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Bagotte BG700 vs BG800

Manually mopping, vacuuming, and sweeping your floor can be a time-consuming and strenuous task, especially if you’re a part of the working class or tend to a large family. Thanks to the technologically advanced world we live in, we can now rely on robot vacuum cleaners to help us out with our home cleaning process, making the task itself quick and easy.

The Bagotte BG700 and the Bagotte BG800 are two robot vacuum cleaners hot in the market, and most individuals are raving about. Considering the fact that these two cleaners are from the same company, most individuals tend to get confused between which one they should buy. If you’re one of them, not to worry. I will be guiding you and thoroughly describing the details, benefits, and drawbacks of these features to help you come to a decision.

Bagotte BG700 vs BG800 Comparison Chart

Bagotte BG700  Bagotte BG800
Dimensions 12.99 x 12.99 x 2.72 inches 16.8 x 13.6 x 4.6 inches
Weight 3.39 pounds 9.67 pounds
Navigation Random Gyroscopes & Optical Tracking
APP Control Yes Yes
Alexa & Google Assistant Yes Yes
Map No Yes
Suction 1600PA 2200PA
Scheduling Multiple times a day Multiple times a day
Wifi 2.4GHz 2.4GHz
Height 2.7 inches 2.7 inches
Features 3-point cleaning system, multiple controls, intelligent detection, non-stop cleaning, easy to locate, recharges automatically Powerful and quiet, precise navigation, auto-sense technology, gyroscopes and optical tracking navigation, super endurance, recharges automatically
Warranty One year One year
Price Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon

Bagotte BG700 vs Bagotte BG800

Now let’s take a look at the similarities between these Bagotte robot vacuum cleaners.

APP and Assistant Control

The Bagotte BG700 and the Bagotte BG800 can easily be powered and controlled through the apps provided along with these devices, helping me navigate the devices around my house. I could also time and set up cleaning schedules as to when the robot vacuum cleaners were to tidy up my house and at what time. Amazon and Google Assistant compatibility with these devices ensured that I could give out commands and instructions, which were instantly followed by the cleaners.


Built-in application for these two robot vacuum cleaners allows multiple schedule cleaning every week by presetting the time and the cleaning mode required. This nifty feature saved me from the hassle of manually programming a cleaning session, and I was free to go along with my tasks while the robot vacuumed my house for me.


A maximum height of 2.7 inches can be detected by the BG700 and the BG800 to avoid a drop fall, preventing unnecessary damage from occurring to the devices.

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Differences between Bagotte BG700  and Bagotte BG800 

After the similarities, the differences between them are much more important for the comparison of BG700 vs BG800. So now it’s time to explain the most important differences between these robotic vacuum cleaners.

Dimensions and Weight

Bagotte BG700

With dimensions of 12.99 x 12.99 x 2.72 inches and a weight of 3.39 pounds, the Bagotter BG700 is a reasonably compact robot vacuum cleaner and lighter as well, making it portable enough to be placed around any part of the house. 

Bagotte BG800

The Bagotte BG800 has dimensions of 16.8 x 13.6 x 4.6 inches and weighs around 9.67 pounds. As compared to the BG800, it is both larger, and heavier.

Winner: I would go with the BG700 as it is small enough to fit into tighter spaces around the house, proving to be more efficient at cleaning. 

Suction Power

Bagotte BG700

The BG700 is equipped with a maximum suction power of 1600PA. 

Bagotte BG800

With a suction power of 2200PA, the BG800 is powerful enough to vacuum your house in an instant.

Winner: The BG800, as it is more powerful and has a higher suction power.


Bagotte BG700 

Equipped with multiple features that make it stand out, the Bagotte BG700 proved to be a worthy device. It came with a 3 point cleaning system with two side brushes and one roller brush to ensure all the dirt and hair on the surface were captured, leaving it squeaky clean. The remote control feature made it easier to control and navigate the device, as did the timing function and the schedule feature. Smart sensing technology on the device allowed for intelligent detection, making the robot dodge obstacles, and avoid falling from the stairs. 

Sensors in the BG700 can detect the switch of surfaces and automatically increase or decrease the suction power. The built-in application on the BG700 has a “Find My Robot” feature, making it easy to locate it around the house. This nifty little robot vacuum cleaner can last up to an hour, or a maximum of 100 minutes, and automatically goes back to recharge so that it is ready to use for the next scheduled cleaning.

Bagotte BG800

Not only is the Bagotte BG800 powerful enough to clean your surface, it is quiet as well, allowing me to work while it went through with its process. The dual gyroscopes and optical tracking feature calculates the surface area cleaned, and the robot utilizes this information for the next scheduled cleaning. Auto sensors avoid the robot from dropping and bumping into obstacles, as well as precisely navigating throughout my house to avoid any missed spots. The BG700 also recharges automatically so that it is ready to use.

Winner: The BG800, as it is quiet and does not miss any spots.

Value for Money

With the same warranty period and a lesser price, the BG800 will give you a better value for money.

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Pros and Cons

Bagotte BG700


  • App convenience
  • Find my robot feature
  • Excellent cleaning performance



  • Lesser usage time on max mode


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Bagotte BG800


  • Powerful suction
  • Durable design
  • Precise Navigation
  • Quiet 



  • Shorter battery life


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Which Bagotte Robot Vacuum Cleaner is Better?

I would recommend the Bagotte BG800 as it is quieter, durable, and more efficient at cleaning the surface of your home than the Bagotte BG700.


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