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Summer Infant 3D Tote vs 3D Lite
When it comes to having babies or toddlers around, running tasks or errands outside can be quite a hassle. You can either wait for your child to fall asleep (which has its risks), hire a nanny (which can be quite costly), or simply take them with you. Luckily for us parents of the modern-day, strollers are quite a nifty invention that enables you to push your baby with any copious amounts of strength, while completing your daily tasks.

Personally, when I decided to buy a stroller for my baby, I make sure it isn’t too bulky or heavy and is easy to navigate, which is why I decided to try out both the Summer Infant 3D Tote, as well as the Summer Infant 3D Lite. If you as a parent are confused about which one to invest in, keep reading. All the features of these two strollers will have a side by side comparison, as well as pros and cons based on my own experience.

Summer Infant 3D Tote vs 3D Lite Comparison Chart

Summer Infant 3D Tote Summer Infant 3D Lite
Dimensions 20.5 x 36 x 43.5 inches 18 x 17 x 43 inches
Weight 17.5 pounds 13 pounds
Harness Type 5 point 5 point
Maximum weight capacity 50 pounds 50 pounds
Lightweight Yes Yes
Adjustable Canopy with Visor Yes Yes
Recline Three-position Four-position
Wheels, Brakes and Performance One hand manoeuvre, anti-shock wheels Anti-shock wheels
Features Easy to recline seat, easy 3 step fold, lockable rear wheels, anti-shock front wheels. Easy to recline seat, anti-shock front wheels, large storage basket, easy 3 step fold, lockable rear wheels, parent cup holder
Price Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon

Similarities between Summer Infant 3D Tote and Summer Infant 3D Lite

Let’s see how similar these strollers are and what are the same characteristics that these lightweight strollers have.

Harness and Portability

These strollers come with a five-point safety harness, which is much safer and secure than a three-point harness that can be found in most strollers. I found using the harness as easy as ABC, and it can even be locked through a single click by using only one hand (if the other is busy handling your toddler). These strollers also come with padded shoulders to make it more comfortable, and can also be adjusted according to your child’s height. The strollers themselves are pretty lightweight, and carrying them on my own was not a tedious task for me.

Weight Capacity

Like most other strollers in the market, the Summer Infant 3D Tote and the 3D Lite have a maximum weight capacity of 50 pounds. It is best recommended to use these strollers for children above the age of 6 months.

Canopy & Visor

I found the adjustable canopy a great feature in both of these strollers, as it helped protect my child from harsh sunshine as well as rain. All you have to do is simply extend the company to cover your little. This process can be a bit audible, and it is advisable to do this before your child falls asleep. The Summer Infant 3D Tote has an additional peekaboo window feature so you can check in on your child. You can also unzip the back panel for airflow on hot days.

Differences between Summer Infant 3D Tote and Summer Infant 3D Lite

Design and Size

Summer Infant 3D Tote

This stroller has dimensions of 20.5 x 36 x 43.5 inches and weighs 17.5 pounds. This umbrella storage has ample amounts of space to hold all of your belongings, and also comes with additional diaper hooks, as well as cup holders for parents. The stroller itself will fold and unfold quickly with a one-click lever, and has an auto-lock and strap which makes it easier to carry (however, at 17.5 pounds it can be slightly heavy and bulky). 

Summer Infant 3D Lite

The Summer Infant 3D Lite has dimensions of 18 x 17 x 43 inches, and a weight of 13 pounds. The frame is made out of aluminium, and the stroller is lightweight and can be easily carried if need be. The stroller itself is built at a height that is suitable for most parents, and I did not need to hunch my back to push the stroller. The handles also have grooves, which prevented my wrists from getting cramped up.

Winner: Both of these strollers have their distinct features. However, the Summer Infant 3D Lite is relatively portable and has features that made it comfortable for me to push it around. For me, 3D Lite is the winner of this category.


Summer Infant 3D Tote

This device has three recline positions – almost flat, relaxed, and an upright position. The recline is adjustable through one hand only.

Summer Infant 3D Lite

I found that this stroller was great for napping as it can recline well. It has four different recline positions and can be adjusted through one hand as well.

Winner: The Summer Infant 3D Lite, as it has four different positions.


Wheels, Breaks, and Performance

Summer Infant 3D Tote

I found it relatively easy to use this stroller on smooth surfaces such as sidewalks and hardwood flooring. It also moves well around tight spaces and has anti-shock wheels. The front wheels can be locked to avoid moving in different directions. The brakes were also safe and secure.

Summer Infant 3D Lite

Anti-shock wheels in this stroller prevent a bumpy ride. 

Winner: Summer Infant 3D Tote.

Value for Money

The Summer Infant 3D Lite will give you better features for almost the same price.

Pros and Cons

Summer Infant 3D Tote


  • Easy to carry
  • Reclines well
  • Extra-large storage basket



  • The canopy storage pocket is placed awkwardly and can get in the way
  • Ended up tipping backward when a heavy bag was placed on the handles with no baby inside the stroller
  • No leg rest


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Summer Infant 3D Lite


  • Ample amount of storage
  • Hooks for diaper bags
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Budget-friendly



  • Cannot recline to a fully flat position
  • The fabric of the seat cannot be removed for cleaning


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Which Summer Infant Stroller is Better?

Both of these strollers have their own distinctive features however, the Summer Infant 3D Lite has a wider variety of features for almost the same price, and is the option I personally vouch for.


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