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If you are planning a weekend camping trip with friends or family, it is necessary to avoid small canister stoves preferred among extreme survivalists. Instead, you should get a larger two-burner outdoor stove that can cook for a large party. Camp Chef is a huge star in camping cooking. Their Yukon 60 and Explorer camping stoves are undoubtedly the ideal options for foodies looking to enjoy the great outdoors with a full stomach. Let us jump right into the full comparison of these two burners.
Camp Chef Yukon 60 vs Camp Chef Explorer

Camp Chef Yukon 60 vs Camp Chef Explorer

Product Camp Chef Yukon 60 Camp Chef Explorer
Fuel Type Liquified Petroleum Gas Liquified Petroleum Gas
Max. Energy Output 60,000 BTU per hour 30,000 BTU per hour
Material Alloy Steel Alloy Steel
Detachable legs Yes Yes
Adjustable legs Yes Yes
Cooking Dimensions 14 x 32 inches 14 x 32 inches
Cooking Height 29 inches 29 inches
Item Weight 20.6 pounds 20.6 pounds
Product Warranty 1 year 1 year
What’s Included in the Box Yukon 60 burner stove, detachable steel legs, 3-sided windscreen, hose, and regulator Explorer burner stove, detachable steel legs, 3-sided windscreen, 3 ft. hose, and regulator
Optional Accessories Fry griddle and grill Bag, Cover, Fry griddle, grill
Check Price Check Price

Camp Chef Yukon 60 vs Camp Chef Explorer – Similarities

Anyone who has eaten food cooked on a camping stove has most likely seen or used a Camp Chef stove. After all, they are the market leaders in terms of manufacturing quality, functional, and cleverly designed camping stoves. The Camp Chef Yukon 60 and Explorer are no exception as they offer a lot of value for a low-cost stove with optional extras.

The following are the features of the Camp Chef Yukon 60 and Explorer that you should be aware of before making a purchase decision.

Setup and Design Features

Being an outdoor camping stove, the Camp Chef Yukon comes with adjustable and removable legs. While it requires effort to set up, the removable legs add to its portability. If you need a quick cook, you can choose not to place the legs. Instead, you can set it on a sturdy concrete or metal table.

Aside from the legs, the only other components required for installation are the 5″ high windscreen and the 3 ft hose, which come standard with any outdoor burners. These are fast and easy to put together, so you will be ready to cook in no time.

While the Camp Chef Explorer is fast and simple to assemble right out of the box. Camp Chef includes the regulator and 5 ft hose, which have straightforward installation. No tools are necessary so you can use the Camp Chef Explorer as a complete newbie. While it is not lightweight at 40 lbs standing, its heavy-duty legs and a robust stove area justify it.


The Camp Chef Yukon 60 and Explorer outdoor stoves are both 29 inches in height, 32 inches in width, and 14 inches in depth. Even though it is smaller than other models, such as the Camp Chef Expedition 3×3-Burner, there is enough cooking space for a small group of people to prepare meals.

Wind Resistance

The Camp Chef Yukon 60 outdoor stove has the same five-inch-high windscreen as the Pro 60. With mild to moderate winds, it works splendidly. However, it does not perform well in stronger winds, as compared to more compact two-burner stoves with higher windscreens.

When the wind picks up, low flames are more likely to extinguish. Since the Yukon 60 and Explorer lack an auto-ignition feature, you will have to move your cookware out of the way each time this occurs to relight the burner.

The Camp Chef Yukon 60 and Explorer scored well in our box fan test, in which we put up a fan 24 inches to the side of the stove while boiling a pot of water. It took 5 minutes, barely 75 seconds more than without the fan.

When the flame was on low, it blew out a few times. There are considerably more wind-protected stoves available, but we believed we could place the stove in a space such that wind was not a concern. Besides, you can buy windscreens online or look for natural windscreens in the forest.


Camp Chef Yukon 60 vs Camp Chef Explorer – Differences

The differences between the Yukon and Explorer are subtle but may convince you to pick one over the other.


In terms of design, the Camp Chef Explorer has the better overall looks. Almost all of its parts are covered in sophisticated and modern black paint. Unlike the Yukon 60, the Explorer’s heat control knobs do not have a covering, which gives a rustic and outdoor-y kind of vibe.

On the other hand, the Camp Chef Yukon looks like your typical backyard grill. Honestly, we are not fans of the white and silvery covering in its front. It can get all dirty and grimy with every use. Moreover, it can get a little difficult cleaning it.


The Winner Is – Camp Chef Explorer

Max Energy Output

On average, a stove in households produces around 5,000 to 7,000 BTU per hour. Well, the Camp Chef Yukon 60 and Explorer are no home stoves. The Camp Chef Yukon 60 features double the maximum energy output versus the Explorer. It outputs 60,000 BTU per hour, compared to Explorer’s 30,000 BTU per hour, which means it produces a higher heat than the Explorer.

A higher max energy output equals a faster cook time, which also means that stomachs are filled faster.


The Winner Is – Camp Chef Yukon 60

Value for your Money

Camp Chef advertises the Yukon 60 as a low-cost stove with many available accessories. With a cooking surface size of 448 square inches, the Yukon 60 stand-alone camping stove makes it easy to provide a steady stream of food to a large group of hungry people. Additionally, it features a windshield and fully adjustable heat control knobs to complete the look and make the whole experience streamlined.

On the other hand, the Explorer camping stove is a robust, freestanding stove that produces much heat and has excellent simmering capabilities. You can use it on a table or patio to host medium-to-large gatherings, and it is an incredible choice for such occasions. Furthermore, it is the perfect alternative for all dedicated food lovers and is quite economical (and frequently available for far less).

Freestanding stoves with two burners are hard to come by at this price bracket. These features, together with the products’ superb build quality and glowing reviews from previous buyers, make them standouts in their class. Either stove you buy, you will get your money’s worth.


The Winner Is – A Tie


Pros and Cons

Camp Chef Yukon 60


  • The Camp Chef Yukon 60 2-burner stove includes a 5″ high three-sided windshield for flame protection.
  • The heat-control knobs are completely adjustable.
  • It comes with a regulator and a 3-foot hose.
  • Assembly is fast. It can be unpacked and used in minutes.


  • It is not as stable as other folding-leg variants.
  • It does not come with side tables.
  • It does not have auto-ignition.

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Camp Chef Explorer


  • The Camp Chef Explorer 2-Burner stove has a three-sided windshield for flame protection.
  • Material and construction are top-notch. It is built to last.
  • It features detachable and adjustable legs and is simple to assemble even on complex terrain.
  • It comes with a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee.



  • The cooking area is average in size, thus it may not be suited for big groups
  • It is heavier than other versions, making it unsuitable for long-distance walks.

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The Final Verdict:Camp Chef Yukon 60 vs Camp Chef Explorer

A sturdy two-burner stand-alone camping stove from a respected brand is one of your best options. We strongly believe that the Camp Chef Yukon 60 2 burner stove is one of the finest on the market right now. With a vast selection of Camp Chef accessories available for use with this stove, there are several options for customizing your experience to your liking. While its design is a little outdated, its performance can still go toe-to-toe with its modern counterparts. In my opinion, this burner is the winner in this race!


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