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Features Comparison Chart

Pivot Xpand Gold Pivot Xpand
Best Value Check Price Most Features Check Price
Available Colors Stallion Black, Percheron Gray, Roan Moonstone, Opal, Onyx, Sapphire
Type Single-to-Double Convertible Baby Stroller Single-to-Double, Smart Modular Travel System
Perfect for Single infant or twins Single infant or twins
Maximum weight recommendation 55 pounds 35 pounds
Minimum weight recommendation 4 pounds 4 pounds
Maximum height recommendation 38 inches 32 inches
Harness Type 5-point safety harness Smart Infant seat with SensorSafe
Wheel brakes Yes, flip-flop friendly brakes Yes, flip-flop friendly brakes
Cupholder Yes Yes
Adjustable canopy Yes Yes
Multiple Reclining Positions Yes Yes
Adjustable Handle Yes Yes 
Storage basket Yes, 2 feet in length Yes
Assembled Stroller Dimensions (L x W x H) 34 x 26.5 x 41.5 inches 41.5 x 26.5 x 41.5 inches
Assembled Product Weight 31.1 pounds 42.60 pounds
Price Check Price Check Price

Similarities between the Two Strollers

Let’s see how this travel systems are similar.

Modular Design

The modular design of both the Evenflo Pivot Xpand and Gold Pivot Xpand gives parents the versatility and flexibility of however they want to use both strollers. If you wish to use this as a stroller for a single infant, you can do so. The same is true for twins. One of these strollers is still suitable for parents expecting only one child and planning to give birth to another the following year after the first. But for women having twins, Evenflo made their decision easier by not getting two separate strollers.

22 Different Configurations

Most strollers in the market only have one way of using them. It is either your baby faces where you are going or facing you. It is just one way and not the other. However, with both Evenflo strollers, you don’t just get one, two, or three. You get 22 different configurations! Configure how you stroll your baby the way you like it.

Safety Measures

Safety measures that a stroller brings are the most important thing every parent should scrutinize about. There should be no compromises for your child’s safety. Fortunately, both strollers have gone to great lengths to guarantee your infant’s safety. Both have brakes on their wheels, a restraint harness, and overall comfortability for long strolling. Lastly, both strollers are rigorously tested for impact and structural integrity.

Differences Between the Strollers

Find out the differences between these travel systems strollers.

Maximum Recommended Height and Weight

Parents should take note of these numbers because they let them know whether it is still safe for their babies to ride either of the strollers or not.

Evenflo Pivot Xpand

The Even Pivot Xpand can accommodate an infant with a maximum recommended height and weight of 38 inches and 55 pounds, respectively. Both of their minimum recommended weights are similar at 4 pounds.

Evenflo Gold Pivot Xpand

The Gold Pivot Xpand can accommodate only a smaller and lighter baby. The maximum recommended height and weight of the Gold Pivot Xpand is only 32 inches and 35 pounds, respectively. That is why the Evenflo Pivot Xpand wins this category.

The Winner Is- Evenflo Pivot Xpand

Harness Type

The strength of the harness secures the infant in place. The harness prevents them from climbing over the stroller which might end up horribly. That is why the harness is another important part of shopping for a stroller.

Evenflo Pivot Xpand

Evenflo Pivot Xpand features the typical 5-point harness which is seen in most strollers. A 5-point safety harness restrains your infant’s shoulder and hips. Should a crash or accident happen, a 5-point safety harness gives your child the optimum support.

Evenflo Gold Pivot Xpand

The safety harness in the shares the same purpose as the Pivot Xpand’s. It straps your child’s shoulder and hips and them the ideal support. On top of that, the harness has a sensor technology at the buckle. This sensor detects if your baby is safely buckled up. It sends alerts to your smartphone whenever the harness comes loose, or your child gets too warm. With this technology, the Gold Pivot Xpand has the edge.

The Winner Is- Evenflo Gold Pivot Xpand

Gold Perks and Warranty

There are additional perks when you get the Evenflo Gold Pivot Xpand.

Evenflo Pivot Xpand

The Evenflo Pivot Xpand will cost you less. Regardless of the price tag, the Pivot Xpand is still a great option for a single-to-double convertible baby stroller. For your peace of mind, Evenflo has a 90-day warranty and a 30-day return.

Evenflo Gold Pivot Xpand

The Gold Pivot Xpand can cost you ‘gold’ due to its higher price. It does come with a lot of perks, however. Aside from having a smart seat with SensorSafe, you can enjoy a lifetime warranty, a 100-day trial, and dedicated premium customer support.

The Winner Is- Evenflo Gold Pivot Xpand

Pros and Cons

Evenflo Pivot Xpand

  • Car seat and stroller combination
  • Has 22 configurations
  • Can carry an infant up to 55 pounds and up to 38 inches
  • 5-point safety harness
  • Has wheel brakes
  • Has adjustable canopy on both stroller and car seat
  • Multiple reclining positions
  • Has a large basket underneath
  • Safe and portable
  • Has a higher maximum recommended height and weight


  • Does not the SensorSafe
  • Does not have a lifetime warranty and other gold perks


Buy Pivot Xpand

Evenflo Gold Pivot Xpand

  • Car seat and stroller combination
  • Has 22 configurations
  • Can carry an infant up to 35 pounds and up to 32 inches
  • Smart infant seat with SensorSafe
  • Has wheel brakes
  • Has adjustable canopy on both stroller and car seat
  • Multiple reclining positions
  • Has a large basket underneath
  • Safe and portable
  • Lifetime warranty, 100-day trial, and premium customer support



  • Has lower maximum recommended height and weight

Buy Gold Pivot Xpand

Final Verdict: Evenflo Pivot Xpand vs Evenflo Gold Pivot Xpand

Both strollers from Evenflo have their strengths. Both are reliable baby strollers especially for parents who have twins. Not only do they function as a typical stroller, but they also function as a car seat. Not to mention they have 22 different configurations you can choose from. The Evenflo Gold Pivot Xpand rightly takes the gold medal here in this comparison.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Evenflo pivot xpand have a bassinet?
Yes, it has the ability to transform into bassinet, like this: recline the seat, lift up the footrest, then detach the clip found on the back of the footrest.

What car seats are compatible with Evenflo pivot xpand?

If you purchase the Pivot Xpand Adapter then you can use the following car seats from other brands:

  • Peg-Perego Primo Viaggio 4/35
  • Graco SnugRide 35
  • Graco SnugRide SnugLock 30/35
  • Chicco KeyFit/KeyFit 30


What car seat comes with Evenflo Pivot Xpand?
The Evenflo Pivot Xpand comes with its “Securemax” car seat.

How heavy is the Evenflo Pivot Xpand stroller?
The Evenflo Pivot Xpand weighs 28.4 pounds.

How do I wash my Evenflo Pivot Xpand stroller?

Use cold water and mild soap to clean up minor spills and stains on cloth, plastic, or vinyl surfaces. The seat pad are removable and machine washable. Cold water and a delicate cycle are best. Please, no bleach.
Plastic and metal parts should be wiped clean with a soft damp cloth, an old t shirt is good.





What Real People Say About Infant and Toddler Seating

Alice T. St Paul, MN

I’m over here with little Jackson, hey hey little dude. What I want to do today is show you our new stroller. I will show you what it looks like and share my thoughts on it because ever since I told you that I got this stroller you have wanted to know what my thoughts are.

When I was shopping for a double ride infant and toddler seating I narrowed it down to two. I was between the secure max infant car seat which obviously is beautiful. It’s top-of-the-line merchandise, but it is very expensive. So I was between that one and this one. But as much as I loved the UPPAbaby Vista I just don’t think I could have justified the price even if it came with large cruiser tires and a smoother ride. Between all of the attachments that you have to buy and the toddler seat that you have to buy in order to make it like an actual double stroller between like the car seat so you have to buy like there’s a million things that you have to buy to make it work. It was like $1,600! I kid you not. I had everything in my cart more than once ready to buy it and I was like there’s just no way that I can afford this so I felt like this was quite comparable so I checked out Evenflo Pivot Xpand vs Evenflo Gold Pivot.

It’s very similar to the Vista so we’re about to go for a walk and we’re gonna put the kids in the stroller so I will show you what everything looks like, how it folds. and all of that. You can form your own thoughts on it and see if you like it as much as I do.

So first of all this is the secure max infant car seat that comes with the stroller. You get the car seat, one base, and the actual stroller. So this is what we’ve been putting Jackson in. It is very cushiony. I think it’s a very well-made car seat so I really like it. It’s also super light. Because this car seat base is super light I’m gonna put Jackson in it, but even with Jackson out of it I’ve had other car seats before that weigh a lot more than this one.

What are you guys doing over there? He’s not being himself. This is my husband Joe by the way. He will be coming with us on our walk. Don’t you think he’s cute? Joe is strapping him in there to single to twin ride. He’s actually not screaming so it’s a good sign because he’s usually not a fan of car seats. He doesn’t like to be in it, but once we start going in the car or once we start pushing him in a stroller then he’s okay.

I was the one that installed the car seat base in my car, because it was really easy to set up the base of the pivot xpand travel system. If you do like I recommended then you should get one base and then if you want to get another one you can purchase another to put in another car.

This is what it’s like to let go and take the car seat in one hand. It’s definitely doable because it’s still lighter than the one that I used to have. This is not a very comfortable thing to do regardless of what car seat you have, but I’m a weakling so if I can do this I promise that you can do it as well.

Jackson probably weighs like 13 or 14 pounds plus the weight of the actual securemax infant car seat but it’s not bad at all to single to twin ride in the pivot xpand travel system. Riley, of course, is already sitting down here in the stroller. This is not how she should be getting in here but the it will fold with the toddler attachment on so that’s kind of nice. Alright, we’re going to open this up. All you need to do is open up this clip here. You just push on this lid and then you just lift. That’s really simple to do.

We had actually changed the toddler seat to go up here the other day when we’re going for a walk because Jackson was in the carrier and Riley was the only one in it. But let’s switch the toddler seat this time. Riley you do not go down there! That goes to show you how much storage space there is in the infant and child seating area.

To move that attachment to the bottom, you just clip it in here, by the smart chest clip. Naturally, it is right in the way! You just have to find where the openings are so that the seat goes all the way back and all the way forward. There’s a little lever that you can pull back here and you can adjust the foot piece. Yeah, a very cool infant car seat!

Riley get in your infant car seat, we’re gonna go on an adventure with our new travel system. You can’t hide in there. that’s not the purpose of the stroller, okay? If we’re going to put the toddler seat and the car seat you move up those little pieces. To put him on all you do is clip that right in there. Perfect, that’s pretty easy!

We’ve got Riley able to sit there and then Jackson able to sit here in his infant car seat . You can also face out so we can also have him facing out if he wanted to. Then Riley can still take a nap and we can kind of lower her if she ends up falling asleep. We’re gonna see if I can get Riley to sit in her chair so we can actually go out of your walk, right? That way I can show you what it looks like when she’s sitting in the toddler seat.

We have Riley in his securemax infant car seat so that’s what he looks like in the toddler seat with the smart chest clip. There is something kind of neat can do you. I call it the steering handle. You could push this button over here on the side. There is one on each side to make it more comfortable. You can hold it that way and then push it if that gives you a better grip.

You can see that there is a ton of storage space down there. You can hold a nice thermos there, so you can have your water, your coffee or whatever you like while you are walking. The second toddler seat also provides instant peace of mind.

We’ve been out on our little walk for a little while and I am winded only because I get tired easily. I do like the handle positioned this way because I feel like it’s easier to control the securemax infant car seat especially while going up hills. I mean it’s heavy, I’m not gonna lie, it’s not like a lightweight little umbrella stroller / travel system but I think that’s to be expected given that I’m pushing Riley who is heavy herself plus another child plus the stroller plus the car seat. Any double stroller is not going be as lightweight as you might like. I think that considering the fact that it is a double, it is easy to maneuver.

Joe, with his roll with it attitude, is obviously much better at this than I am, he takes advantage of the large cruiser tires travel system. I do think that it was the right call for us. I mean for the amount of times that we actually use a double stroller I don’t think it would have been worth it to spend $1,600 on a travel system when this one essentially gives you the same features, and it includes an infant car seat with child restraint. We have also used side-by-side double stroller that we borrowed when we visited my Mom’s house. Hers is a nice double stroller, definitely a good option, but I did think it was a little bit wide, so I was concerned that in some places like stores that I was going to have a hard time taking both of the kids in it.

Joe is gonna take Riley back out, but I’m gonna show you how we take this off so. Jackson’s gonna hang out with me and then we’re gonna just make it like a single stroller. Tou should probably take your child out before you do this, but Joe is strong enough to covert it without taking either kid out.

We’re going go on an adventure again. She got all sad when we came inside. If you are just one child out for a walk going then functions like a single stroller by just moving her down. This shade is also pretty good, it has like the little flap which helps Riley to fall asleep for a nap.

I wanted to show you what it looks like to collapse the travel system, to close it in other words. Earlier I showed you how easy it opens so now you will see how easy it is to close it. This is how it will normally be when I’m having it in the double stroller position. I’ll have Jackson at the top and then I’ll take out that car seat which I’ll be able to put that on the floor. Next is the toddler’s seat. You can remove the toddler seat if you want to close it that way or you can move the toddler seat up there and close it that way.

You can press a little button there to get that piece to go in so I’ll show you guys how easy it is to close it. All you need to do is pull these handles there and then that’s really it! The instructions say to lay that piece flat if you want to fold it with the toddler piece on, but you can remove that piece if you wanted to just close it by itself so it’s a little bit less bulky. When I close it I’m either going remove this entirely or I’m going to move this piece up here. So I’m just going to take this piece off and I can store it away.

I’m going to press this little button here so that it closes quickly since it’s late. If you want to open up the secure travel system again you just release this little latch here and then bring it right back out. I hope that you enjoyed my little demonstration. If have any specific questions about the infant car seat then consult the instructions or look it up on Google or YouTube.

Again, I think it was the right choice for our family. It actually has more functionality than competing items that cost twice as much.


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