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Winter will soon be coming at the colds and flu start to circulate. It’s time to find ways to improve our diet and make sure we are getting as many vitamins and minerals to help our immune systems. This is even more difficult for those who don’t like eating their fruits and veg.

The Omega J8005 and the Omega J8006 are both masticating juicers that have been designed to extract the most out of a wide range of fruit and vegetables. We are going to compare the specifics of the two as well as their appearance and value for money. After looking at some pros and cons, we can decide which is the best buy.

There are plenty of similarities, so we will begin here.

Omega J8005 vs J8006 – Similarities

Low Speed

With just 80 revolutions per minute, the low speed of the Omega J8005 and the Omega J8006 means that no heat is transferred to the juice, allowing for a better taste and the enzymes not to get destroyed in the juicing process. The low speed also eliminates foam in your juice.

Dual-Stage Masticating

Because the Omega J8005 and the Omega J8006 have two stages to the masticating process, more of the juice can be extracted leaving behind nice dry pulp which can be used as a thickener for sauces and soups or to add to salads.

Auto Pulp Ejection

The pulp with be automatically ejected so you don’t have to worry about the Omega J8005 or the Omega J8006 clogging. This also makes cleaning up much easier.

Types of Food

You will be able to juice all of the fruits and vegetables you can imagine with the Omega J8005 and the Omega J8006. You will also be able to mince herbs, make nut butter and nut milk, create frozen desserts, extrude pasta, and make healthy baby food. You can also grind coffee and flour. You will be able to get the most out of everything from your leafy greens to your beets.

Stabilizing Feet

On the base of the Omega J8005 and the Omega J8006, you will find four, large rubber feet that will make the masticating juicers easier to use as they won’t slip on the kitchen countertop.

Let’s turn our attention to what the Omega J8005 and the Omega J8006 don’t have in common.

Differences Between Omega J8005 and Omega J8006


There is nothing particular that would make you choose one over the other except for personal preference.

Omega J8005

This juicer is chrome in color. It is 6.5 x 14.5 x 15.5 inches and weighs 15.64 pounds.

Omega J8006

Rather than chrome, this is silver, so it really depends on whether you prefer shiny or not. It measures the same at 6.5 x 14.5 x 15.5 inches and weighs a little more at 19.4 pounds.

The Winner Is- A Tie

What’s Included

You will find a good range of accessories with both of the Omega masticating juices.

Omega J8005

You will receive two bowls, one for the juice and the other for the pulp. There are also 6 nozzles, a strainer, and a cleaning brush.

Omega J8006

In the box, there is also two bowls but only 5 nozzles and a strainer.

The Winner Is- The Omega J8005

Value for Money

For a brand name low speed masticating juicer, you could pay between $150 and $300, however, there are some that go up to more than $500.

Omega J8005

It is closer to the higher end of the price range but does come with a 10-year warranty.

Omega J8006

There are so many offers it is difficult to compare the actual prices, but there won’t be much difference between the two. The difference is the warranty, which is 15 years for the U.S and Canada and 1 year international.

The Winner Is- The Omega J8006

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Pros and Cons

Before our final decision, we wanted to include some pros and cons of the Omega J8005 and the Omega J8006.

Omega J8005


  • Good life shelf on the juice when kept in the fridge
  • It does an amazing job on things like spinach
  • It does a better job n softer fruits like apples


  • Some of the plastic parts aren’t of the same quality

Omega J8006


  • Excellent value for money
  • The handle really helps when you are feeding food into the chute
  • Lovely fresh tasting juices that don’t need to be chilled


  • Again, it would be nice if some of the parts were stronger

The Final Verdict

There were some things that were impossible to make a decision on. They both did a fantastic job at extracting all of the juice out of all of the fruits and vegetables we tried. We were very inspired making pasta and we were also happy for the sorbets and frozen yogurts we made. Even the lemon pulp made for a delicious cheesecake.

The winner today is the Omega J8006. Although the Omega J8005 was a little lighter, we preferred the design of the Omega J8006, particularly the color and the handle. The extra 5 years on the warranty was a real bargain that added to the value for money. It was sturdy, with numerous uses and easy to clean, a kitchen tool that will be well used by many.