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Kolcraft Stroller vs 3D Light Stroller

Summer 3D Lite Kolcraft Cloud Plus
Image Summer 3D Lite
Dimensions 18.00 x 17.00 x 43.00 inches 17.6 x 29.9 x 41.7 inches
Weight 13.00 lbs 11.80 lbs
Storage Storage basket Storage basket
Maximum Weight Recommendation 50.00 lbs 50.00 lbs
Adjustable Seat 4-position recline Reclining seat
Harness 5-point safety harness 5-point safety harness
Foldable Yes Yes
Swivel Wheels Yes Yes
Canopy Adjustable + Pop-up visor Three-tier extended
Price Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon

Stroller Review: Summer 3D and Kolcraft Umbrella Stroller 

Storage Space

Even though they are lightweight and made not to take up much space, the strollers come with a large storage basket below the seat. Parents will have plenty of room to put their baby bags in, groceries, or whatever you think of. This feature gives them a plus.

Safety Harness for Baby

Both the Summer 3D Lite stroller and the Kolcraft stroller come equipped with a safety harness sized for a baby. Because your child’s security is highly important, these strollers have a 5-point harness with which you can secure your baby, and it won’t budge. 


This is probably an essential feature when looking for a convenient stroller. Except needing it to have a safety harness and some storage options, you will probably want your stroller to be foldable. Well, both Summer 3D Lite and Kolcraft Plus strollers fold into smaller items. They can easily be placed in the trunk of your car and not take up too much space. More importantly, they are so easy to unfold that a baby coulkd do it! 


For some, sun coverage is not that important. Still, others won’t consider umbrella strollers without a sun canopy for their baby. Luckily for those people, both Summer 3D Lite and Kolcraft Plus strollers come with canopies that do not interfere with air circulation. They are great for protecting your child from the sun or even rain. However, the Summer 3D might have a smaller canopy, but it’s still useful in the end. 

Reclining Seat: An important item

Another convenient feature is the reclining seat found on both strollers. The seats can switch between a few positions, making them perfect for when your baby is feeling sleepy or needs a diaper change.

Differences between Summer 3D Lite and Kolcraft Plus 

Ease of Use

When speaking of Summer 3D Lite vs. Kolcraft Plus folding techniques, I am pretty sure that the Kolcraft stroller takes the win here. Although both strollers are fairly simple to fold, the Kolcraft genuinely does have a one-hand fold. You only have to press the red lever on the handlebar and pull the stroller up. It will fold into itself instantly. 

With the Summer 3D lightweight stroller, you would have to use your hand to pull the lever and secure the stroller with your foot, so it doesn’t move. Worth noting is that both strollers have a lock that keeps them in place, to avoid sudden unfolding.


Honestly, the price difference is not that big. But, it is a difference, and that’s worth mentioning. You can get the same things for a few dollars less, and maybe even more, from the Kolcraft Cloud Plus stroller. Before buying, make sure to check if the color of the stroller, or any additional features, influence the price. If so, then the difference might be even more significant. 


Drink Trays, Accessories and Other Items

As mentioned previously, the strollers have storage baskets. However, only the Kolcraft Cloud Plus lightweight stroller has removable drink trays for both the baby and the parent. You can place your cup of coffee there, your car keys, or other small items. Additionally, your partner can do the same since the parent tray has two drink holders.


Value for Money

As I said, the price difference is not that big. Nevertheless, one item will have something the other doesn’t, which will influence your decision.

Summer 3D Lite

Summer 3D Lite lightweight stroller is a bit more expensive. Besides having to pay more, you will actually be in for a loss as this stroller has fewer features than the Kolcraft one. You won’t get any trays, for example, plus to fold it requires more effort than with the other item.

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Kolcraft Cloud Plus

With this product, you will get more features such as two trays, a bigger canopy, and an actual one-hand fold option. Having to pay less makes this the real value-for-money product. The only downside is that the safety harness is not padded.

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Which Lightweight Stroller is Better to Buy?

After reviewing all the main features from the Summer 3D Lite and Kolcraft Cloud Plus strollers, it’s time to declare the winner.

Both items offer what’s needed for your baby to declare them convenient. The folding options, smaller dimensions, acceptable weight limits, and the safety features give them a big thumbs up. Unfortunately, there can only be one winner, and this time it will have to be the Kolcraft Cloud Plus stroller. Not only does it cost less, but it also gives you just a tiny bit more. More importantly, it’s easier to use when on the go. 

The winner – Kolcraft Cloud Plus


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you put together a cloud umbrella stroller?

Putting the cloud umbrella stroller together is easy, as shown in this video:

2.How do you close a Kolcraft umbrella stroller?

Closing a Kolcraft Umbrella Stroller is easy:

– Lock the foot brake
– Close the canopy
– Push and hold the red button on the handle
– Fold the stroller downward
– Use the locking latch by the rear wheel

3.Does the Kolcraft umbrella stroller recline?

Yes, the Kolcradft umbrella stroller reclines

4. Can you bring umbrella stroller on plane?

Yes, all domestic airlines accept strollers on board.
5. What is the weight limit for Kolcraft umbrella stroller?

The weight limit for Kolcraft umbrella stroller is 40 pounds.

6. What age is appropriate for umbrella stroller?

The minimum age that is appropriate for an umbrella stroller is six months. The maximum is whenever the baby grows to 40 pounds or more.

What Real People Say About Their Strollers and Car Seat and Cloud

Anne R – Sioux City, Iowa

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The City Mini GT2 features stylish adjustable handlebars, a solid parking handbrake, and a compact and convenient one-handed folding assembly. Just lift the belt in the middle of the seat with one hand and voila, the automatic lock takes care of the rest and the stroller is in your trunk. These products model boast click and go versatility – you can put the Baby Jogger City go car seat on top using the included adapter set. This model has a UPF 50 plus canopy with two magnetic peekaboo windows. It’s filled with rubber foam and suspension on all wheels, so you have nothing to worry about. The Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 has an almost flat backrest and adjustable calf support for even greater comfort. A sun canopy is standard these days, and the good news is that this stroller offers UPF 50 plus coverage. What we consider topped here are the windows that close magnetically like a sign – no Velcro to wake up a sleeping baby – that’s a good thing. They’re also impressive foam-filled wheels and full suspension. Combine this suspension with an almost horizontal tilt, and the baby can comfortably take a nap on the go. For the listed price, you can’t beat this one. If you travel often, look no further than the Chicco Bravo, which in our humble opinion is the best travel baby stroller available on the market in 2023. Experienced parents love this stroller and recommend it to their friends. Being able to fold quickly and easily will give you more time to do other things. It folds into a compact design for storage in the back of your vehicle. When you’re on the go, the stroller stands upright to take up less space in the back of the car. There are multiple recline options, so your child has a nice and relaxed ride. The multi-position seat and four-wheeled suspension provide your child with an extremely comfortable ride. Imagine how nice it would be not having to worry too much about storing the stroller. You can take it anywhere, and it fits in most vehicles. The comfort of the stroller is ideal for parents who have multiple children to look after. Unfolding is just as easy, so you won’t have to struggle to open it in the parking lot. There is also a height-adjustable handle; all you have to do is raise or lower the handle to get the most comfortable position for pushing the stroller. The seat is easily disassembled for easy transport. It turns into a stylish frame that you can carry with just one hand. Keyfit protects the stroller when you want to fold it. Furthermore, the detachable seat is perfect for cleaning up any mess your child leaves behind. You can put your child’s favorite toy in the basket when he gets bored. It’s the ideal way to carry your belongings


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