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Shark vs Bissell Steam Mop
An intuitive, straightforward cleaning system keeps your surfaces sparkling and eliminates your worry about germs being tracked all over—and with a steam mop, no need to worry over harsh cleaning chemicals, either. Both the Shark and Bissell steam mops remove 99.9% of bacteria using nothing but powerful steam and simple, robust cleaning pads, but which mop is the best for you? 


Product Shark S7000AMZ Bissell Symphony Pet
Weight 7.7 lbs. 9.74 lbs.
Washable Pads Yes Yes
Disposable Pads No Yes
Rotating Pads Yes No
Power Source Corded Corded
Multiple Cleaning Modes Yes No
Swivel Steering Yes No
Vacuum Included No Yes
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Shark Steam Mop vs Bissell Steam Mop – Similarities

Chemical-Free Sanitation

Steam cleaners bless your home with their powerful, chemical-free cleaning technology. Both the Shark and Bissell steam mops remove 99.9% of bacteria from your floors using only hot water and scrubbing pads, all while requiring you to do no actual scrubbing at all.

Reusable Mop Heads

Multiple washable mopheads are included with both the Shark and Bissell steam mops. And there’s no mumbo-jumbo latches or switches to deal with here—simply pop the soft washable pad off the Velcro head of the mop and toss it into the washing machine. 

Lightweight Design

Perhaps the phrase ‘steam cleaner’ conjures up images of stout, clunky contraptions reminiscent of small robots. But the Shark steam mop weighs in at a sleek 7.7 lbs., and the Bissell steam mop weighs just under ten. Both are plenty light enough to make lifting them to change out the pads and refill the water tanks a breeze, not to mention being the perfect weight to hang on a hook along the wall or in a closet instead of taking up precious floor space.


Shark Steam Mop vs Bissell Steam Mop – Differences

On-board Vacuum

A good steam mop works by applying steam to the floor, allowing the moistened debris to easily cling to the mophead.

The Bissell steam mop, however, takes this a step further. They’ve added a high-suction vacuum into the mix. The vacuum works to pick up particulate debris first, clearing the way for the steam and mophead to get straight to the tough grime underneath—and to complement this, the steam feature is triggerable via a button on the handle.

The Winner Is – Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop

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Rotating Mopheads

Well, well, well. If you thought the on-board vacuum was an unmissable perk, now consider the dual dirt-cling microfiber mopheads wielded by the Shark steam mop. These things sing. And not only do they help break up and whisk away dirt, their constant motion gives the Shark steam mop a smooth, effortless glide across the floor.

The Winner Is – Shark S7000AMZ Steam Mop

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Swivel Steering

Under the little ridge at the bottom of your cabinets. Under chairs and tables. In the corners, along baseboards, swerving in and out of small children, pets, and all that other elegant clutter. These are the places the Shark steam mop truly shines, letting you swivel in and out of there like you were the placeless, ever-moving wind—but no. Like you were the grime itself.

The Winner Is – Shark S7000AMZ Steam Mop

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Pros and Cons

Shark Steam Mop


  • Swivel Steering—the cherry on top of a sleek, lightweight design.
  • Long, 22 ft. power cord included. No need for an extension.
  • Multiple steam modes, allowing you to dial the intensity of the steam according to the mess.
  • SIX reusable mopheads included.


  • The rotating mopheads can cause the mop to glide and polish more than scrub.
  • Water tank could be bigger.

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Bissell Steam Mop


  • Vacuum and triggerable steam combo allows you to adapt your cleaning to the moment.
  • Disposable mopheads included for those particularly unseemly messes.



  • Neither the vacuum nor the steam mop is as powerful as stand-alone units.

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The Final Verdict: Shark vs Bissell Steam Mop

The Shark and Bissell steam mops are both good models to have in your home cleaning toolkit. However, the Shark is slightly more affordable, and since it doesn’t try to be anything other than what it is (just a steam mop, vs. the Bissell’s steam-vacuum combo), it excels in the category of lightweight consumer-grade steam cleaners. The swivel steering saves you steps and eases your back, and the ability to ramp up or scale back the amount of steam being used lets you cover large areas without refilling the tank, de-stressing your clean-up and letting you get back to life.

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