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A commercial 7500 Watt Generator is an effective device capable of powering various devices during a blackout and starting larger motor-powered appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators and water pumps.

However, it’s essential to keep in mind that the rating for a generator relates to Running Watts rather than Starting Watts and be familiar with this distinction before making your purchase decision.


Generators are essential in an emergency, so choosing one that meets your needs is paramount. To do so, calculate how much power each of your devices or appliances require not to get one with too little or too much capacity.

Ensure your generator meets the power rating in Running Watts or Starting Watts; ensure this amount can power all your devices and tools even if used simultaneously.

This portable generator boasts powerful electric start and Cold Start Technology to ensure smooth operation and Intelligauge for monitoring voltage, frequency and operating hours. It has a foldaway U-shaped handle and never flat tires for easy transport – plus CARB and EPA compliance for all 50 states! Plus its 2-year limited warranty makes this an excellent addition for DIY hobbyists, outdoor events or building contractors.

Fuel Capacity

For reliable power outage protection, portable generators offer the ideal solution, typically feature large fuel tanks that last 11 hours under 50% load and safety features like fuel gauges and automatic low oil shutdown. For maximum convenience and peace of mind, portable models also include fuel gauges with automatic shutdown in case oil runs low – another benefit.

Start by compiling a list of all of the devices and appliances you plan on using during a power outage, then check their starting and running watt ratings; make sure the starting watt rating doesn’t surpass 7,500W rating of your generator.

A 7500 watt generator can power various home devices, from refrigerators and freezers to tools on job sites or emergency power backup. Some units are even designed with contractors in mind and feature rugged wheels, never flat tires and covered outlets to protect from debris build-up.

Noise Levels

This generator has a digital Intelligauge that displays current voltage, frequency and operating hours. Furthermore, there’s also a remote key fob to make starting it easier in adverse weather.

This generator generates 9,375 starting watts and 7,500 running watts, providing enough power for multiple food trucks, plus regular appliances like refrigerators, freezers and sump pumps. If additional power is desired it can even be connected in parallel.

Noise level at 23 feet is estimated at 74dB, considered fairly loud for an open frame generator, yet quieter than vacuum cleaners or lawnmowers up close. This generator meets both EPA and CARB compliance, including Volt Guard surge protection built into its design and offers 3-year limited warranty and lifetime technical support – making this durable yet flexible generator an excellent option for job sites or home backup power needs.


The generator has a three-year limited warranty and offers free lifetime technical support from an on-call call center. Additionally, this generator features a 9.5-inch wheel kit, remote key fob, 12-volt battery and operator’s manual for maximum convenience. Its 420cc OHV engine delivers 9375 starting watts to run large appliances and tools efficiently while producing up to eight hours of running power on one tank of gasoline. An Intelligauge digital monitor displays voltage, frequency and operating hours while Volt Guard surge protectors against overloads.

If there’s an issue with your unit, contact CPE’s Technical Service team via telephone or email; they will troubleshoot it. If the issue can be traced back to normal wear and tear, CPE may elect either repair or replace it according to its discretion; transportation charges for returning products to CPE are the purchaser’s responsibility; please refer to your warranty for more information. This generator meets both EPA and CARB compliance for use across 50 states.


Home » Generators » Commercial 7500 Watt Generator

Commercial 7500 Watt Generator