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Hamilton Beach 31123D vs 31127D

Food lovers are always on the lookout for kitchen devices and appliances that can deliver the best quality food and amp up their overall experience. Individuals obsessed with cooking might be interested in toaster ovens, which are versatile enough to whip up the best delicacies, from roasted chicken to fresh bread and potatoes, and cake.

Since I’m heavily interested in cooking and enjoy the overall experience, I decided to test out and compare two countertop toaster ovens, the Hamilton Beach 31123D and the Hamilton Beach 31127D. Hamilton Beach is well-known for putting out the very best kitchen products, and I was really excited about these toaster ovens. The following article is a review based entirely on my experience as well as on specifications, other reviews and ratings. Read a comparison of Hamilton Beach 31123D vs 31127D and find out the differences between them as well as which toaster oven is the better choice.

Hamilton Beach 31123D vs 31127D Comparison Chart

Name Hamilton Beach 31123D  Hamilton Beach 31127D
Dimensions 15 x 18.5 x 9.5 inches 15.24 x 18.74 x 9.41 inches
Weight 11.5 pounds 11.4 pounds
Maximum Temperature 842 degrees F 450 degrees F
Timer  Yes Yes
Size Fit 9″ x 11″ bake pan, 12″ pizza, six toast slices 9″ x 11″ bake pan, 12″ pizza, six toast slices
Features Easy-grip knobs, convection, easy access to food, easy access to countertop, easy to clean Easy access to food and countertop, removable crumb tray, includes bake pan and bake rack
Warranty One year One year
Price Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon

Hamilton Beach 31123D vs Hamilton Beach 31127D

Let’s look at the specifications, functions and features which makes these Hamilton Beach toaster ovens.veoma similar or identical.

Dimensions and Size

Although there is a difference in the dimensions and the size of these two toaster ovens, it is very minute and not noticeable. For instance, the Hamilton Beach 31123D has dimensions of 15 x 18.5 x 9.5 inches, whereas the Hamilton Beach 31127D has dimensions of 15.2 x 18.74 x 9.41 inches. The difference in these two products’ weight is 0.1 pounds, which cannot be determined without accurately weighing these two toaster ovens themselves.

Size Fit

Due to the fact that the sizes of these two toaster ovens are almost the same, both the Hamilton Beach 31123D and the Hamilton Beach 31127D can fit more or less the same trays inside of them. Both can easily accommodate six toast slices, a 12-inch pizza, and a 9 x 11-inch bake pan inside them. Another good choice for pizza  is the Ninja DT251.

Timer and Alerts

To notify you about your food’s condition (cooked, semi cooked, uncooked), timers and alerts are provided on both of these toaster ovens. I could set a timer for 30 minutes for both the Hamilton Beach 31123D and the Hamilton Beach 31127D. The timer knobs were of immense convenience when it came to baking, which needs to be regularly checked upon to see if your baking products are rising perfectly or not.

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Differences between Hamilton Beach 31123D  and Hamilton Beach 31127D

Maximum Temperature

Hamilton Beach 31123D

The Hamilton Beach 31123D can reach a maximum temperature of up to 842 degrees Fahrenheit. This proved to be advantageous for dishes that required higher temperatures to cook thoroughly.

Hamilton Beach 31127D

A maximum temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit can be reached in this product, which is more or less the standard for toaster ovens.

Winner:  The Hamilton Beach 31123D, as it can reach a higher temperature.



Hamilton Beach 31123D 

Various features of the Hamilton Beach 31123D set it apart from other oven top toasters and make it more unique. For instance, the device has three options for baking, broiling, and toasting your food products. I was also given the option to choose between a bake option and a convection option and found the convection option worthy for when I needed a crusty pizza or an even, caramelized coating on baked goods. The contoured knobs were better for gripping and turning and are an excellent feature for individuals who may have trouble grasping onto things.

As given in its name, the Hamilton Beach 31123D is easy to reach, and I could easily add toppings to my pizza while it was baking and grab my toast once it was done without worrying about burning myself once. The toaster oven door rolls up and can easily be accessed for countertop transfer of food products. Easy cleaning of the device was also possible thanks to the removable crumb tray present at the oven toaster’s bottom.

Hamilton Beach 31127D

The Hamilton Beach 31127D comes with multiple nifty and distinct features. For instance, I could easily access the food and remove it once it was done. Sprinkling cheese onto your pizza while it was baking was as easy as ABC. Easy access to countertop aided in transferring food from the oven directly onto serving plates. The removable crumb tray helped clean the device quickly, in just a few minutes. The Hamilton Beach 31127D comes with a baking pan and a baking rack with two rack positions.

Winner: The Hamilton Beach 31123D, as it has a few additional features as compared to its competitor. 

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Value for Money

Both of these devices have a warranty period of 1 year; however, the Hamilton Beach 31123D will give you better features and quality at almost the same price.

Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of Hamilton Beach 31123D and Hamilton Beach 31127D will help us to determine which toaster oven is a better choice.

Hamilton Beach 31123D


  • Efficient
  • Easy to clean
  • User-friendly design



  • Does not work for larger sized pizzas


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Hamilton Beach 31127D


  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to access
  • Two rack positions 



  • Slightly noisy
  • Knobs may be challenging to use


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Which Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven is Better?

I would recommend the Hamilton Beach 31123D to interested users as it has a few additional features such as the contoured knobs and the convection feature. For more or less the same price, it is a better option.