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Lasko 2511 vs 2519

Cooling is as important as heating, especially in the long summer days when in the middle of the day there is a usual heatwave. But having one more appliance or gadget in our house or apartment can sometimes make us hesitate whether to buy something new for our home. Simply because there is not enough space or because we are not sure if it is worth it. But with Lasko Fan models you will definitely change your mind in a minute. They not only look good but they also adapt in any room no matter the size. 

Their special space –  saving design is ideal for any room or office and their practical 3 speed fans provide consistent cool air flow with less energy to operate. 

In this article, we will compare side by side Lasko 2511 vs Lasko 2519. You will learn the similarities and differences of these tower fans. At the very end of the article, after the Lasko 2511 and Lasko 2519 pros and cons sections, we will decide which tower fan is better.

Lasko 2511 vs 2519 Comparison Chart

  Lasko 2511 Lasko 2519
Material  plastic/metal  plastic/metal
Color  Black  Gray 
Controls type  Electronic controls  Electronic controls 
Oscillation  Widespread oscillation  Widespread oscillation 
Speed/settings  3 fan speeds 3 fan speeds
Remote control Yes  yes
Height  36 inch  38 inch 
Item Weight 9.9 pounds 10.9 pounds
Timer  1 to 7 hours  7 hour timer 
Air ionizer  no yes
Features  Quiet Quiet
Batteries required  No  yes
Warranty  1 year limited warranty  1 year limited warranty 
Price Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon

Lasko 2511 vs Lasko 2519

In some ways these Lasko tower fans are very similar. Let’s see what are the similarities between Lasko 2511 and Lasko 2519.

Oscillation and speed settings 

Both of these fans come with 3 speed settings ( low, medium and high) with widespread smooth oscillation which allows you to set the direction of the air according to your preferences. With their quiet air flow they are well suited for children’s bedrooms and offices. They can even be used as a white noise fans for a good night sleep.   

Remote control 

Another feature you can enjoy is the remote control which allows you to change the settings from the comfort of your sofa or bed. The multi- function remote control is simple to operate and it has everything which is already consistent on the control buttons plate on the fan. 


These models are designed with a built-in timer which is one more advantage of great importance. You can set it to switch off automatically and be sure that you haven’t forgotten it on. You have the option to choose from 1 hour to 7 hours in 1 hour increments. If you want to feel the fresh air while sleeping, you don’t have to care about switching it off in the cold mornings. The timer will do it for you. 

Lasko 2511 vs Lasko 2519  – Differences

Let’s look at the differences between Lasko 2511 vs 2519.

Height and Color 

Lasko 2511

This is a 36 inch tall tower fan and it provides proper cooling throughout your room. With its dimensions (LWH) 12 x 12 x 36 it looks neat and adaptable to any corner of the room. Its base color is black and it is suitable for differently designed rooms. 

Lasko 2519

This model is a little bit taller, it is a 38 inch fan tower ((LWH) 12 x 12 x 38 inches) in gray color. Even though it is taller, it contains 6 fan holes (compared to model 2511 which has 7 , the last one closer to the floor). This model has a higher base, while model 2511 looks slimmer. 

In this case, the decision which one is better  is mainly based on personal preferences and tastes for colour and design. The fact that Lasko 2519 is higher doesn’t make it better in terms of air strength, because on the other hand model 2511 has more air holes. 

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Air ionizer

Having an air ionizer can be  a determining factor for some people when buying a cooling fan, especially if they live with pets or don’t have enough time for regular vacuuming. This feature serves to purify the air by eliminating airborne particles and odors. While comparing these two models we can point out that Lasko 2511 model doesn’t have an air ionizer, but Lasko model 2519 contains an air ionizer. 

So if you want to have a fan which lowers air pollution and gives you the feeling that you are sitting outside, in that case we have the winner in this section – Lasko 2519. 


One more thing which is considered important is whether you should or should not worry about batteries replacement. When it comes to these two models we would also point out that  Lasko model 2511 does not require any batteries, while Lasko model 2519 requires batteries, so the winner here is obvious. One “problem” less is always welcomed. 


Pros and Cons

Lasko 2511


  • ETL listed for safety (Patented Safety Fuse Technology, which means if there is some electrical fault it will be detected. )
  • Color coded LED fan speed and timer indicator 
  • Wireless remote control with 4 options. With it you can control all of its features  
  • Convenient carry handle and built in remote control holder
  • Cools a large space with powerful airflow 
  • Simple bas assembly 
  • Slim, modern  and space saving design 
  • Easy to Use Controls which are  placed on top of the fan 



  • It doesn’t contain an air ionizer 
  • More narrow oscillation range since it is slimmer 


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Lasko 2519


  • Wonderful solution to cool small to medium rooms.
  • Easy access to the control buttons which are located at the top.
  • Auto-shut off timer which can be set to switch off automatically in one, two or four hours.
  • Easy to hold handle for carrying it around the house 
  • Durable design which will last for a long time
  • Simple base assembly required, very stable 
  • Very practical since it contains storage for the remote control unit on the fan 
  • Patented safety plug 
  • Space saving design 



  • Requires use of batteries for the remote control 
  • Heavier than some other models 


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Which Lasko Tover Fan is Better?

This popular range of modern fans is really unique because only tiny features help you to tell them apart, so in most of the cases the final decision comes down to personal preferences. One thing is for sure , they are both worth the price. Lasko’s 2511 biggest drawback is not having an ionizer , otherwise the other features like its special slim design, and good combination of colors make it stand out. The LED display and wireless remote control bring it closer to technology. So in this case the advantages prevail. The not too different model Lasko 2519 doesn’t lack any of the most important features but it is a little bit heavier and its base is higher which at first glance makes it look bulkier. In conclusion, it is for sure that with both of these fans you will have a cooler room and a great new gadget in your home or office. 


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Lasko 2511 vs 2519 – Which Lasko Tover Fan is Better?