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Body Vision Inversion Table vs Exerpeutic

Body Vision Inversion Table
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Product Body Vision Table Exerpeutic
Dimensions 44.1 x 27.95 x 59 inches 56.5 x 26.5 x 64 inches
User Weight Range Up to 250 lbs. Up to 300 lbs.
User Size Range 5’ 1” – 6’ 6” 4’9” – 6’ 6”
# of Positions (degrees) 4 (20/40/60/90) 3 (up to 165)
Padding Options Ankle Pad Adjustable lumbar support pad
Locking System Standard Sur-Lock Easy-Reach Palm Activated Sur-Lock
Color Gray Blue/Black
Material Steel Steel
Warranty None 1 year
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Body Vision vs Exerpeutic Inversion Table- Similarities


Allowing a device to take on your total body weight and turn you on your head is not a task to be regarded flippantly. You’ll be happy to know the Body Vision and the Exerpeutic both use steel frames to accomplish this, so you shouldn’t have to worry about risking damage to the table if you remain within guidelines for the suggested weight foreach one.

Height Range

The Body Vision and the Exerpeutic table advise they are only suitable for adults whose heights lay within the range of 5’1”-6’6” (BV) and 4’9”-6’6” (Ex). The extra three inches available on the Exerpeutic could be crucial for some but won’t be a game-changer for most consumers who will fall in the accepted range by both tables.


Body Vision vs Exerpeutic Inversion Table – Differences

Ankle Pads

Perhaps the most crucial difference between these tables is their different approach to securing your ankles (and <i<you)</i< to the device. The Exerpeutic makes use of chambers of air-filled foam wrapped around each ankle to secure your legs with comfort and avoid unnecessary pressure on the Achilles tendon. Its easy-reach palm-lock further reduces the strain on your body as you get on and off the table.

The Body Vision employs the standard foam roller mechanic with a more complex lock system to access. This risks pressure on the calves and strain on your back, which is precisely what you’re trying to avoid.


The Winner Is – Exerpeutic

Massage Pads

The memory foam massage pad on the Body Vision is quickly overtaken by the remote-controlled heat massage pad in the Exerpeutic. The Exerpeutic’s massage pad is programmed with two massage techniques and three different vibration intensity levels. If you’re looking for a lack of stimulation due to sensitivity in your back, the body vision might be worth a second look. For most, the Exerpeutic’s offerings will be too enticing to ignore.


The Winner Is – Exerpeutic

Number of Positions, 

The Body Vision Table offers four different choices of angles: 20, 40, 60, and 90 degrees. The Exerpeutic only allows for three positions but does so with a range up to 165 degrees.


The Winner Is – Body Vision


The value of a warranty cannot be ignored. It inspires confidence in a product to know it can and will be replaced, especially if it’s regularly tasked with supporting a human being’s entire body. The Exerpeutic offers a one-year warranty on its inversion table, but the same cannot be said for the Body Vision.


The Winner Is – Exerpeutic


Pros and Cons

Body Vision


  • The adjustable lumbar support pad
  • More positions


  • No easy-reach palm lock
  • Ankle pads can be hard on the Achilles
  • Approved for a smaller range of height

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  • Easy-reach palm lock
  • Preprogrammed heat massage pad
  • Airsoft ankle pads
  • One year warranty



  • Fewer Positions
  • Higher Price

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The Final Verdict: Which Inversion Table is Better?

The Body Vision and the Exerpeutic Inversion Table provide very similar levels of relief as gravity is universal. However, they differ in critical areas that work hard to justify the higher price tag on the Exerpeutic. The most significant differences can be found in the superior Airsoft ankle pads. When indulging in activities meant to provide comfort, any areas of discomfort can be magnified. Pressure on the Achilles’ tendon from the Body Vision’s chosen style of ankle support can sour the experience for those seeking an escape or easement of chronic pain.

The addition of the remote-controlled massage heat pad, easy-reach palm locking mechanism for the ankles, and one-year warranty further illustrate the Exerpeutic’s commitment to providing customers as pain-free an experience as possible. The Exerpeutic may cost more, but it may save you from yet another source of discomfort: buyer’s remorse.

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Body Vision


What Real People Say About Inversion Tables

Bruce R. Buffalo, NY

Hey everyone, this is Dr. Fred Carter, talking to you from Facebook live again. I got a great question today from patient, he wants to know our inversion tables worth the money. And I thought there was a better question, do they work? Or is that something that you should do? Or is there any benefit to it because, you know, there’s definitely a benefit to using an inversion table. If you haven’t tried one, or you’re not sure what I’m talking about, it’s basically this platform type of table that you’re going to lay on, hook your feet in, and then hang upside down. Now I myself do you use an inversion table, and I have one that instead of just being like this, or like this, what I like is that it gives me some gradients, right, I don’t have to go all the way upside down in order to notice a difference.

I also do have some patients that use boots and then completely hook into the doorway, and hang upside down. Now I would not trust anything that I’ve installed that way to hang upside down from me, I’m weighing about 220. I’m not going to hook something up to the doorway, and then try to hang upside down in the hope that it holds me up. Because that’s, that’s often not going to work for me. But the idea is that it’s going to gently pull and traction that spine, and open up joint spaces help the DIS help the blood flow. And in that way, it can be very effective.

Now, a couple of the issues are one, if you get one where you’re hooking your feet in, it’s going to pull your ankle, then it’s going to pull your knee, then it’s going to pull your hip before it ever really gets to your spine. And if you get one where you hook your knees, and then there’s less of that, right, it’s not going to pull your ankle and your knee, it’s going to start really with the hip and then that low back. The idea would be to have something that hopefully would pull you at your knees, that may not necessarily be an option for you. But realize that it’s going to take a little bit for it to get to that low back and where it’s going to make any difference at all.

You can lay on these for you know, five minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, and what you should feel is that gentle pulling and the gentle tractioning, that helps open up that joint space. Now you can also lay down with an ice pack on it. If you lay with that ice pack, you’re going to help calm down any inflammation that might start to occur. And as it starts to gently pull, it’s not going to start aggravating it and causing more problems.

Now what I really think you’re paying for though with a lot of these inversion tables, is not does it work is just a something that is a benefit because it is a benefit. But what you’re often paying for with the different price differences is how easy it is to get back up again. And that may sound you know what I can get back up. That’s not that’s not a problem. But what I’ve seen is, the cheaper the table, the harder it is to get back up again. Because on my table, it’s slides a bit and then pulls like this, and then I press a button, and then it releases it and then I start to come back up much easier.

Now the alternative are the ones that go upside down like this. And now you’re using your abs to hike yourself back up again. And I did have a patient who got stuck upside down for about an hour before his family found him. And they still give him a hard time about that. And it was one of those things where, yes, he got benefit, but he probably didn’t need to be there for an hour. And he certainly didn’t need all the grief that his family gave him from being able to get back up again. But what happened is, he went upside down, he started to get himself back up again, he couldn’t get back up and eventually he fatigued and just had nothing left to try to get himself back up. Again.

The same thing goes with those boots, you know you’re hooking your boots up into these hooks’ upside down. And then what happens is you need a lot of core strength to be able to get yourself back up again there again, and you have to be able to hold yourself to get yourself in position, period even get back up there. And if you can go completely inverted grade. And I’m not sure if the cost of that. But most of the inversion tables are two to $300 that are the ones that are going to require some abstract to get you back up again. And if you want to go on the cheaper side with it, just realize that you’re probably going to want to make sure someone’s home or you’re going to want to make sure you have some core app strength to be able to get yourself back up again.

Now the table that I bought was in the seven to $900 range and I bought it because it does let you go back up again. And other family members were going to be using it and specifically family members that I knew would really have a hard time to get themselves back up all the way.

And there is benefit to it. They have enjoyed it. It’s really up to you to decide if it’s worth the $300 or the seven to $900 price range for you. And also, you can try some lower level traction things at home.

One real easy thing to do is to, lay down on the floor with your butt all the way up against the couch, your legs up on the couch and put us mall hand towel, roll that up and stick that in your lower back. And with your butt all the way up against the couch like that, and some support underneath your spine, there will be a gentle tractioning, that starts to happen. Now, it’s not going to be the same as hanging upside down again.

But it will give you an idea of whether or not inversion or that polling is going to be helpful for you. Let’s say you get on the floor, you put your legs up there on the couch, and you start laying there for a few minutes. And you start to notice, oh, no, this is terrible, this doesn’t feel good at all, then I just saved you a couple 100 bucks, and you’re not going to do it.

If on the other hand, you get up there and do that and you start to notice a benefit. But it’s just not enough or it feels like it needs to pull more. Now is the time to go ahead and look at an inversion table to add to your adjustments to you know, help add more blood flow in between those discs. Now, I have noticed that it does not seem to help a whole lot for the mid back or the neck. I also know that as you’re pulling that spine and the vertebrae start to work their way up their spine, any joint that stuck or any joint that’s misaligned is probably going to be the stopping point of that traction.

Let’s say you’re at the lower back and it’s pulling great, great when by the time it gets to that mid back, everything’s locked up, there’s it can’t pull through that it’s not going to be able to help that mid back. Right now, I see it primarily as a lower back benefit, maybe some hip and pelvis area, you can, you know, hang upside down and reach more and try to get it to pull more, you could grab on to something or hold a couple of hand ways and try to get more of a pull from the other direction. But the benefit really is going to be in that lower back range.

When I initially got mine, I definitely felt like there was some jamming in there and saw the benefit to getting some traction there. And that’s why I did that. But you can get some of the easier ways of doing it. Like the home version I talked about. If you have decided that you would like to get an inversion table, you know, feel free to discuss it with any of our doctors here. We’re going to certainly point you in the right direction, if that’s something that you think would be a benefit for you. And since we do know your health history, and you know your spine, there are going to be some patients who just aren’t going to do well with that we want to be able to talk with you about them.

And we do work with relax the back, which is very close to our office. And they’ve been kind enough to give us some coupons which are worth 25% off your first purchase there. And certainly, hit us up for that too. We’ve got a bunch of them, and we just keep them on hand. If you’re looking for pillows and back supports or inversion tables, it’s a great store, they certainly got a lot of good products. It’s not always the cheapest store. It’s worth it to have the you know the coupon there to help out. But I do like their store. They are very customer service focused and everything’s of high quality there.

It’s something to think about if you decide that you want to get one. I look forward to hearing your comments on this. If you’ve had an inversion table if you’ve decided that you know you wanted one or you’re thinking about getting one or you had one and you hated it, you know, feel free to leave a comment. Let me know. If you have any topics that you really would like covered in one of our Facebook Lives.

Feel free to let me know we’re always looking for ideas, and we want to answer the questions that you want answers to.

Thomas D. New York, NY

Hello, my name is Tom. I’m excited to take a few minutes today to show you the difference between our product and a competitive item. As you’re making the decision online, you can understand what goes into make the Teeter difference. We have customized tooling, we have high quality components and products all designed to be assembled easily at home in just minutes. And everything maximizes your user experience.

If you’re ready, let’s jump into it. And let’s unpack these two and we’ll begin evaluating the components. This particular unit is the FitSpine X 1. it’s a pin lock ankle closure design. This is an Innova product. It’s also a pin lock ankle closure. Okay, we’ve got all the prepackaging the tape cut the banding cut. we’re going to open up the boxes, and you’ll see them exactly as they arrive. And there’s the Innova. Teeter want you to be able to walk through the unpackaging and the assembly process with all the support we can offer. We put steps 1 2 3 4 in the box with our phone number, how to contact us customer service address. And then right on the top we have our assembly manual with Quick Started guide, outlining how to unpack.

And here we have the Innova, which you know is a good step they put the assembly instruction on the top so you can pull this out. There are parts kits. The Teeter parts kit, I think is very narrow. And you can see that the teeter parts kit is, two bolts. This is all these bolts. One other thing I can tell by looking at these two products, our box is larger, which means things are more assembled. When you look at this product, the it is smaller, more compact, which means there’s going to be a lot more assembly or a frame is fully assembled is one shape you bent, it gives the most rigidity, most support, strongest a frame design. This one has bolted corners, I can tell we’re going to be assembling this for a little bit longer.

With that, I’m going to just start pulling out the pieces and put them on the floor and we can see a parts count for what you get for Teeter and what you get for the Innova product. When you look at a product, you’re comparing two items together, you got to look at the detail packaging, time to get out of the box is a kind of a factor. But then when you look at the components as are laid out, you can see that the teeter item, you have a bed structure support the airframe, you had the main shaft, all the works done on those pieces, we’re not building this from scratch. In the parts box you have a handle which goes on the left and right, you have the three little hinge which goes in the bed and the tables assembled. If you go to this item, you’re gonna see that Innova has decided to shrink the size and have the user do the assembly at home.

The challenge of that is that if you’re suffering from a joint or back problem, you’re going to be at home bending over, trying to put a little nuts and bolts and screws and they didn’t do a good job of laying out step one, step two, step three, step four, step five, but the downside of the way that they did this is you’re at home, having to figure it out. And that’s the benefit of this video is you’re going to get to see me do it. And I think that you’ll be shocked at the difference in speed of the Teeter and of the Innova product. And we should get after it.

We managed to get through the assembly process and I think you can agree with me that the teeter was a little bit quicker to assemble than they Innova. The assembly process is part of the quality of the item. The more bolts and more bolted together connection points, the more things the customer has to deal with, but also the more chances you have to fail.

With Teeter products, we have continuous bent tubing, no weak points. We have robotic welding, for the cross bars, and key structural points, it makes sure that nothing can ever back out in the future. And well, this table does have nylon locks, if somebody doesn’t tighten these bolts all the way you’re going to get a lot of wobbling happening, where it doesn’t wobble at all. What I’d like to do right now is jump through the ankle closures and we’ll break the table apart to keep features so you understand what each feature kind of means and does.

Ankle closures, what holds you on the table when you invert these cups securely hold your ankles in place, that you don’t have any fall. If we open this ankle closure, you’ll see if I board their table. Pull the pan. First off, when I pulled the pin, I really didn’t get this thing holding me securely in place, I’m going to pull it in, I’m going to push into lock it in the bottom one.

Now you can see that my ankle is just barely the size of the cups. Now if I was doing vert, and everything’s going well, I’d sink into here like this, and I’d be hanging by my ankle cam locked into these cups. The challenge is that I could easily remove my feet.


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