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Gaggia Anima vs Philips 3200

Waking up to a fresh cup of coffee every morning is the best thing in the world. Most people use traditional drip-style coffee machines. But let’s be honest, coffee coming out of those machines isn’t the best. Espressos still reign supreme. The only caveat to it, however, lies in the process of making it.

Luckily, in this article, we will compare Gaggia Anima and Philips 3200 Series (Model EP3221/44) super automatic coffee machines that will eliminate the hassle of making espresso shots. This is Gaggia Anima versus the Philips EP3221/44. Which will win? Let’s find out.

Gaggia Anima vs Philips EP3221/44 Comparison Chart

Gaggia Anima Philips EP3221/44
Machine Type Super Automatic Super Automatic
Build and Material Thermoplastic Plastic
Simultaneous Brewing Yes Yes
User Interface LCD + buttons Capacitive buttons
Display Non-touch display Touch panel
Pump Pressure 15 bars of pump pressure 15 bars of pump pressure
Temperature Control 3-level temperature 3-level temperature
Boiler Stainless Steel Boiler Thermoblock
Cup warmer No No
Beans container capacity 250 grams 275 grams
Bypass Doser Yes Yes
Water Tank Capacity  1.8 liters 1.8 liters
Water Tank Type Top loading Frontloading
Water Filter Yes Yes
Water Filter Compatibility Intenza+ AquaClean
Milk Carafe Not included Not included
Pannarello Wand Yes Yes
Grind Setting 5 settings 12 settings
Aroma Setting 5 settings 3 settings
Adjustable Coffee Spout Yes, 110 – 150 mm Yes, up to 15 cm
Programmable Yes No
Rinsing Cycle  Automatic Manual
Descaling Cycle Automatic Manual
Cup Illumination No No
Maximum Cup Height 15 cm 15 cm
Removable drip tray  Yes Yes
Dimensions (L X H X D) 22.1 x 34 x 43 cm 24.6 x 37.1 x 43.3 cm
Item Weight 8.7 kg 7.5 kg
Color Variants Stainless Steel Black, Glossy Black
Price Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon

Similarities between Gaggia Anima vs Philips EP3221/44 

Let’s take a look at the similarities between these two espresso machines.

Super Automatic Coffee Machine

Brewing espressos takes time to perfect. You have to grind the coffee beans yourself which can be tiresome for some. The flavor and intensity of the espresso also depend on the quality of ground coffee you use. A slight shift in grinding can change the flavor of the coffee. All of those problems are solved by a super automatic coffee machine that does everything for you. It grinds the coffee beans then the coffee comes out of its spout. Isn’t that convenient? Moreover, if you want a milk-based coffee, you can also easily do so. Using the included Pannarello wand, you can make frothy milk in seconds. You can enjoy a cup of frothy coffee from a flat white to a latte.

15 Bars of Pump Pressure

15 bars of pump pressure is all you need when it comes to brewing a good cup of coffee. The Gaggia Anima and Philips 3200 can produce up to 15 bars of pump pressure. A high pump pressure guarantees that you get the most flavor and aroma out of your coffee beans. While the industry standard is 9 bars, most coffee enthusiasts argue that 15 bars of pump pressure gives the best coffee. A little less than that, the coffee will not be as strong with less flavor. A little over that, the produced coffee is strong but bitter. 

Water Tank Capacity

The Gaggia Anima and Philips 3200 has a large water tank with a capacity of 1.8 liters. This large water tank capacity can last you days even if you share either of the machines with your family members or co-workers. However, they differ in their tank placement. We will talk more about that later in this article.

Bypass Doser

There are times that you want a cup of coffee after dinner, but you do not want to ruin your sleep. That is why you choose to brew decaffeinated coffee. Luckily, both the Gaggia Anima and Philips 3200 has a bypass doser. Pre-ground coffee can pass through the bypass doser without removing the coffee beans placed on the hopper.

Water Filter

Aside from purifying the water, water filters are important to coffee machines to protect them from scale buildup. Thus, you will descale your coffee machines with lesser frequency when you use a water filter. Additionally, softened and filtered water creates a coffee with better flavor. The Gaggia Anima and Philips 3200 use water filters on their tanks but they have different compatibility. We will discuss more on that later.

Differences between Gaggia Anima vs Philips EP3221/44 

Take a look at the differences between the Phillips 3200 series espresso machine and the Gaggia Anima espresso machine.

User Interface

The user interface is another important part of a coffee machine since this is how you will interact with it for a long time. The Gaggia Anima and Philips 3200 have completely different user interfaces.

Gaggia Anima

The Gaggia Anima has an LCD panel on its front. It lets you know when the water tank is empty, the used coffee container is already full, how strong your coffee is going to be, and a whole lot more. To interact with the Anima, you need to push its button. It has 6 buttons, 3 on both sides flanking the display.

Philips EP3221/44

On the other hand, Philips 3200 does not have a display. It rather uses a small red light to indicate whether one-shot or double-shot and whatnot. However, what’s amazing about the Philips 3200 is the touch-sensitive buttons. With these capacitive buttons, the Philips 3200 can make you an espresso with just a gentle touch. You do not have to push as hard compared to the traditional buttons. 

The Winner Is- Philips 3200

Coffee Beans Container

The hopper where you place your favorite coffee beans can be found on top. 

Gaggia Anima

The Gaggia Anima can carry up to 250 grams of coffee beans. It is marginally smaller than that of Philips 3200. Although their difference is small, it is a difference, nonetheless. This difference translates to increased frequency of placing coffee beans into the Gaggia Anima.

Philips EP3221/44

In contrast, the Philips 3200 can hold more coffee beans up to 275 grams. Therefore, you will find yourself putting coffee beans less frequently. On top of that, the lid of the coffee bean hopper has a gasket around it. The addition of gasket will make the coffee beans stay fresher for a longer time. 

The Winner Is- Philips 3200


Water Tank

Water tanks of the Anima and Philips 3200 carry 1.8 liters of water. However, their placement on the machine is different.

Gaggia Anima

The Gaggia Anima’s water tank is placed on its left-hand side. To load and unload the tank, you need to pull it out upwards as it is a top-loading tank. The fact that the Anima is top-loading may be a problem for some because their kitchen countertop may not have the headroom. Aside from their different tank placements, they also differ in their water filters. The Anima uses the Intenza+ water filter. 

Philips EP3221/44

The water tank of the Philips 3200 is found on the right hand side and is frontloading. Most coffee enthusiasts prefer frontloading tanks because headroom space does not affect it. Moreover, Philips 3200 uses an AquaClean water filter which promises to make 5000 cups of coffee before needing to descale as long as you keep changing it on time. This a major leap in water filter technology because it will decrease the frequency between descaling. 

The Winner Is- Philips 3200

Grind and Aroma Settings

The taste of a coffee depends on your preference. Fine-tune your coffee with the machine’s grind and aroma settings.

Gaggia Anima

The Gaggia Anima has its Optiaroma system which lets you perfect your coffee. It has 5 aroma settings which let you brew using 6.5 to 11.5 grams of coffee. Moreover, the Anima gives you 5 grind settings from coarse to fine depending on your preference.

Philips EP3221/44

On the other hand, Philips 3200 only has 3 aroma settings of which the amount of coffee is unknown. So, you will have to guess the first time you use it. However, Philips 3200 gives you a choice on how coarse or fine you want your ground coffee with its 12 settings. Although the Anima only has 5 grind settings, its superior aroma settings are better overall.

The Winner Is- Gaggia Anima

Pros and Cons

Gaggia Anima


  • Super Automatic Coffee Machine
  • Uses LCD + buttons to interact
  • 15 bars of pump pressure
  • 3-level temperature
  • 250 grams of coffee beans capacity
  • Has a bypass doser
  • 1.8-liter water tank
  • 5 grind settings
  • 5 aroma settings
  • Optiaroma for a more fine-tuned coffee
  • Cheaper



  • No cup warmer
  • Smaller coffee bean hopper
  • Top loading water tank
  • More descaling frequency


Buy on Amazon

Philips EP3221/44


  • Super Automatic Coffee Machine
  • Uses capacitive touch to interact
  • 15 bars of pump pressure
  • 3-level temperature
  • 275 grams of coffee beans capacity
  • Has a bypass doser
  • 1.8-liter water tank
  • Has a more convenient front loading water tank
  • Uses AquaClean water filter
  • 12 grind settings
  • 3 aroma settings



  • No cup warmer
  • More expensive


Buy on Amazon

Final Verdict

Gaggia Anima and Philips 3200 are great super automatic coffee machines. Making espressos is easier than ever using either machine. With the included Pannarello wand, you can make yourself a milk-based coffee. The question still stands: which machine is better? Looking at both machines at the surface, the Philips 3200 stands out better. It has a better interface, larger coffee bean hopper, and more grind settings. However, it costs more than the Gaggia Anima. Upon looking closer, the Gaggia Anima is not shabby either. If you have a very specific coffee preference, the Anima is for you as you can control the aroma settings more with it.


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