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Holosun HM3X vs EOTECH G30.FM

Using a magnified scope is useful at locking up your target. Using a red reticle alone will not do you any favor, especially when your target is hundreds of yards away from you. That is where these 3x magnifier scopes come in.

Today, I will introduce you to two 3x magnifier scopes – the Holosun HM3X and the EOTECH G30.FM. Both are similar when you take a glance at them. However, we will be discussing their similarities and differences one by one. And in the end, we will draw our conclusions.

Holosun HM3X vs EOTECH G30 – Similarities

All specifications and features of the Holosun HM3X and the EOTECH G30 3x magnifier scopes are in a side by side chart.

Holosun HM3X vs EOTECH G30 Comparison Chart


Holosun HM3X


Eye Relief 2.75 inches 2.2 inches
Magnification 3x 3x
Magnification Type Fixed Magnification Fixed Magnification
Length 3.9 inches 3.9 inches
Weight 11.6 oz. 9.5 oz.
Angular Field of View 7 Degrees 7.3 Degrees
QD Mount Yes Yes
Shock Resistance Yes  Yes
Water Resistance Yes, IP67 Certification Yes, up to 3 feet
Weather Resistance Yes Yes
Fog proof Yes Yes
Included Accessories QD Mount and Spacer QD Mount
Price Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon


Fixed Magnification

Aiming at a target from far away can be especially difficult when no magnifier scope was used. Your accuracy tanks as a result. Fortunately, Holosun HM3X and EOTECH G30.FM have the same zoom power with their 3 times of magnification. While there are higher powered scopes out in the market, 3x of magnification is enough for most use cases. Lastly, the level of magnification in both scopes cannot be changed as they both have fixed magnification.

Length and QD Mount

Both the HM3X and G30.FM have identical length at 3.9 inches. Interestingly, both differ in their eye relief and weight while having the same length. Moreover, both scopes are easily mountable and disconnected with their QD mounts. Although both scopes can be removed instantly, the HM3X and G30.FM have a huge difference. The other one can be flipped out while the other cannot. This will be discussed shortly.

Water Resistance

The scopes from Holosun and EOTECH are designed to withstand the toughest weather conditions. Both are built exceptionally well. While both scopes have water resistance, only the HM3X has an official IP67 waterproof certification. Nevertheless, the G30.FM is still advertised by EOTECH as waterproof up to 3 feet. Both have shock resistance for the accidental drops. Their nitrogen-filled tube makes both scopes fog proof. It prevents fog to accumulate that may block your sight. Therefore, both can stay useful even in snowy and humid environments.


Holosun HM3X vs EOTECH G30 – Differences

Weight Difference and Flip Out Design

A slight deviation in weight can throw off the rhythm of a shooter. Especially when they are used to a certain weight, there is a high possibility of missing the target.

Holosun HM3X

One would think that the weight of HM3X and G30 are roughly similar, if not identical. However, this is not the case. The Holosun HM3X has a heavier construction weighing 11.6 oz. People who carry the most compact and the lightest gear will not love the heftier build of the HM3X. Furthermore, the QD mount of the HM3X has the flip-out mechanism that most prefers.


The G30 has a surprisingly lightweight body weighing only 9.5 oz. Its weight rivals that of the Vortex Micro which weighs more than the G30. Interestingly, it is slightly lighter than the Micro considering that the Micro has a significantly shorter body. However, one key disadvantage that the G30.FM has is its lack of flip-out QD mount. This is a great drawback for EOTECH since most people want to switch between 1x to 3x magnification on the fly.

The Winner Is- Holosun HM3X



Eye Relief and Field of View

For the optimal image, you must achieve a certain distance from your eye to the rear lens of a scope. This is called eye relief. Once you got this distance right, you can instantly see the scope’s field of view.

Holosun HM3X

The HM3X has a longer eye relief compared with EOTECH’s. With a longer eye relief of 2.75 inches, the chance of getting injured is reduced. Unfortunately, the Holosun HM3X has a lower field of view. With a marginally lower angular field of view of only 7 degrees, expect that you would see a smaller size of an area if you looked through it. 


As you might already tell, the EOTECH G30 has a substantially shorter eye relief of only 2.2 inches. As a result, you will have a reduced awareness of your surroundings. Although both scopes have the same magnification, the G30.FM has a better angular field of view. Therefore, you can see more with its 7.3-degree FOV. The reduced environment awareness is compensated by its wider angular field of view of 7.3 degrees as it gives you a great situational awareness. The magnification properties of the G30.FM rivals that of EOTECH’s more high-end scopes but at less than half of their prices.

The Winner Is- It’s A Tie

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Value for Money

One of these scopes is more expensive than the other. However, can it justify the higher price? Let’s find out.

Holosun HM3X

The HM3X is cheaper than the G30. The price of the HM3X is still considered as a steal even if it is not compared with the more expensive G30.FM. It is considered excellent and unbeatable for its price point due to the quality of the image it produces. It is almost 2/3 of the price of a G30.FM. That is exactly why it gives the most bang for the buck.


As mentioned before, the EOTECH G30 has the same quality as its bigger brothers but at a significantly reduced price. That alone speaks for the value proposition of the G30.FM. However, we are comparing the G30.FM with the HM3X in this article. The G30.FM is more expensive than the HM3X even though it cannot be flipped out. Since they are nearly similar specs-wise, the HM3X wins this category.

The Winner Is- Holosun HM3X


Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of the the Holosun HM3X and the EOTECH G30 will help us to determine which magnifier is the better option.

Holosun HM3X


  • The Holosun HM3X is at a huge advantage with its flip-out QD mount.
  • The longer eye relief of the HM3X promotes a more natural shooting position.
  • For the money you pay, you will get an image that is clear, detailed, and bright which is unbeatable for its price.



  • You can see fewer objects with the HM3X due to its lower angular field of view.


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  • People will surely love G30’s lightweight body.
  • While both have 3x magnification power, the G30.FM has a wider angular field of view.
  • The magnification specification of the G30 is par with the more high-end products of EOTECH at a lower price.



  • Although it has a quick detach mount, the G30.FM cannot be flipped to the side.


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The Final Verdict: Holosun HM3X vs EOTECH G30.FM

While both the Holosun HM3X and EOTECH G30  are very capable 3x magnifier scopes, one only one of them is better. With that being said, the G30  has great qualities in its own way. It has a lightweight body and wider field of view. And for its price, it is still a decent pickup. However, the Holosun HM3X still beats it since it has longer eye relief and a flip-out QD mount while still being cheaper. That is why I recommend you the HM3X more than the G30


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