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Beco Gemini vs Beco 8 - Baby Carrier Comparison

When it comes to taking your baby with you on the go while running some tasks or errands, parents are present with several options to help them. These include carrying your baby around in strollers, bouncy seats, or swings. However, a baby carrier is possibly the only product that will leave parents’ arms free for other tasks and works as an excellent substitute for strollers in crowded places. Navigating through crowds, narrow spaces, or steeper areas is just easier when your child is with you in a baby carrier rather than a stroller.

The baby carrier I tested and compared were Beco Gemini and Beco 8, two of the most popular baby carriers in the market right now. These products are from the same company, and often parents like myself are conflicted about which baby carrier they should purchase, and which one to choose. The following comparison will be my personal opinion about Beco Gemini and Beco 8 baby carriers based on my experience. Their features, drawbacks, and benefits will be described in detail. You will also find out after reading this comparison what are the similarities and differences between them, as well as which baby carrier will suit you better.

Beco Gemini vs Beco 8 Baby Carrier – Similarities

Let’s review the specifics in a side by side chart.

Beco Gemini vs Beco 8 Comparison Chart


Beco Gemini

Beco 8

Dimensions 13.2 × 9.25 × 3.7 in 14 x 10 x 5 inches
Weight 1.32 pounds 1.2 pounds
Minimum weight limit 3.5 Kilograms 3.17 Kilograms
Maximum weight limit 16 Kilograms 20.4 Kilograms
Material 100% Cotton and lead-free 100% brushed cotton twill, lined with cotton/poly blend
Portable Yes Yes
Machine Washable Yes Yes
Features Padded straps, ergonomic, adjustable seats, breastfeeding options, pocket Padded straps, removable lumbar support, durable, adjustable positions
Warranty One year One year
Price Check Price Check Price


The Beco Gemini and the Beco 8 are portable products that I could carry around with myself in public if I ever had any dire need to use it. 


Both of these baby carriers are machine washable. However, to prevent any damages from occurring and make the product last longer, it is best recommended to wash these carriers by hand to preserve it for a more extended period. 

Beco Gemini vs Beco 8 – Differences

Now let’s take a look at the differences between these baby careers.

Design and Size

Beco Gemini   

This baby carrier has dimensions of 13.2 × 9.25 × 3.7 inches and a weight of 1.32 pounds. It is upright and is available in multiple colors such as metro black, cool navy, cool dark grey, and grey.

Beco 8 

The Beco 8 has dimensions of 14 x 10 x 5 inches and weighs around 1.2 pounds. It is currently only available in one color, which is a cool dark grey color.

Winner:  I would prefer the Beco 8 as it is slightly lighter than the Beco Gemini and bigger, making it work well for larger babies/infants. 


Weight Limits

Beco Gemini

The Beco Gemini was explicitly designed for infants. It has a minimum weight limit of 3.5 kilograms and a maximum weight limit of 16 kilograms. 

Beco 8

This baby carrier was also built for infants and kids. The Beco 8 has a minimum weight limit of 3.17 kilograms and a maximum weight limit of 20.4 kilograms. 

Winner: The Beco 8 will be a better option, as it has a higher maximum weight limit and works well for heavier babies and kids. It is a more versatile option. 



Beco Gemini

100% cotton material that is lead-free was used to manufacture this baby carrier.

Beco 8 

The Beco 8 baby carrier is lined with a cotton/poly blend, and the entire body is made out of a 100% cotton brush twill.

Winner: Tie. Both of these baby carriers utilize high-quality materials. 




Beco Gemini

This baby carrier consists of padded shoulder straps that are not only comfy but also safer to use. It is a durable, ergonomic, and versatile option with four different types of carrying options: forward-facing, backpack style, hip carry, and two-seat settings. The padding prevented any unnecessary shoulder or back pain from occurring, as the wide supportive belt and crossed straps transfers the baby’s weight to your legs instead. A large pocket is also fashioned into this baby carrier to store my belongings, such as my car keys, phone, wallet, etc. Beco Gemini also made breastfeeding easier thanks to its dual adjustment buckles.

Beco 8 

The Beco 8 has multiple distinctive features that make it stand out. These include padded shoulder straps and a waist belt that reduces strain on your back and shoulders and transfers your baby’s weight to your hips instead. The removable lumbar support feature also helped prevent and reduce unnecessary back pain from occurring. This baby carrier is easy to clean and durable, with four different wearing options. Beco 8 also comes with multiple other features such as an infant insert, pockets, a storable hood, and a zippered mesh panel. 

Winner: The Beco 8 is the winner in my eyes, as it has more features as compared to the Beco Gemini.


Value for Money

Both of these products have a warranty period of 1 year; however, the Beco 8 will give you better features at a lower price. 


Pros and Cons

Finally, some pros and cons of the Beco Gemini and the Beco 8 will help us to determine which is the better option.

Beco Gemini


  • Carrier keeps the baby cool
  • Not too bulky
  • Crisscross straps make the carrier comfortable to wear



  • Cannot take this off without sitting down


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Beco 8


  • Additional padding makes this a more comfortable option
  • Zip down panel feature protects the child from harsh sun rays
  • Great size and accessibility of pocket



  • The hood can be slightly bigger
  • Visually not the best looking carrier


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The Final Verdict

I would recommend the Beco 8 as it is a cheaper and more affordable option. It also comes with additional benefits and features such as more comfort and works well for infants and kids. 


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