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Most baby strollers in the market prioritize function over style. Others completely forget about its style altogether. Not with the full-featured strollers from Maclaren that we are going to discuss today.

Maclaren strollers have been around the market which dates back to 1965. Their stroller style focuses on superior comfort and performance. The designs of the Maclaren strollers combine sportiness with a classic look. In this article, we are going to compare their Quest and Techno XT strollers. Let’s compare them and see their similarities and differences.

Maclaren Quest
Available Colors
Medieval Blue / Silver, Black / Silver, Marina / Limeade, Dove / Azalea, Denim Indigo Black / Silver, Medieval Blue / Silver
Lightweight Stroller Lightweight Stroller
4 EVA tires with suspension 4 EVA tires with suspension
Perfect for
Newborn and up Newborn and up
Maximum weight recommendation
25kg / 55lb 25kg / 55lb
Harness Type
5-piece aviator buckles 5-piece aviator buckles
Wheel brakes
Yes, cable link brakes Yes, cable link brakes
Yes, sold separately Yes, sold separately
Yes Yes
Viewing Window
Yes Yes
Yes Yes
UPF 50+ UPF 50+
Rain cover
Yes, wind-resistant Yes, wind-resistant
Carrycot Compatible
Yes Yes
Multiple Reclining Positions
4 recline positions 4 recline positions
Fully reclining seat
Yes Yes
Adjustable Handle
No Yes
Storage basket
Yes Yes
Easily Replaceable Parts
Yes Yes
Open Stroller Dimensions (L x W x H)
32.3 x 17.9 x 42 inches 32.7 x 18.5 x 45.7 inches
Open Stroller Dimensions (L x W x H)
43.9 x 13.4 x 11.8 inches 43.3 x 13.8 x 13.8 inches
Product Weight
5.82 kg / 12.83lb 6.16 kg / 13.58lb
What’s Included
Stroller, tether strap, premium wind-resistant rain cover Stroller, tether strap, head hugger & shoulder pads, premium wind-resistant rain cover
Check Price Check Price


Newborn Safety System

Your child’s safety on baby strollers is supreme. No one should cut corners and comprise it. As a parent, you always worry about it every second. You do not have to worry as much with Maclaren’s Newborn Safety System. This safety system adds covering for your infant when the seat is fully reclined. Both models have a lightweight yet rigid frame. Maclaren also added more streamlined wheels that have full-suspension on each wheel. There are single front wheels that are said to be more agile which adds to its maneuverability. These single front wheels reduce friction between the wheels and the ground for a smooth and quiet ride. Lastly, the seat cover is easily removable and washable.

Higher Seat

The fully reclining seat of both models is also higher compared with other baby strollers available. With their higher seat, the distance between your child’s feet and the ground is also increased making it safer. There is also an extendable leg rest with a memory position. It supports the legs of your child and lets him/her rest for a while. Moreover, to change the reclining position there is a one-hand adjustment you can access from the back. You can change their reclining position among 4 positions. In addition to its removable and washable seat cover, Maclaren is also selling seat liners with different designs and styles for a more customized look and added level of comfort. 

Self-service Replaceable Parts

Maclaren promises that their strollers are built to last. Owen Finlay Maclaren, the founder of Maclaren, was a former test pilot and aviation engineer. With his engineering background, he used it to start and build Maclaren baby buggies. In addition to being built solid, Maclaren also sells replacement parts. These baby strollers will last even longer with their easily replaceable parts. The replacement process is so easy that you can do it by yourself. Both the Quest and Techno XT are also compatible with other Maclaren products such as the universal carrycot which is ideal for newborn infants. 

Expandable Hood and Sun Visor

The safety features do not end there. Both also have an expandable hood to shade your infant from sunlight. If that is not enough for you, they also have sun visors built-in which is rated at UPF 50+ for added protection.

Differences Between the Maclaren Strollers

Safety Features

Safety comes first when it comes to your baby. Let’s dive deeper into their safety features.

Maclaren Quest

Both models have 4 EVA tires that have a full suspension. EVA tires are lightweight and completely puncture-proof. Both come with a 5-piece aviator buckle, so your child won’t fall off when going for a stroll. Moreover, they both have rear-wheel brakes which can be easily done with one push of your foot. The adjustable and extendable canopy with a peek-a-boo window is proof of water splashes and UV radiation. Lastly, both have a rain cover that is included right out of the box.

The safety features mentioned above is also true with the Techno XT. However, it has added safety features that the Quest does not have. Comfort is equally as important as the safety a stroller brings. Since your child may spend a lot of time in a stroller, parents should also consider their comfort. Both strollers are comfortable if that is what you are worried about. However, the Techno XT brings additional safety and comfort. It has a head hugger and shoulder pads for an extra level of comfort which is included in the box.

Stroller Handles

Stroller handles should also be comfortable to hold. This holds significance also because it is where you hold when you are pushing and maneuvering. Fortunately, both the handles Quest and Techno XT are comfortable and ergonomic.

Maclaren Quest

Both models have two separate handles. However, the Quest has foam on its handles. The cushioned foam will give the Quest more grip and more ergonomics. Additionally, it will help dampen the vibrations caused by a rough ground surface for a smother stroll. The foam grips are also replaceable.

Maclaren’s Techno product line does not have a foam cushion on its handles. However, the Techno XT has height-adjustable handles which the Quest does not have. With that being said, both have their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it’s a tie.

The Winner Is- It’s A Tie


Both are flagship strollers with equally premium prices. But there is still a price difference between them.

Maclaren Quest

You can get the Maclaren Quest for a smaller price tag. For a versatile baby buggy with all the essential features, it brings better value for the money.

The Techno XT can cost you more money. If you want the best for your infant, the Maclaren Techno XT is an easy decision. It brings more safety features and comfort for your child. 

The Winner Is- Maclaren Quest


Pros and Cons

Maclaren Quest


  • Perfect for newborns and up
  • Can carry up to 25 kg / 55 pounds
  • Available in different colors
  • 5-piece aviator buckles
  • Waterproof canopy with window
  • UPF 50+
  • Includes rain cover
  • Four reclining positions
  • Foam-cushioned handles
  • Compatible with a carrycot
  • Cheaper


  • Cannot be used with a car seat

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  • Perfect for newborns and up
  • Can carry up to 25 kg / 55 pounds
  • Available in different colors
  • 5-piece aviator buckles
  • Waterproof canopy with window
  • UPF 50+
  • Includes rain cover
  • Four reclining positions
  • Has the additional head hugger and strap pads
  • Height-adjustable handles
  • Compatible with a carrycot


  • Cannot be used with a car seat
  • More expensive

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Which Maclaren Stroller is Better?

Parents who want to give the best for their children can get either of the two baby strollers. However, one stands out over the other. In this case, the Maclaren Techno XT is our winner overall. It has increased safety and comfort. Do not count the Quest out, however, because it brings a lot of value for its price.


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More Background on Maclaren

Gina R – Altoona, PA

Today we want to talk about strollers in general, but really mostly about the King, the founder of the model Maclaren. And we’re going to have to tread carefully here because there’s a lot of history. You see, Maclaren is an old brand, going back to 1965 and it revolutionized the industry. In fact, it revolutionized several industries. Owen Maclaren was an aeronautics engineer, he designed aero-plane undercarriages wheels and landing gear and such. And what he came up with outside of his aeronautics work was a lot more than just the first umbrella stroller. He brought a new design philosophy to the table, based on lightweight aluminum tubing cleverly hinged to emphasize folding characteristics. lawn chairs, pavilions, bicycle carriers. If you look around really there’s evidence of Maclaren design style everywhere.

For several decades. Then Maclaren is the patent holder for umbrella strollers dominate the market for lightweight, easy fold small size strollers. Up until recently I would mark the downturn and Maclaren’s popularity to roughly 10 years ago. Why? Because of the market of course, because of the emergence of two new classes a stroller that to put it plainly just fill the roles previously filled by the Maclaren line better. Around 10 years ago, the stroller world saw a slow trickle of luxury travel strollers and more importantly small sized daily strollers entering the market.

A trend that has slowly grown until today. There are a wide variety of brands offering frankly better alternatives to the larger techno end of the Maclaren line. And then 2012 saw a second front open up against Maclaren’s market share with the babies and yoyo and a plethora of knockoffs eating away at the smaller mark to Globetrotter triumphant to the line. Don’t get me wrong. Maclaren’s are still quite popular. As an industry leader for almost half a century. globally. Maclaren’s distribution is still quite well entrenched. Looking around the internet, you’ll still see them toted everywhere, from blogs to YouTube channels. But I’ll bet you there’s a pretty fat or at least easily accessible affiliate reward to be had from that. And this doesn’t necessarily speak to their actual sales numbers.

I don’t see many Maclaren strollers in the stores anymore, not here in Pennsylvania. And I’ll bet it’s the same a lot of other places as well. They’re still quite popular in the UK, of course, where they’ve built their brand on a culture of patriotism. Opening a new Maclaren recently, we must have seen at least five or six union Jacks between unboxing and clipping off the tags. But then again for decades, they were a global leader. If their end market is going to wind up limited mostly to the UK, that would indicate a pretty significant downturn.

Then coming from the premise that it’s competition that has been eroding the position of Maclaren strollers, we must ask what it is about the design. The umbrella structure that is the heart of the company itself that seems to have trouble living up to the competitors. Either inherent flaws to the design? And if so, what are they? Well, having repaired several Maclaren’s over the years? I can say definitely that yes, there are flaws to the design.

Most of the repairs I’ve done over the years have been related to the wheels mostly swivel or brake problems related to the rip your hair out awful to disassemble, dual wheel no ball bearing system they have or rather had going on. Dual wheels. I mean, come on. On strollers of this size. You really need eight separate wheels. Actually, after reading about oh and Maclaren it’s hard for me not to look at those dual wheels is coming directly from aero-plane design. Am I right? I’m actually going to lay off all of these wheel issues though because despite the fact that most other umbrella stroller manufacturers still use a dual wheel approach.

Maclaren actually overhauled their whole line of lightweight strollers two years ago to go over to a single wheel system with improved brakes and suspension. They are still umbrella strollers, though, that part hasn’t changed. And I don’t like umbrella strollers. Why? Because it’s not only an old design, it’s an outdated design. Its purpose was to create a lightweight, easy fold stroller. And there are simply many other vastly superior ways of accomplishing these goals at this point. The design itself at this point is simply wrong. The chief reason for this is actually really just one idea. The horizontal collapse of the stroller. The idea that when you fold it is not just going to get shorter top to bottom but skinnier. You see on every stroller that I’ve seen implementing this sort of concept, and that includes the Bugaboo Donkey as much as I love it for other reasons.

As soon as you implement the necessary hinges and connection points for allowing most Maclaren strollers for horizontal transformation, you open yourself up to a weakening of these same joints and points over time, which then often leads to asymmetries in the chases and before you know it top to bottom side decide the whole thing is just dreadfully loose and rickety. Of course, the connection points on all strollers were down and get loose over time. But the difference is that with most modern designs, this occurs along only one axis top to bottom. The handle may get wiggly the central fold as well. And this might be annoying, but it’s an entirely different feel than a stroller that gets rickety side to side as well. Where the handles shift height and position from hand to hand as you push the stroller for an extreme modern example of this. Test out how the GB pocket feels sometime and I mean right out of the box. Anyway, once those connection points start to wear down and there are a lot of them on a Maclaren.

The fold is not all that smooth anymore either. You don’t get that sort of side to side asymmetrical wear on most modern strollers anymore. A baby’s and will certainly get looser over time. But this looseness isn’t going to make it harder to fold. And that’s an addition to the fact that it’s not going to feel loose horizontally. And even when a Maclaren does fold easily, it’s simply not the most comfortable method of folding, nor the easiest stroller to carry when it’s folded. I’d much rather fold and carry a baby then we’re on the larger end of Baby Jogger City Mini than a Maclaren, especially when what I have to then carry around is as large as a golf bag, and might very well pinch my fingers.

As I said earlier, most of the full-on problems, the sort of issues requiring the placement of parts had to do with the old wheel system, and all that has now been updated. But what Maclaren seems to fail to realize, at least in my opinion, is that the whole concept of an umbrella stroller is outdated as well. Or more likely, of course, they have thought of this and chosen to try and make it a vintage sort of thing, because that design is the company flagship, the key property, and stroller manufacturers don’t like to dump their flagships. Virtually every model from bugaboo after the chameleon is better than the chameleon itself. But they keep pumping those out too. That’s their flagship. What’s a little ironic about all this is that Owen Maclaren was an innovator.

As the story goes, he designed the Maclaren quest stroller when his daughter visited them from the States, and he saw how much trouble she was having mounting what at that time was a conventional push chair. If that same story happened 10 years ago, and instead of a 1960s, push chair, his daughter was struggling with an old and rickety Maclaren with Owen have invented the babies. Then, a month ago, Maclaren launched the atom, their first non-umbrella style stroller ever, as far as I can find.

And we’re trying like the devil to get a hold of it. It’s based on the babies and idea but given how much Maclaren has to prove to get back on top, and how much money they could potentially have thrown into this design.

We’re hoping for some really good things from it. If it’s good, and I don’t mean half good, I mean rival the yoyo good, then it could mean turning a new leaf for them. I frankly don’t know yet.



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