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GLX GX11 VS ILM 313 full face motorcycle helmet

The quality of motorcycle protective equipment has seen significant improvements through the years. Statistics show clear evidence that fewer accidents and fatalities are happening due to motorcycle helmets. That is why more motorcycle riders are investing their hard-earned money for a quality helmet. However, most motorcycle riders have no idea how to choose the best suited for them. The GLX GX11 and ILM 313 are both superb full-face motorcycle helmets that are not only of high quality but also have striking designs. However, you want the best choice for you, not just “good enough”, right? Let’s dig in:



Product GLX GX11 ILM 313
Available Sizes Small, Medium, Large, X-Large Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
Available Colors Black, Camo, Matte Black Blue, Matte Black, Gloss Black, Red, Silver, White, Yellow
Material Microfiber inner material Quality ABS Shell, High Density EPS Foam
Anti-scratch Clear Visor Yes Yes
Anti Fog Clear Visor Yes Yes
UV Protection Tinted Visor Yes No
Fully Removable Liner Yes Yes
Washable Liner Yes Yes
Quick-Release Chinstrap Yes Yes
Chin Curtain Yes No
Removable Breath Guard Yes No
Includes Scarf No  Yes
Testing Standards DOT testing by SGS (FMVSS 49 CFR 571.218) DOT Safety Standards (FMVSS-218)
Weight 4.62 lbs 2.98 lbs
Product Warranty 1-year limited warranty 1-year limited warranty
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GLX GX11 vs ILM 313 – Similarities

Tested for Safety and Longevity

Motorcycle helmets aim to protect the skull in accidents. Otherwise, they are just fashion accessories. For this reason, motorcycle helmets are built for the ultimate safety and extended longevity. Fortunately, the GLX GX11 and ILM 313 exceed the safety standards set by the Department of Transportation. Thus, guaranteeing you that both motorcycle helmets can withstand extreme forces in case of accidents.

On top of this certification, both helmet manufacturers provide 1-year limited warranty. 

Clear and Tinted Visor

The GLX GX11 and ILM 313 motorcycle helmets offer clear and tinted visors. Tinted visors are helpful when riding on a sunny day, while clear visors are preferable on a night road trip. Their tinted visors are particularly helpful so you do not need to buy or always bring a pair of sunglasses on your rides. 

As a motorcyclist myself, I use both visors. However, bringing both visors with is a pain. I almost always forget to bring my pair of shades, which can be frustrating. Having both clear and tinted options is a sure welcome addition.

Removable and Washable Liner

If you are the kind of motorcyclist who rides for hours at a time, the helmet must give the ultimate comfort. Moreover, it should fit your head perfectly. The one that dictates a motorcycle helmet’s comfort and fit is its liner. As this material directly touches your skin, it should be easy and soft to the touch. Moreover, it should have moisture and sweat-wicking properties that ensure prolonged comfort. 

All of these positive qualities are found in GLX GX11 and ILM 313 motorcycle helmets. In our tests, both motorcycle helmets do not irritate the skin. As a result, we had a pleasurable ride. These sweat-absorbing liners are also removable and washable. So, you can regularly maintain them.

Furthermore, the GLX and ILM helmets have quick-release chinstrap. They are fine as we have no complaints about it in our tests. Most importantly, they give unparalleled comfort and fit.


GLX GX11 vs ILM 313 – Differences

The differences between the GLX GX11 and ILM 313 motorcycle helmets are slim. Nevertheless, their differences are still differences. Perhaps, you may find one of them a game-changer. 

Accessories and features

The GLX GX11 and ILM 313 differ in the number of accessories and features. While both ship with clear and tinted visors, only the GLX GX11 has UV protection on its visor. This UV protection is a godsent feature, particularly on rides where the sun’s heat is at its peak. Moreover, it features an inserted chin curtain, which reduces wind turbulence and noise. This chin curtain also provides extra warmth in the cool mornings and keeps the dust from coming up into your face. While chin curtains give that comforting heat in cold climates, it does not compare to a scarf. Only the ILM 313 includes a scarf in the package. This scarf allows for all-year use.

The Winner Is – GLX GX11

Check Price of GLX GX11 on Amazon

Fit and Comfort

Since fit and comfort are subjective, it boils down to your preference. However, our tester can share sentiments while trying both motorcycle helmets. Our tester immediately noticed how handsome their designs are.

After a short road trip, our tester concluded that both have a perfect fit and incredible comfort. However, one edged out the other due to its lighter construction: the ILM 313 helmet. Its lightweight frame also reduces the chance of compression headaches.

The Winner Is – ILM 313

Check Price of ILM 313 on Amazon

Available Colors

Let us end with the number of available colors these motorcycle helmets come in. The ILM 313 motorcycle helmet has more color variants than the GLX’s. You can choose from fun colors such as blue, yellow, and red.

The Winner Is – ILM 313

Check Price of ILM 313 on Amazon


Pros and Cons






  • The package includes more accessories such as a visor with UV protection, a breath guard, and a chin curtain.
  • A high-quality full-face motorcycle helmet that is highly recommended by other riders. 
  • The included liner is removable for easier cleaning.


  • Although it is still lightweight, it has a heavier construction than the ILM helmet.

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ILM 313




  • Due to its scarf inclusion, it is suitable for all seasons.
  • Compression headaches are less frequent due to their lighter frame.
  • The ILM helmet gives you more color options.


  • ILM includes fewer accessories.


Buy ILM 313 on Amazon


The Final Verdict: GLX GX11 vs ILM 313 HELMET

The GLX GX11 and ILM 313 are both incredible options when looking for motorcycle helmets. Both are relatively affordable and comfortable. The GLX GX11 is a great starter motorcycle helmet due to its abundance of accessories. However, it is a tad pricier and heavier than the ILM’s. If you want a reliable helmet that you can use all year long, the ILM 313 is your best bet. Although it comes in at a lower price tag, its performance and comfort are comparable to the GX11 (if not even better in some aspects).

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What Real People Say: GLX GX11 vs ILM 313

Helmet is perfect for me and the cost is not bad. I’m a size large. Features everything that is on the images connected. The inserts can be purchased I think. The GLX GX11 is comfy and really light. That matte color and design is fantastic. Yes you will leave finger prints but remember. The color is matte. Features instructions that tell you how to keep the helmet and clean up. I completely examined this helmet and whatever is undamaged. Nothing loose, ripped or missing. You get what you pay for.

Remember this is not a Shoei or a Ruroc. So if you are going to complain about the GLX GX11. Go invest the $300 to $500 dollar helmets and it will fix your problem. However keep in mind a few of those helmets do not included a 2nd visor so that is a couple hundred more right there. Constantly thoroughly examine all helmets no matter what brand name you purchase. You can spend numerous dollars and the helmet will either be missing out on something or something is broken. Its the same for every helmet. Stop comparing this helmet with pricey helmets. I’ve evaluated GLX GX11 and it holds up pretty well. From riding in high speeds in a track to examine if the visor opens. Visor does closed. Again those that state it does could of had one that is a lemon. Visor isn’t hard to open. When riding, it’s tight so it won’t open.

The sound isn’t bad but this is not good for those that ride a Harley or anything as loud as a Harley. Crouch rockets will be best and those that ride Spiders or rykers. The chin strap is ok. Although sometimes I believe it will come off however that’s since that is all in my mind. It locks quite well and it’s pretty snug.

Always determine your head size prior to buying any helmet online. Because of your choice for not examining, that method you will not be dissatisfied when you get the product and provide it a bad review.

I make my own designs and will be including some vinyl decals. Simply to include additional flare to this helmet. Once again, you get what you pay for. Then get the helmet you want, if your thinking to tough on buying the GLX GX11. When my instructor and other riders inspected my helmet out. They were angry that they spent hundreds and they like the style of the GLX GX11. I would buy this helmet again if I need to. –Michael R. from Naples, FL

About ILM 313
Overall good helmet for the cost I paid. The visor installing system requires a hard push of the visor so that it clicks into place. I practically quit and returned the product, but then I figured just how much force is required to press the visor in place. Not a big deal as I will not be changing visors frequently. Besides that the fit was best, it is comfortable on my head, keeps my head warm even on subzero temperature (i tried it on my ATV on a -5 C windy day. Fogs up pretty rapidly but misting seems to be an issue with a lot of if not all helmets even with heated ones to some degree.

I wanted it had a larger breath deflector, it is not helpful and tiny, so I customized it to cover more of my nose by forming and gluing a piece of plastic. Will see whether it will make any distinction. Another solution to fogging might be to utilize an oxygen mask with tubing to breathe out the hot breath outside of the helmet. Not the most comfortable option but it may prevent fogging.

I completely examined this helmet and everything is undamaged. Remember some of those helmets don’t come with a second visor so that is a couple hundred more right there. Constantly thoroughly check all helmets no matter what brand name you purchase. Stop comparing this helmet with pricey helmets. If your thinking to hard on acquiring the GLX GX11 then get the helmet you want.- George P – Akron, OH

Unboxing a new helmet: