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Braun 9293s vs 9330s
Shaving is essential for all men. Every man takes this seriously, whether they like to be clean-shaven or style their beards. For this reason, it’s crucial to invest in a high-quality electric razor.

A good electric shaver will have everything from cutting even the smallest hairs, following the shape of the face, and working on battery. One brand that can surely cover all these needs is Braun. Their eclectic razors are famed for being superior compared to the competition. With that in mind, this review will focus on two Braun shavers – the 9293s vs. 9330s. Both of them have great features, plus their design is beautiful and sleek. But which one is better?

The Braun 9293s and Braun 9330s are one of the few electric razors from Braun Series 9 that are quite popular amongst users these days. Their appearance is very similar and most users are conflicted about which one is better choice for them. This detailed review will do a side-by-side comparison of the Braun 9293s vs 9330s electric shavers, highlighting their similarities and we will pay special attention to the differences between these models of Braun’s electric razors. Advantages and disadvantages are also given in the pros and cons section to give an accurate information of what it would be like to own and use this shavers.

Braun 9293s vs 9330s

Braun 9293s Braun 9330s
Dimensions 2.63 x 6.1 x 8.74 inches 6.1 x 2.66 x 8.74 inches
Weight 1.08 Pounds 1.03 Pounds
Blade Material Titanium Stainless Steel
Battery Time 50 min. 60 min.
Waterproof Yes Yes
Shaving Elements 5 elements 5 elements
Charging Stand Included Yes Yes
Cutting Action per Minute 40,000 40,000
Head Direction 10 directions 10 directions
Price Check Price Check Price


Braun 9293s vs. 9330s – Similarities

Shaving Elements

What’s amazing about the Braun 9293s and Braun 9330s models is the shaving elements of both razors. Each model has four cutting elements and one skin guard. They work in sync, cutting hair in one movement. Besides trimming your beard, you can also shape it or cut sideburns flawlessly thanks to the high-quality, specialized trimmers.


Another cool trick from these Braun shavers is the ability to clean them with water. You can shave then rinse the blades under a tap, and it won’t malfunction. Moreover, besides shaving dry, you can also shave with gel or shaving cream while using one of these electric shavers. It is an incredible feature. 

Flexible Head

For maximum effect, the shaving head is flexible. Additionally, the shaving elements also move and float. Thanks to this trick, you will get a smooth shave, with blades following the outline of your face. Because of that, you won’t risk cutting or hurting yourself.

Cutting Efficiency

One more reason for that smooth shave is the 40,000 cutting actions per minute. You can cut hair as short as 0.05 mm or a three-day-old beard. There will be no more need to wait for the hairs to grow so you could shave.

Ergonomic Design

Along with all these features, the Braun electric razors 9293s and 9330s were built to fit any hand. Thanks to the ergonomic design, and the grip around the handle, the product will fit in your hand perfectly and securely. The chance of it slipping from your hand is minimal.

Travel Bag

Whichever Braun shaver you go for, you can get a travel bag for the shaver with both. The bag is hard in order to protect the product when in a suitcase. You can take your shaver with you anywhere and anytime. Plus, you can take it without the cord for a short weekend or business trip if you charge it beforehand.

Differences between Braun 9293s and 9330s

Blade Material

Although both of these products come with five shaving elements each, there is a difference in the blades’ material. The Braun 9293s electric shaver has titanium blades. On the other hand, the Braun 9330s has stainless steel blades. Either way, both are very good and will last a long time.


Without a doubt, both shavers have impressive battery lives. You can shave cordless with both. Nevertheless, the 9330s model has a 20% stronger battery, and it will provide you with 60 minutes of cordless shaving. In contrast, the 9293s has a bit shorter battery life of 50 minutes.

The Look

At first glance, the Braun 9293s and 9330s models look entirely the same. However, there is one slight difference, and that’s the coating. The 9293s model has a chrome finish, while the 9330s is matte grey. Some might be put off by chrome since it’s prone to catch fingerprints and smudges.

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Value for Money

Undoubtedly, Braun makes fantastic electric shavers for men. And these two models reviewed here are a testament to that. But are they worth the money, and will they bring any value to you as a customer?

Braun 9293s

The most fantastic value of this model is its titanium blades. They are robust and usable for years and years. Besides this, it has the same features as the 9330s model. One major difference might be the battery life–it is shorter on the 9293s. 

Braun 9330s

When all considered, the Braun 9330s model might be of better value because of the stronger battery (60 minutes cordless), stainless steel blades, and matte finish. Additionally, it has the same shaving elements as the 9293s and all other technical specs related to the shaving head.


Pros and Cons

Braun 9293s Braun 9330s
Pros Pros
Has titanium blades. Has a stronger battery.
There are 5 shaving elements. Stainless steel blades.
Can be used cordless. It comes with 5 shaving elements.
Cons Cons
Chrome picks up fingerprints. No cleaning station included.
No cleaning station included.
Buy on Amazon Buy on Amazon


Final Verdict

To sum up, both the Braun 9330s and 9293s are fantastic products. However, the 9330s might be a better choice. When you take into account what each offers and how strong they are, the 9330s wins by a bit. Not only does it have a better battery and longer cordless life, but it also has stainless steel blades and a finish that won’t be smudgy after use. However big or small of a feature, all of this makes the Braun 9330s the winner of this battle.