearStream 2V and 2Max are examples of these TV antennas that can be installed either indoors or outdoors. The ring-like design and style of both TV antennas make them suitable for indoor environments while not being a pain to look at. Their muted black or dark gray color adds to their style and elegance. 

Whole-Home Ready

Although both TV antennas can be installed inside the house, it is preferred to set it up outdoors for better signal reception and the best possible result. Additionally, there are fewer obstructions and lesser interference when installed outside. Both the ClearStream 2V and 2Max are whole-home ready. Therefore, one antenna can support multiple televisions at the same time. Either TV antennas can bring HD quality TV signals to all televisions inside your house. Lastly, you can expect to have 4K resolution broadcasting when the new ATSC 3.0 standard rolls out as both TV antennas are 4K-ready as well.

Antenna Point App

Almost all products nowadays have an accompanying app. You will be happy to know that the ClearStream 2V and 2Max also have an app: The Antenna Point App. Traditionally, pointing your antennas is guesswork. You have to assume where to point the antennas until the reception on your television becomes clear. With the Antenna Point App, it will show you the television broadcast towers in your area so you will know exactly and correctly where to aim the front of your TV antenna for the perfect HDTV signal reception. You can also determine where is best to mount the antennas outdoor using the app. You can download and install this app through the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Lifetime Warranty

You know that Antenna Direct cares for their customer because they guarantee you a lifetime warranty. Antenna Direct assures you that their products and services are the best in the industry. That is exactly why they are not afraid of putting a lifetime warranty on their products.


Pros and Cons

ClearStream 2V (ClearStream 2Max)


  • ClearStream TV antennas can receive TV signals from broadcast towers more than 60 miles away. 
  • The ClearStream 2V and 2Max can be installed either indoors or outdoors.
  • Both have very muted and sleek designs that can fit any living room space nicely.
  • One TV antenna can bring a high-definition picture for multiple televisions.
  • Both TV antennas are supported by an app called Antenna Point App that can help you with TV signal reception.
  • Antenna Direct backs both TV antennas with a lifetime warranty.



  • Although it promises 4K resolution TV programs, the technology is in its infancy, thus it is not as widespread yet.
  • While these TV antennas can save you a couple of hundreds of dollars annually, the quality of movies and TV series from subscription-based services like Netflix reigns best.

Buy ClearStream 2V on Amazon

Buy ClearStream 2Max on Amazon


Final Verdict

If you are finding a way to cut costs, buying a TV antenna is one of the best ways you can do so. You can find a program you like from tens to hundreds of TV channels that TV antennas can receive. Aside from the typical ABC, CBS, FOX you can get free, you can also find networks such as PBS, The CW, Comet, Buzzr, MeTV, and many more in some areas. You can get these free channels when you buy either the ClearStream 2V or 2Max. Aside from their difference in weight, they are identical. Not to mention, both TV antennas also have very similar prices. It does not matter which you buy because it will be a great purchase that can pay itself in the long run.



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