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Many often wonder about the difference between a masticating juicer and a centrifugal juicer. Centrifugal juices tend to work faster at extracting the juice from fruits and vegetables whereas a masticating juicer will take longer because they are more diligent when it comes to breaking down hard food.

Today, we are going to look at two masticating juicers from Omega, the Omega J8004 vs J8006. We will look at the specifics of each, how they work, and what they can do. We will look at their value for money and include some pros and cons for each.

In many ways, the Omega J8004 and the Omega J8006 are the same, so we will look into their similarities first.

Omega J8004 vs J8006 – Similarities

Dual-stage Juice Extraction

The dual-stage extraction with the Omega J8004 and the Omega J8006 means that as well as the additional time, the juicers go through two stages of juice extraction, making sure that you get the most out of all of the food you juice. It also means the pulp is as dry as possible.

Automatic Pulp Ejection

There are two benefits to this. Once the juice has been extracted, the pulp is automatically ejected. This makes the Omega J8004 and the Omega J8006 extremely easy to clean but also easy to use the pulp for other recipes. It works wonders as a thickener for soups and sauces and to add an extra flavor to your salads.

Types of Juice

The Omega J8004 and the Omega J8006 will do far more than make fresh orange juice and other fruit juices. It will juice a wide range of vegetables, soft and hard and it will also extract all of the juice from celery, big leafy greens, and wheatgrass.

Other Types of Food

If you are looking for dessert inspiration, you can use the Omega J8004 and the Omega J8006 for sorbets and ice-creams. They will also make nut butter and nut milk. And, if you are looking for ways to create nutritional food for your babies, you can use both of these masticating juicers. You can even use it as a pasta extruder.

The Quality of the Juice

Neither the Omega J8004 nor the Omega J8006 will clog. You will be able to taste juices that are fresh and without foam. The juice will last in the fridge for up to 72 hours without any kind of separation.


The Omega J8004 and the Omega J8006 have a power rating of 150W. They have 3 settings which allow you to adjust the machines depending on what type of food you are juicing.

Low Speed

One of the most important features is the low speed of the Omega J8004 and the Omega J8006. With just 80RPM (revolutions per minute), the slow action means that there is no heat buildup that is transferred to the juice. Aside from having cold juice, you can also enjoy a healthy juice that maintains the vitamins and minerals that we require for a balanced diet, improved immune systems, and a boost of energy when we need it.

Additional Features

The Omega J8004 and the Omega J8006 come with a built-in handle for ease of use, although the design of the handle is slightly different. You will also find four rubber feet on the base of the juicer to prevent any slipping on the kitchen countertop when in use.

Quiet Motor

Another benefit of a low speed masticating juicer is that they are quiet. The Omega J8004 and the Omega J8006 have quiet motors that shouldn’t wake a sleeping baby.

What’s Included

With the Omega J8004 and the Omega J8006, you will receive 5 nozzles, a pulp bowl, a homogenizing cone, a juice bowl, and a strainer.


The UL certification that comes with the Omega J8004 and the Omega J8006 means they have both been tested to make sure they meet safety standards.


The Omega J8004 and the Omega J8006 both have a 15-year warranty for the U.S and Canada. This is a real testimony to the durability of the masticating juicers. For international purchases, there is a 1-year warranty.

After all of those similarities, it is amazing that there are still a couple of differences to talk about.

Dufferences Between Omega J8004 and Omega J8006


When looking at the Omega masticating juicers, there isn’t much difference in their design, in that they are both horizontal juicers. They are also actually the same size. We have already mentioned the handle design is different, so now let’s look at the color and dimensions.

Omega J8004

This juicer is 6.5 x 14.5 x 15.5 inches and it weighs 13.2 pounds. It comes in white and although it doesn’t look as modern, it still blends in well with other electro domestic appliances.

Omega J8006

Still at 6.5 x 14.5 x 15.5 inches, the Omega J8006 weighs more at 19.4 pounds. It comes in silver with black features.

The Winner Is- A Tie

Value for Money

Low speed masticating juicers can start at around $200 and can cost up to $380. There aren’t many companies that can match the 15-year warranty. Bear in mind that the prices are only a guide because there will be different offers on at different times.

Omega J8004

This is the cheaper model and can cost between the lower to the middle of the average price range.

Omega J8006

It would seem that you are paying for the design in this case. Again, depending on various offers, you can expect to pay around $50 more for the silver juicer and sleeker handle.

The Winner Is- The Omega J8004

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Pros and Cons

As the two machines are so similar, we will highlight some further differences with the individual pros and cons of the Omega J8004 and the Omega J8006.

Omega J8004


  • Being lightweight compared with the Omega J8006, it is easier to store and take out
  • It comes with a really solid, well-built auger
  • The juice lasts a really long time and still keeps its fresh taste


  • It doesn’t work quite so well on softer foods like tomatoes.

Omega J8006


  • It’s straightforward to assemble and dissemble which helps for cleaning
  • The process of making ample juice is fast even though it’s low speed
  • The juice tastes fresh but also, leafy greens still look a rich fresh color


  • The plastic parts are heavy-duty, but we would still like to see some more stainless steel in some places

The Final Verdict

The most important thing to consider is the Omega J8004 and the Omega J8006’s ability to juice. If you are going to invest this much money to make juice, it has to be a very good machine. Luckily, the Omega J8004 and the Omega J8006 are excellent performers. We definitely noticed that they worked better for harder foods compared with tomatoes and apples but overall, they did exactly what they were supposed to do. Neither one really outperformed the other in the quality of the juice or the variety of what we could make.

On a similar note, the juices that we made with the Omega J8004 and the Omega J8006 were cold, fresh and really delicious. Even when you sneak in a veggie that you don’t like the flavors are great. It was especially nice not to have even a hint of foam on the top.

There were other features that were the same so we also couldn’t use them to make a decision. The large stabilizing feet did make a difference, especially when the kids wanted to help. Even the accessories were exactly the same.

The decision came down to ascetics which is always hard to make an opinion on because it can often boil down to personal preference. Nevertheless, the handles, while they both function, we did prefer the Omega J8006 as it blends in well with the design. Then there is the colour. Again, we preferred the Omega J8006. It just looked a little more modern. But then you have to weigh up an extra $50 (roughly) for nicer color. And, if you have the money to spare that’s great. But we felt there were so many better ways to spend the extra money, so today’s winner was the Omega J8004.