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Brother QL-820NWB vs Brother QL-810W


Brother QL-810W

Brother QL-820NWB

Compatibility Windows and macOS Windows and macOS
Labels per Minute Printing Speed Up to 110 Up to 110
Backlit LCD Display No Yes
Uses DK Labels and Tapes up to 2.4-inches wide Yes Yes
Amazing Black/Red Print using DK-2251 Yes Yes
Die-cut and Continuous-length Label Rolls Yes Yes
Automatic Cutter Yes Yes
Wireless Interface Yes Yes
Wired Ethernet No Yes
Bluetooth No Yes, Bluetooth 2.1
Mobile Printing Yes Yes
Host USB Interface No Yes
ESC/P | P-touch template (6mb/99|255) X-99 X-255
Li-ion Battery Compatible Yes Yes
Product Dimensions (W x D x H) 5.0 x 9.2 x 5.7 inches 5.0 x 9.2 x 5.7 inches
Product Weight 2.4 lbs 2.5 lbs
Price Check Price Check Price


DK Labels

The QL-810W and QL-820NWB use DK Labels for printing. The printing speed of both label printers is impressively fast that can reach up to 110 labels per minute. That is almost 2 labels per minute! Both label printers’ labels are also detailed with a maximum resolution of 300 x 600 (superfine mode). Moreover, you can print red and black labels with DK-2251 labels. Speaking of DK labels, both label printers include two sets of DK labels out of the box – the DK 1201 and DK2251.

Device Compatibility

These label printers are versatile due to their wide device compatibility. This compatibility includes Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices. Both are wireless devices so you can print without ever needing a cable to connect to either device. Android and Apple devices can print over the air using the app which is discussed later in this article. Lastly, you can go completely mobile with their optional rechargeable battery unit.

Dimension and Weight

Both the label printers have the same dimension and slightly different weights. These label printers have a product dimension of 5.0 x 9.2 x 5.7 inches which is compact compared to your ordinary printer. The QL-810W and QL-820NWB have a lightweight body of only 2.4 lbs and 2.5 lbs, respectively. If you want to use these devices with the optional battery, take note that it will add bulk and weight. Both have an integrated automatic cutter which lasts for 300,000 die-cut labels or 150,000 continuous labels.


Differences Between The Printers

Backlit LCD Screen

The addition of a backlit LCD screen can be helpful when you want to go completely mobile. Read more to see why.

Brother QL-810W

Unfortunately, Brother QL-810W does not have an LCD screen. Therefore, you need to pair this label printer with a PC or mobile device to completely use its functions. You can still print labels wirelessly. So, if you want to go wire-free, you can do so with the optional external battery.

Brother QL-820NWB

On the other hand, the Brother QL-820NWB has a 320 x 120 dot graphic LCD with a backlight. Therefore, you can configure all of your label printer settings directly on the device. Using the monochrome LCD screen and internal time/date feature, it is ideal to use it for on-demand printing of price and “best before” freshness labels right in the food preparation area.

The Winner Is- Brother QL-820NWB




It is already mentioned that both label printers can be used wirelessly. Let’s see what their other connectivity are.

Brother QL-810W

Aside from connecting wirelessly, you can also plug the QL-810W directly into a PC via a USB cable. Wireless connection is still the best way to connect to this label printer. As mentioned above, there is an app to print labels using your phone or tablets. You can either use Apple’s AirPrint or the App. The Brother iPrint&Label can be downloaded via the Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore.

Brother QL-820NWB

You can enjoy all the benefits mentioned above with the QL-820NWB, and then some. There are a lot more ways you can connect to this device such as ethernet, Bluetooth, and USB host. Therefore, it is more versatile than QL-810W. With that said, the QL-820NWB beats the QL-810W in terms of connectivity.

The Winner Is- Brother QL-820NWB

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Besides using the app on mobile devices to print labels, desktop and laptops also have their software.

Brother QL-810W

Although both QL-810W and QL-820NWB use the same software, their number of dots for line spacing is different. Both Brother label printers support printer commands such as Raster, ESC/P, and P-touch Template. The QL-810W uses an X-99 which means you can set the number of dots from 0 to 99.

Brother QL-820NWB

The number of dots for the line spacing of Brother QL-820-NWB is X-255. Therefore, you can set this setting from 0 to 255. Other than that, everything else is identical between the QL-810W and QL-820NWB.

The Winner Is- Brother QL-820NWB


Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of the label printers Brother QL-810W and Brother QL-820NWB will help us to determine which is the better option.



  • Labeling tasks is fast because of the QL-810W prints 110 labels per minute.
  • QL-810W prints as fast as the QL-820NWB for a lower price.
  • It has wide device compatibility, from computers to mobile devices.



  • The connectivity of QL-810W is not as versatile as the QL-820NWB.


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  • You can connect to the QL-820NWB in more ways such as ethernet and Bluetooth.
  • It has a backlit LCD screen so you can use it as a standalone label printer.
  • Both label printers include two sets of DK labels out of the box.



  • Due to the added features, the QL-820NWB will cost you extra.


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Final Verdict

The Brother QL-810W and QL-820NWB are perfect for business owners. You can easily label the products in your physical store using one of these label printers. If you have a home-based online business, adding shipping labels to your products makes it more professional as well. However, there is only one that can be coined as a better label printer. Upon looking at their differences, it is obvious that the QL-820NWB is the better label printer due to its backlit LCD screen and wider connectivity. If we are strictly talking about a label printer that is mostly used along with a PC, the QL-810W has a better value.



What Real People Say

Frank B – Toledo, OH

We are going to do an unboxing of the Brother QL810W wireless thermal label printer. This printer does not use ink, it does not use toner, it is a thermal printer meaning it uses heat onto a chemical paper that creates an image or a text or a barcode for your label needs. This is not a comprehensive review, this is not a comprehensive tutorial, this is me getting my hands on it for the first time doing an unboxing some test prints, a little tinkering and my initial impressions. I will be coming out with a thorough review in the future, maybe some comparisons, maybe some tutorials which will help to solve specific problems. This printer does retail for about a hundred and forty dollars on Amazon when it is in stock including accessories. There is a cheaper one that is USB only and there’s a more expensive one that has Bluetooth and an Ethernet networking port accessories. I will put links to this printer and those printers in the description if you want to check them out. However, the Brother QL printers do frequently sell out, so if you see them in stock and it’s the printer that you want, make sure to grab it with free shipping..

Address Labels

This is the competitor to the Dymo 400 series, the 450 Turbo, the 450, and now even the 500 series and the 500 Turbo. It has narrow formatting only up to 2.4 inches wide, so it’s not going to print your standard 4×6 shipping labels. However, it will print a 2×7 label. It’ll have no problem printing your Amazon barcode labels for your products. You could print address labels for Christmas cards and I’ve also been experimenting with resizing a 4×6 label, but I still haven’t gotten that shipping dialed in yet.
Thank you guys so much for watching. If you haven’t already, please take a moment out of your day to give the video a thumbs up with paper tape. If you aren’t already subscribed to the channel, consider subscribing. If you have any questions about this printer throughout the video, throw them in the comments section and let’s get into the unboxing the accessories. Supposedly, this printer can actually print in black and red which I don’t know if there’s anything similar to that with Dymo or Zebra. If it’s a chemical within the paper or if it’s actually something within the printer, it’s probably just a chemical in the paper to be honest.
This is a 300 dpi printer, can print up to 110 address labels per minute, it says, and it uses these DK style labels which are convenient that you drop them in but they also are a little bit more expensive because they use this black square proprietary design which you will see later on in the video.

Brother Label Printer

Let’s open this printer, set it up, and check out the accessories. One of the perks of this printer over other printers is that it’s going to work with Mac, PC, and I’m going to be able to print from my Android phone or an Apple device. So let’s get this open. I got the power supply, looks like I got a USB. Very nicely packed. We got the printer itself right here, another roll of labels, and some paperwork.
Here’s the printer itself. Looks like we got a power button, a feed button, a cut button. This printer uses a blade to cut after your label is finished or at the end of your print. There’s an editor light button which I really don’t know what that does. Looks like there’s a Wi-Fi button to toggle the Wi-Fi on and off and a WPS button which we will use to set up the wireless networking and duplex printing.
On the back, we have our power in and we have our USB port.

In this video, we will look at the QL-810W thermal label printer and accessories. This is a wireless label printer that you can connect to your computer or your phone and print out labels for your business, for your home office, for your garage sale, for your classroom, or anything else that you might need labels for. That is some shipping, brother!
So, let’s open up the box and see what’s inside. We have the laser printer itself, some continuous length starter labels, the buying guide, a power cord, and a USB cord. We also have the instruction manual and a CD with some software on it.
Let’s take a look at the printer itself. On the front, we have the label output; on the back, we have the power in and the USB port. You can connect via USB, but you can also network this wirelessly and use it with multiple devices. This one also has an optional battery pack that you can use to be completely wireless and free from the power supply, but I don’t have that here today.