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SodaStream Fizzi vs Source

SodaStream Fizzi SodaStream Source
Image SodaStream Fizzi
Available Colors Black, Icy Blue, Rose Gold, White Black, White
CO2 Cylinder Capacity 60 Liters 60 Liters
Compatible Bottles 1 Liter and 0.5L reusable carbonating bottles Slim 1 liter and half-liter
Dishwasher Safe No No
Carbonating Bottle Material BPA-Free Plastic BPA-free Plastic
Bottle Connection Type Snap-lock Snap-lock
LED Fizz Indicator No Yes
Electricity Required No No
Automatic Carbonation Manual Pump Action Manual Pump Action
Selectable Levels of Fizz No No
Product Dimensions (L x W x D) 7.9 x 5 x 17 inches 10 x 5.5 x 17 inches
Product Weight 6.1 pounds 7.73 pounds
Warranty Period 3 Years 1 Year
What’s Included SodaStream Fizzi machine, Carbonating cylinder, 1 Liter reusable carbonating bottle SodaStream Source Sparkling Water Maker, 1 x Mini CO2 Carbonator (makes up to 9 liters of sparkling water), 1 Liter BPA-free Reusable Carbonating Bottle, Free 60 Liter mail-in rebate
Price Check Price Check Price


Differences between SodaStream Fizzi and Source

The first obvious difference is in their designs and size. The Fizzi has a more rounded design while the Source is angular and boxy. The Source is also significantly bulkier than the Fizzi. Moreover, Fizzi comes in more colors other than white and black. Although both soda makers do not let you set the level of fizziness, only the Source has an LED indicator for fizziness. Lastly, the Source only comes with a mini CO2 cylinder that can make up to 9 liters of soda water. But you can use the free 60-liter mail-in rebate to get yourself a 60-liter CO2 cylinder.


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SodaStream Fizzi and Source Review

The SodaStream Fizzi and Source share a lot of similarities. Let’s expound on each of their similarities.

CO2 Cylinder Compatibility

Both the Fizzi and Source both come from SodaStream, it is only logical that both soda machines are compatible with the same CO2 cylinders. These sparkling water makers are compatible with both the 60-liter and 9-liter CO2 cylinders. Its Gas Exchange Program is what separates SodaStream from its competition. The price you need to pay for a full refill for a 60-liter tank is only $15 which is unmatched. If you need an extra CO2 cylinder, you can purchase a spare cylinder for only $30 which is also the cheapest you can find.

Manual Pump Action 

SodaStream Fizzi and Source, unfortunately, are not automatic soda machines. One great advantage, however, is the fact that both sparkling water makers do not need electricity or a battery to power up. However, you should take note that the Source has a non-user-replaceable battery that powers the LED indicators in front. This is one of the disadvantages of the SodaStream Source, once the battery dies out, its LED fizz indicator will no longer work.

Soda Water and Specialty Drinks

Aside from making sparkling water using these machines, you can also create other specialty drinks. You can flavor up the bland soda water using the fruit drops that SodaStream is also selling. There are also soda flavors you can try that contain less sugar than your regular store-bought sodas. Moreover, you can also create carbonated cocktails with the recipes you find on SodaStream’s website. If you are not a fan of alcoholic beverages, you can also find other recipes there such as infusions and mocktails. Buying a sparkling water maker gives you full control of the ingredients you want to consume.

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Pros and Cons

SodaStream Fizzi


  • The SodaStream Fizzi is more compact and more lightweight than the Source.
  • It comes in more colors aside from black and white.
  • It has the same functionality but miles cheaper than the Source which makes it SodaStream’s most popular soda machine.
  • The Fizzi does not require electricity and battery completely to operate.



  • You have to guess the amount of carbonation every time you use the SodaStream Fizzi since it does not have an LED fizz indicator.

Buy SodaStream Fizzi

SodaStream Source


  • Overall, the SodaStream Source has a better design language and can look better with other appliances on your kitchen countertop.
  • It has an LED fizz indicator, so you won’t have to guess the amount of carbonation you are putting in your drink.
  • You get an extra 9-liters of sparkling water you can make with its mini CO2 cylinder.
  • Since the Source uses a manual pump action to carbonate water, it does not need electricity or batteries.


  • Although batteries are not needed from its carbonation process, batteries are built in to make the LED fizz indicator work.
  • You have to pay a lot more money for the SodaStream Source.

Buy SodaStream Source


Final Verdict: SodaStream Fizzi vs Source

Since these soda machines share a lot of similarities, it makes you wonder why the other one is significantly more expensive. What does the SodaStream Source have that the Fizzi does not have? How come these machines have a huge price difference? The SodaStream Source is so expensive because it is designed by a famous designer. The Source has an undoubtedly better design, don’t get me wrong. But it does not make sense to me that its price tripled even if both machines function identically. One advantage it has, however, is the LED fizz indicator. However, it also acts as one of its disadvantages since it is powered by a non-user-replaceable battery. With all of that said, I strongly recommend you get the SodaStream Fizzi over the Source. But if you truly care about the design and the LED fizz indicator, by all means, buy the SodaStream Source.

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Manufacturer: SodaStream

What Real People Say: Soda Stream Fizzi vs Source

Fred W. Wilmington, NC

We drink lots of carbonated water, and I did the mathematics, and figured it would be worth it to attempt this out. We were averaging $200 a month for a family of 5 on flavored carbonated water. Aside from the money, the cans alone were overwhelming.

I got the one touch so they might vary the carbonation, and bought the little bottles in different colors so everyone has their own to track. This is the very first day experience utilizing it.
We enjoyed two you tube videos on how to utilize it properly. Set up was a breeze after the videos. We utilize only cold, purified water, and put the liter bottles in the refrigerator to fill up the half liter individual bottles with the plain, cold water before carbonation.

We have attempted setting one and two with the.5 liter and it is more than appropriate at one. Two is excellent, however extremely fizzy. Been carrying mine with me, appears to last.

The device is plastic, but with care I am hoping it lasts. Even the youngest has used it, and by following the YouTube pointers we have not had leakages or surges. Most of it is persistence. Make certain it is seated in the machine properly and not angled. We likewise took the recommendations to wait until the gas noise has mainly subsided prior to getting rid of. We also ensure that the pointer remains in the water. Two of the containers have lines where the water fill line falls below the injector, so we get it so it a minimum of touches or enters the water, which is somewhat over the fill line.

We consume a lot of carbonated water, and I did the arithmetic, and figured it would be worth it to attempt to figure this out. We use only cold, purified water, and put the liter bottles in the refrigerator to refill the.5 liter personal bottles with the plain, cold water prior to carbonation.

Two of the containers have lines where the water fill line falls below the injector, so we get it so it at least touches or goes into the water, which is a little over the fill line.

Eugene L. – Chicago, IL

I was never ever much of a soda drinker until I started operating in a workplace with a fully-stocked fridge. The ice-cold beverage was the perfect afternoon pick-me-up, but it made me feel sluggish a couple of hours later on.

In an effort to prevent the sugar crash, I began buying seltzer water instead. Unfortunately, my newfound love for the sugar-free bubbles was pricey.

When I turned to the popular SodaStream kitchen area home appliance, that’s. It’s the affordable, hassle-free and eco-friendly solution that enables me to enjoy my favorite carbonated drink whenever I want.
The SodaStream Fizzi is an at-home carbonator that permits you to turn plain water into sparkling water. It can be found in a box that consists of the primary system, a CO2 cylinder and a one-liter plastic bottle.

Although the initial financial investment in a SodaStream is more pricey than buying a pack of cans, it comes with some advantages you can’t get with a 12-pack.

The compact gadget removes the inconvenience of lugging heavy boxes from the shop to your house. It can likewise conserve you from tossing disposable containers in the garbage, making it an environmentally-friendly alternative.

Instead of utilizing batteries or electrical energy to function, the Fizzi runs with the push of a button that releases carbonation from a CO2 cylinder into your beverage. When it runs out, the cylinder is developed to make up to 60 liters of gleaming water and can be easily replaced.

Installing it is basic and uncomplicated. Just open the system’s back entrance, twist the cylinder in place and after that cover it back up. Then, you’re ready to make carbonated drinks!The BPA-free bottle included in the box is developed to fit perfectly into the gadget. It’s clear, durable and has a fill-line that tells you how much water you require to include before carbonating your drink. As soon as filled, the bottle needs to be inserted at an angle and pressed into an upright position to lock it into place.

When secured, you can follow guidelines to carbonate the water to your taste. The brand recommends pumping the leading button three times for a light fizz and 5 times for a much heavier fizz. I choose more bubbles in my drink, so I pump it five times.

Within a few seconds, you get a bottle of completely bubbly water.

Among the neatest qualities of the SodaStream Fizzi is that it gives you a structure to make whatever drink you desire. You can produce a liter of root beer, cranberry juice, cola, ginger ale and more. You can also avoid the tastes and drink on a fresh soda water. I personally delight in including a capture of lemon for a rejuvenating summertime beverage.

I utilize my Fizzi every day and enjoy the reality that it permits me to take pleasure in a carbonated drink without the extra sugar. I even began to produce new beverages from the list of dishes on the SodaStream blog.

While the investment will boil down to how frequently I utilize the gadget, there is absolutely potential for it to be a major money-saving addition to my kitchen area, which is constantly a plus.

You’re prepared to make carbonated drinks!The BPA-free bottle included in the box is created to fit perfectly into the device. It’s clear, long lasting and has a fill-line that tells you how much water you need to add before carbonating your drink. I choose more bubbles in my drink, so I pump it 5 times.

One of the neatest characteristics of the SodaStream Fizzi is that it offers you a structure to make whatever drink you desire. I personally take pleasure in adding a capture of lemon for a refreshing summer season beverage.