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When it comes to magnifier, EOTECH has become the most popular name for many good reasons.

If you’re considering adding a EOTECH magnifier to your accessories, the EOTECH G33 vs EOTECH G30 are two great models. So how do you choose between them?

In this guide, we’ll compare the EOTECH G33 vs G30. We’ll dish the details on both the magnifier scopes so you can choose more easily.

An iron sight or red dot reticle scope can undoubtedly allow the shooter to have a greater field of view and a better awareness of his environment. However, assessing targets from afar is almost impossible to do because these types of scope do not have a magnification. Sure, you can still spot the target from a great distance using only iron sight or red dot reticle scope. But there is a great chance of missing the target regardless of your experience. 

To solve this problem, you can pair your red dot reticle scope with a magnifier scope. An additional feature you should look at is its flip-to-the-side design, so you can easily juggle 1x and 3x magnification. With this combination, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. When you want better awareness, use the red dot reticle scope alone. Then, if you already spot the target, you can flip the scope up. It’s just that simple. We are going to look at two magnifier scopes from EOTECH- the G33 and G30. Let’s see which fixed 3x magnifier scope is better by comparing their similarities and differences.

EOTECH G33 vs G30

Eye Relief 2.2 inches 2.2 inches
Magnification 3x 3x
Magnification Type Fixed Magnification Fixed Magnification
Length 3.9 inches 3.9 inches
Weight 11.2 oz 9.5 oz.
Angular Field of View 7.3 Degrees 7.3 Degrees
QD Mount Yes Yes
Shock Resistance Yes Yes
Water Resistance Yes, up to 33 feet Yes, up to 3 feet
Weather Resistance Yes Yes
Fog proof Yes Yes
Included Accessories 1″ Weaver or MIL-STD-1913 Rail + Switch to Side Quick-Detach Mount MIL-STD-1913 Rail + Fixed Quick-Detach Mount
Price Check Price Check Price

EOTECH G33 vs EOTECH G30 – Similarities

Let’s see what these magnifier scopes have in common.

Fixed 3X Magnification

As mentioned already, both the EOTECH G33 and G30 have 3x magnification power. This magnification is fixed, so you cannot adjust how close or far you want to see with it. Experts can agree that 3x magnification power is all you need for your rifle for close-range or mid-range shooting. 

Eye Relief

Eye relief is referred to as the optimal distance between your eyes and the rear lens of your scope to see the entirety of the image from your scope. Both the G33 and G30 have an equal eye relief of 2.2 inches. This short eye relief is ideal for rifles. Note that most scopes with longer eye relief are only for sniper rifles. Every shooter has their preference for eye relief. According to their users, 2.2 inches of eye relief works for them

Angular Field of View

The angular field of view depends on the configuration of the scope’s lenses. The wider its angular field of view, the more area you can see with it. In G33 and G30’s case, both have a wide angular field of view of 7.3 degrees. Therefore, you can expect around 38 feet wide area at 100 yards which is indeed impressive.

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Differences between EOTECH G33 vs EOTECH G30

Let’s see how these magnifier scopes differ.

Unmagnified View

The unmagnified view gives us a better perception of your surrounding environment. You do not need to use a 3x magnification at all times, especially in a close-range shooting. 


Aside from its 3x fixed magnification, the EOTECH G33 can also have a 1x magnification or unmagnified view. It has a flip-to-the-side design that is loved by almost all 3x magnifier scope users. You can easily shuffle from 1x to 3x and vice versa, depending on the situation. Moreover, it has a quick detach mount which is exactly what you think it is. With its QD mount, you can easily detach or attach the scope to your rifle.


On the other hand, the EOTECH G30 does not have a flip-out design for an unmagnified view. This means you are stuck with using its 3x fixed magnification. However, it has a QD mount. Like the G33, you can easily attach and detach the scope to your gun. Yes, you can detach the G30 to revert to an unmagnified view, but that is a hassle.

The Winner Is- EOTECH G33


Built for Every Environment

Every combat equipment should be built like a tank. It should survive in any weather condition. 


Every EOTECH gear, including the G33 and G30, is made out of durable materials. However, the G33 has better water resistance. You can submerge the G33 in water for up to 33 feet. Once you pull it out of the water, you can expect no water damage at all. Moreover, it has a tan color variant which is ideal for certain environments like the desert. Lastly, it has night vision compatibility. However, it is sold separately. The EOTECH G33 is truly built for every environment imaginable.


The G30 is also built like a tank. It has all kinds of resistance necessary such as shock, water, and fog resistance. Speaking of water resistance, it can survive up to 3 feet of water. The QD mounts of both EOTECH scopes have military standard certification.

The Winner Is- EOTECH G33

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Physical Dimensions

The physical dimension of the scope perhaps is the last thing considered by most shooters. However, the weight of the scope is more important to them. 


If you want to carry lightweight gear, the EOTECH G33 has a disadvantage due to its heavier frame. Although it has the same length as the G30, it weighs more at a little over 11 ounces. This weight difference may be insignificant. But for people who want the lightest scopes, this may not be an option. This higher weight may be attributed to its better build overall.


In contrast, the G30 has a more lightweight body. It weighs 9.5 ounces which is not the most lightweight scope in the market. But comparing it with the G33, it is indeed lighter. I can see more people getting the G30 since its optics are similar, but it is lighter and half G33’s price.

The Winner Is- EOTECH G30

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Pros and Cons



  • The build quality of the EOTECH G33 is undeniably more robust with better water resistance.
  • It has a flip-to-the-side design so you can shuffle from 1x to 3x in a snap.
  • Fog proof internal optics
  • Its tan color variant gives you a stealth advantage, especially in the desert.
  • Compatible with broad of red dot sights



  • You have to pay more money for the same quality of optics.

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  • The EOTECH G30 is a great inexpensive choice for budget-conscious people.
  • It has the same optics as the G33 while having half its price.
  • It has a decent build quality and sufficient water resistance.


  • Its lack of a flip-to-the-side mechanism may be a deal-breaker for some.

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Video Comparison




Which EOTECH Magnifier to Choose?

Magnifier scopes assist the shooter in the mid-range shooting. Both the G33 and G30 let you see your targets closer without being physically closer to them due to its 3x magnification power. It gives its shooter an unfair advantage when using a magnifier scope. However, it will give the shooter a disadvantage in close-range combat. To avoid this, a flip-out design is needed. With that said, the EOTECH G33 is certainly the better fixed 3x magnifier scope. It has a better build quality, more capable water resistance, and a flip-out mechanism. However, if you are on a budget, I recommend you get the G30 because it can produce nearly the same image as the G33.

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