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Garmin S10 vs TecTecTec ULT-G Stylish

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Product Garmin Approach s10 Tectectec Ult-6 Stylish
Available Colors Black, Granite Blue, Powder Gray Black
Color Touchscreen No No
Digital Scorecard Yes No
Automatic Shot Distance Measurement Yes Yes
Preloaded courses 41,000 courses 38,000
Smartphone App Support Yes No
Battery Life 12 hours 10-12 hours
30-day Warranty No Yes
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Garmin Approach S10 vs Tectectec Ult-G Stylish- Similarities

Pared Down Purpose and Design

Who needs a color touchscreen when you’ve got a real-world game to play? The Garmin Approach s10 and the Tectectec Ult-G Stylish boast a pared-down design with black and white displays. The Garmin’s display is more dynamic, closely resembling your typical smartwatch read-out. However, the Tectectec reports all the same GPS-driven course information with a digital watch-style design. Lightweight and innocuous, either of these units would be great if you’re a person who doesn’t need everyone else on the green to know you’re wearing a golf watch.

Automatic Shot Distance Measurement

It would be a mistake to think these GPS units skimp on capability because they have a simplified design. The Garmin Approach s10 and Tectectec Ult-G Stylish deliver satellite-supported course information, including shot distance measurement. You will be able to measure distances to the front, back, and middle of the green. Seen by many as the most vital of the golf watch features, be assured that either wearable will produce the data you need without the clutter of notifications, background apps, and gimmicky displays.

Battery Life

Neither the Garmin Approach s10 nor the Tectectec Ult-G Stylish is weighed down by extraneous fitness or health apps, allowing its lithium-ion battery to thrive. While the Tectectec claims only to support 10 hours of battery life (2.5 rounds of golf), most consumers report that it holds out for three on a single charge. This is great for anyone who wants to be able to store their watch in their golf bag for a surprise day on the green.


Garmin Approach s10 vs Tectectec Ult-G Stylish- Differences

Digital Scorecard

What do your swing strength and course distance matter on hole eight if you haven’t kept track of your score on the last seven? If you’re the serious golfer who zones in on every moment to deliver their best possible shot, you might find value in the Garmin Approach s10’s ability to keep a digital scorecard. You can also share the score online via the Garmin Golf Express app. The Tectectec, on the other hand, trusts you’re able to keep your score straight all on your own.


The Winner Is – Garmin Approach s10


30-day Moneyback Guarantee

They say no purchase or deal is without inherent risk, but it is hard to find the danger in purchasing a device that proudly advertises a 30-day moneyback guarantee! That’s precisely what the Tectectec Ult-G Stylish does. That’s plenty of time for a few rounds on different courses and to decide if this device is the right one for you. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for the Garmin Approach S10.


The Winner Is – Tectectec Ult-G Stylish


Color Options

If you’re looking for simplicity in a GPS golf watch but have no objection to style, the Garmin Approach S10 is your watch. The Tectectec Ult-G Stylish only comes in the standard black, but the Garmin offers you a couple more options with its granite blue and powder-gray.


The Winner Is – Garmin Approach S10



Pros and Cons

Garmin S60

  • Color options
  • 3,000 more preloaded courses
  • Digital Scorekeeping


  • More expensive

Buy Garmin S60 on Amazon

Tectectec Ult-G Stylish

  • Sleek, pared-down digital watch design
  • Less expensive
  • 30-day Moneyback guarantee


  • A few thousand less preloaded courses
  • No digital scorekeeping

Buy TecTecTec on Amazon


The Final Verdict: Which Golf GPS is Better?

As a consumer, most products try to appeal to you with a bang-for-buck ratio. The more features a company offers for less money, the more likely they feel they are to secure your purchase. However, this formula goes out the window when shopping for a straightforward, no-frills product like these two golf smartwatches. The extra feature here or there doesn’t hold water when you compare the price tags.

For this reason, the Garmin Approach S10’s additional preloaded courses, color options, and scorekeeping features fail to justify the 50% increase in the pricing. You’re looking at these products because you want a smartwatch that’s simple, sleek, and free of apps to weigh its battery life down. You’re interested in some satellite informed course information. The Tectectec ult-G Stylish delivers on all these points with a 30-day moneyback guarantee. As a result, its package is an undeniable combination of concept delivery and value.


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One Golfer’s Opinion of the Garmin Approach S10 / GPS Golf Watch

Frank G – Bethpage, NY

Hello everyone and welcome to another golf video. In today’s video we are gonna review something which is always a reason for excitement. Today we’re gonna review a gps device, and as you know gps devices for golf come in a wide spectrum of price ranges. You have the rather cheap ones and you have the really funky expensive ones. Today we’re going to check out what this little thing the Garmin Approach S10 offers for its price.

It’s on the rather low end of the price spectrum. It doesn’t even have a color display, but it might offer everything you need. We are going to try a couple of holes. I will check out what it offers and whether or not I shoot well with it. Alright, before we start a round you have to start the device as well. As you can see on the screen I have till about 10 this evening to finish my round. It is locating me via satellites, where I am and which golf course is the closest to where I am located. It should be pretty quick. There we are, we are at the Bethpage Black so we’re gonna load the course, and there we have it.

We’re on the first hole it’s a par four and from where i’m standing it’s almost 420 yards to the front of the green. I’m not yet on the tee box so that will change a little bit later on. Now let’s get started. Now that I am on the tee box I have 420 yards to the front of the so I’m going to hit my tee shot and see where we end up according to the lightweight GPS golf watch.

I find myself on the left side of the fairway with 210 meters to go. It’s a par 5 so of course I’m going to go for it. The fairway is downhill to the green so we can putt for birdie possibly a par. While i wait for a few people to pass I will share with you my initial thought thoughts. The watch is a simple design. It’s easy to use but don’t expect anything fancy. It is not needed anyway, it tells you everything you need to know such as which is the closest point to the green, the furthest point, the middle of the green. You just have to guess a little bit seeing as where the flag is how far you have left to the flag but so far it’s feeling pretty intuitive and pretty nice to use. After that first par on the first hole I would say the watch is helping pretty good.
Thus far I had a decent birdie chance as well so the distances are working out. so The second hole is a par four with the dog leg to the right so we gotta see how the watch helps in that in that respect. The thing on this hole is that it’s 367 meters to the middle of the green but it’s a dogleg to the right and you’ve got to go past that tree over there in order to have a shot at the green. Here it shows that I have a good 238 yards to reach the dog leg to the right so i have to hit that distance in order to clear the trees and to play towards the green. I am on the second shot on this par 4 and the gps the Garmin Approach S10 clearly states what I have left towards the green so my ball is over there.

From where I am standing I have 125 yards to the middle of the green. The flag is a little bit in front I think. I still have to check that, but as you can see without any fancy stuff the watch really does what it needs to do. It gives your distance and that’s about it.

That was clearly a bad stroke on my behalf, it has nothing to do with the watch. I totally fatted it, tried to hit it too hard and I ended up in the left side bunker. We are going to see that I probably hit the right club if I made good contact. Now it’s just a bit short and to the left but that’s due to well the lack of talent of this guy. Indeed, I find myself in the bunker with a pretty difficult shot left to the pin because I don’t have a lot of green to work with, but we’ll give it a go. As you can see I ended up pretty nicely with just that left to save par.

For the last hole of this video, I am going give a par three a go. The watch clearly states that to the front of the green from where I am at which is like four or five yards behind the tees it’s 160 yards to the front of the green. So that means it’s actually 165 to the front and 173 to the middle. Now the flag is in the front so we’re going to estimate 165 yards and we’ll see where we end up. That is on the front of the green with that left for a birdie. I would say the distance of the watch was matching the distance of my club because I hit that ball well. I hit that ball solid and it was the distance that I know that I hit my six iron, so I would conclude that distance wise this is really good.

I have a chance for birdie, let’s see if I can convert it and then we’ll conclude with the final remarks. Guys, you’ve just seen me play three holes with the Garmin S10 and on every hole I made par so that’s proof enough for me that everything you need is in this watch to make par on every hole! Now all jokes aside, I promised you some final remarks on the Garmin S10.

You’ve heard my initial thoughts about the watch then you’ve seen me play three holes with it. I am going to conclude with some remarks about the design. You can see it’s very minimalistic. It is very slick, it’s just a black and white screen. It is nothing fancy but it’s more than enough, so basically the Garmin S10 is a very light and a very compact gps watch with a display that handles direct sunlight pretty well, so the numbers or the distance to the green is always very readable. It also has four buttons, two on each side with a very intuitive approach to how to use them, how to go to the settings menu, and how to go through the course menu. It is very intuitive, easy to use. Of course, it shows the distances to the green into a dogleg or to a hazard.

As I said before and it does this in a very simple way with very clear numbers. You get the numbers to the front of the green the middle, and the back in a line towards the green from where you are. So if you’re a little bit more to the side of the green you get the numbers to the the first edge that you will hit your ball over in a direct line towards the green so that’s very convenient. It also shows a little bit of the shape of the putting surface so if the green has a bit of a weird shape you will also be able to see it on the watch. Or if the green is partially covered by a hill or something like that you will be able to see the shape of the green on your watch so that you know what it looks like and where you can hit your shot.

The Garmin Approach S10 also has the ability to track your score but it doesn’t do it automatically, so you always have to put in or confirm your score, including how many putts you made. I found that a little bit of a hassle. Personally, I still prefer to write down the scores myself on paper. However, in the near future I might test something out that not only keeps track of my score but also gives a lot a lot more data regarding my golf game.

The Garmin Approach S10 has at least 41,000 pre-loaded courses so i’m pretty sure that if you buy this thing your course nearby or wherever you want to play will be pre-loaded on the watch. In addition, it has a pretty quick satellite connection so when you arrive at your course for the first time it just takes a few seconds to connect to the satellites to get into GPS golf mode, maybe five to five to ten seconds at most to get into gps mode then you’re ready to go for your round. That’s for me a pretty big plus regarding the Garmin Approach S10 with rechargeable battery It also has a pretty decent battery life for the rechargeable battery much like the Garmin express.. It can go on for about 12 hours so if you play uh 36 holes in a day you just have to charge it one time and you should be good to go for the whole round or better for the two rounds which can be a problem with other devices which are more fancy. More features usually means that you get less of a battery lifespan so that is a big plus for this device.

Finally, we need to talk about price. The Garmin Approach S10 comes in at around $130, so it’s pretty cheap watch compared to other watches or gps devices out there such as the Garmin express. Like I said it’s it’s pretty minimalistic, it’s pretty basic in terms of design but it’s very accurate it does everything you want a gps golf watch to do. Its simplicity can be a drawback, but in my opinion, it’s an awesome watch for the price. It is really good for beginning golfers. If you don’t have a need for all the extra data you can get from other watches the Garmin S10 is the way to go.


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