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Mailka G – Orient, NY

Hey, superstars, it’s your girl Malika, aka miss magic back with another video Today I will be unboxing and demoing the Chef man turbo fry touch air fryer exhale it is a cord air fryer is huge get started if you are new here, welcome, welcome. Thank you for coming to my channel. My channel is all about hair vlogs lifestyle cooking and much more. You got a little time to stick around to watch this video, please subscribe, l, like, comment, and hit the notification bell for future videos. I’m going to make some air fryer ribs. I’m going to make the air a fryer meatloaf, home-cooked fries, and, also what will be an air fryer without doing chicken.

So I’m going to do some chicken leg pieces too. Alright guys, so this is how the air fryer came from Amazon in the box. My dear husband bought this air fryer for our family. And now we’re going to unbox it

Once again the terrible five-touch air fryer is cracked and is badly open Shall we it’s about a box within a box. So that’s it. Let’s pull it out. Suckers heavy it’s heavy. It’s an 888 Right? Is there is that was heavy? So this has a buck smokes. It is a stainless steel airfare fryer air fancy box. So let’s open up the air. This is how the box looks terrible touch air fryer. We’re going to pop it open and check out what’s inside.

Okay, so upon opening the box, it has the grill tray right on top. And this is the grill tray that collects the grease underneath the old. So that’s the size of it. Take it out of this big old box if I can read it. This thing is heavy. And it’s huge. So let’s put it on the kitchen counter. So the air fryer came with two pretty self-self-explanatory explanatory, the user guide, and a quick start guide. And as you see, it’s pretty self-explanatory. It has a setting for fish, fries, chicken, and meat. And then it’s got the stop and cancel and then the time and temperature and it’s the touchscreen, and then the start button. Okay, and then like I said it has the grill tray. And then when you open it up, it has the very spacious inside well we’ll be air fine. So I’m going to watch these two up and clean it off and get it all ready to use. We’ll just take it over to the sink and wash these two components and I’ll be back when it’s awkward. So it’s all clean and ready to go. We’re going to put the grill pan inside just like that. And then it’s got like a little easy handle so that you can use some gloves and just pull it all out when you’re ready to clean their fryer. All right, guys, let’s get cooking. Like I said it just came with some straightforward instructions. It did not come with a cookbook, which I would have loved but hey, that’s what Google is for. Alright guys, so we’re going to start with some spare ribs that I have cleaned and cut the rib tip portion part off the top of the spare rib. I also took the membrane out. Okay, right now I am just dousing it with liquid smoke which gives it a smoky feel like you barbecued it. And then next I am going to put on my homemade seasoning rub. I used to just use a rug from Sam’s Club or Walmart but I also will make up my season rub when I feel like I have time so I felt like doing it. So I am putting the seasoning on now as you see and then I’m going to let that seasoning sit for about 10 to 15 minutes

Okay once the seasoning has been set we are ready to start air frying. So now I’m going to put the pieces in, I actually looked up a rib air fry recipe, and the recipe did state I know they say you are supposed to separate all your meals which I did that you can stack the ribs so I separated all the meats so it wasn’t touching. And then I just stacked the other pieces on top and they weren’t touching either. I don’t know if I’ll do that again because it did take the meat a little longer to cook but you’ll see that in a minute. So I did stack it and put all of it in which they said you could do I spread it out a little bit to sort of winter. Okay, so now we are putting it in the air fryer been weoat375at degrees. The rest of the states that the total cooking time is 30 minutes so I’m going to do 18 minutes on each side to keep it a little bit longer and we will flip the ribs halfway through as you will see in a minute. I actually could have just set the timer for longer for like 30 minutes but what 35 minutes it was my first time so I was experimenting

Alright guys, so we are about to turn over the meat for each piece. I just moved it around a little bit and turned it over and then we’re going to put it back into the air fire for the remaining minutes.

And guys, always use silicone tones when you’re dealing with surfaces like this so you won’t scratch up your air fryer or your nice pots. The silicone tongs are like the bomb I hate when I hear metal screeching on very nice cookware it just it burns my butt Alright guys, so like I said, these are the ribs after 36 minutes. Some of them were done, I am going to take the temperature but some weren’t. As you see I’m going to put them back in after I take the temperature and have a little banter with my dear husband who’s going to come upstairs and irritate me. And if you don’t know the telltale signs of ribs being done is that the meat pulls away from the bone to kind of see the bone more so a couple of them were like that but I knew that a lot of them had to go back in because they hadn’t started pulling away from the Three are bone and that also ensures tenderness of your meat always take the temperature of your meat pork is done when it is at 165 it’s about his ribs talking about the FY Oh Don’t irritate me please don’t care let’s check once we’re out very nice to see so are you ever going to cook me or even got a friend said fine, that’s fine. Yeah, I said it has a fry city. Was that for me?

Where’s the lock at? So can one open it? There are no locks. Oh, you just put it away and what was there should be over here. Top where’s your sauce because I’m with this awesome. All right guys so these ribs came out great as you can see. To make them even more tender just wrap them up in the oven and put them on like 200 with the sauce on for about 30 minutes. Okay, so now we’re going to jump right into home cook fries. As you see I am cutting the fries. Home Yeah, that’s the home cook home cut, all that you know. And those are the fries that I cut up and we’re going to throw them in the air fryer, the air fryer does have a built-in fry button. And it’s for 20 minutes. So we just put those in press the fry button and then put them in and we’ll shake them halfway through and that came out perfect.

You do want to make sure all the fries are a single layer so you see some taking some out. You do not want to stack these fries. They all must cook separately. Yeah, forgive me I have a habit of talking to myself while I’m cooking. So basically you’re going to hear me mumbling in the background and I just making I’m just making mental notes of what I want to say when I do my voiceover. I’m not great.

All right, and halfway through we are going to shake it. There is a shake feature on here that will tell you when to shake the fries easily peas. So we’ll shake it and then we’ll come back and they’ll be down.

Alright, so as you see these came out amazing, nice, and crispy. They were very delicious. You do not take all that grease. Although you do get used to eating fries that taste like curry. So it’s just like you bake it but I guess it’s a little healthier thing. And you can taste the difference, but they are delicious

Alright guys, so now we’re going to jump right into a homemade leap meatloaf. This is another day. This is my signature meatloaf. I read this is my first time doing the air fryer I was thinking to myself, how am I going to lift this loaf out of the meatloaf pan. And I read somebody had done like a foil slingshot for the meatloaf, which was a great idea, but it still was kind of hard, I actually should have put the grill grate underneath the meatloaf before I did that. That would have made it so much easier. But I’ll do that next time. Okay, so the meatloaf is going to take 45 minutes, you are going to shake it halfway through. Not hard, you know, just shake it a little bit to check on it. And then you have to make sure that the top part is not getting too crispy or brown. Or if you’d like a crispy brown, you can do that too. So I went on and I set it for 45 minutes. And then I’m going to lift the meatloaf into the pan. Like I said, oh I’m doing 48 because you are supposed to heat the air fryer for five minutes. I hated it for three minutes. And that is one 375 degrees. I don’t know what the heck am I doing? Oh on three, I put it on 393 90 degrees, right, and right. Okay, so let’s lift the meatloaf grate and put it in the pan. And like I said, when you do it, use your grill grate. It’ll make it much easier.

Alright guys, so whether-quarters terms whether of a wave done, as you see it’s almost done but it’s not, we’re going to go ahead and put half of the sauce last quarter of the sauce on top. The glaze that I’m making you know, that’s just catch up brown sugar, where suicide salts and a little bit of Dijon mustard. So we’re going to spread that all on slather it all on top of our meatloaf it is looking so good in my kitchen and smelling so good in my kitchen. So go ahead and slather whatever topping you put on your meatloaf. Or you can just way fort u for all the way done if you use brown gravy, but do not put the brown gravy in the air fryer you can put the red sauce in there, but you don’t want to put any liquid sauces in your air fryer.

All right, superstars are meat-lovers all the way done. Oh, it looks so amazing. So now what, we’re going to take it out. And as you see, I’m thinking to myself, it looks so moist and juicy, which it was. Now I am in fear of it falling apart. Even though I put the slingshots underneath there, I’m going to have to figure something better out. Because I was scared that I was going to that meatloaf was going to fall apart and I wanted it to look as perfect as it did in the air fryer. But eventually, I did get it out, but it took some time. So as you see, I’m flustered. I’m very frustrating, but I am going to get it out and she did fall apart just a little bit, but that’s okay. Okay, so now we’re going to take the remaining of our sauce and brush it on. If you do not like your outer tie of the meatloaf, I don’t know who doesn’t want to be crispy, then just set your timer for a little bit less time. But that crispy outer layer. Oh my goodness, it was amazing. That was some goodbye love. So I will be keeping that in my repertoire.

And this is how the meatloaf looked after my husband and son got a hold of it. I guess now I can make myself like and we’ll have a few leftovers for meatloaf sandwiches in the morning. Yay. All right, guys, what would the air fryer demo be without chicken. So I did lay quarters I cut them in half and I use my special home homemade chicken seasoning. I am going to just kind of bake them so I’m not going to put any coating on them. So now I’m just putting I think my air fryer Yea’s it’s six pieces, which is amazing that I did say the eight-quartet quart Extra Large air fryer is. So six pieces are great. I wound up making maybe like 10 pieces. So after that. I am going to fry air fryer 10 more pieces. But yeah, so that is my homemade seasoning. So we’re going to put that in and the chicken. I think I did it on 400 No, I did it on 390 for 18 minutes and then just turned it halfway through. Now 24 minutes. I’m sorry, y’all 24 minutes for the chicken. And then we’re going to turn it halfway through it is going to tell you when to shake it and when to turn it. Okay, so now we’re halfway done with it. A little more than halfway done. We’re going to turn our pieces over as you see. They look amazing already. And then when they’re done you can put whatever sauce you want on it or you know, put it out and do whatever you wanted to chicken but oh the chicken tasted good just like that.

Alright guys once you take all your chicken out you are going to take a temperature the temperature should be 165 I should have did it before I took it out of the air fryer just in case but your temperature needs to be 165 on your ticket

I couldn’t resist taking a bite but watch this listen to this crunchy ah final thoughts on the air fryer it is amazing so far everything I have cooked in the air fryer is homemade and e, out great. I would change a few things but a plus for me I love it. Alright, so the stars I hope you enjoyed this video. Thank you for watching and please don’t forget to subscribe, like and comment if you have any questions? Just put it down in the comment and I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

Chuck F – Wheeling, WV

Hey guys, thanks for watching the Real Reviews. Today, I have one of the most popular things talked about, it’s the air fryer and this one by Chef Man. This thing is 12999, it’s on sale for 6999. At Best Buy, I’ll throw the link down below the sales last for a little bit. So if you’re watching this, this thing is 4.9 out of five stars. And you know, guys, I do the real review, I research for you. I looked at all types of fryers. This is eight quarts, we’re going to do a very high-level review, I’ll do an unboxing, and we’re going to take a look at all the digital controls. Again, I said digital controls, not those buttons. This thing is two to 400 degrees. And we’re going to get into that after my short intro. Please give me a thumbs up and please subscribe guys, I appreciate it. Let’s get into our home review

Thanks for watching, let’s first take a look at the box. Turbo fry touch. This is one of the best. This is quartz and I did the research for you this is a perfect size, you don’t want to go with that six, seven, you’re not going to fit that pizza slice that reheats. And that’s why you want the eight quarts it’s a perfect middle and it will fit all the food you want. This thing is about 13 pounds. When it unboxes the side of the box right here. It makes flawlessly fried food for the whole family right here. Removable basket and comes with a divider as well. So you can do two different portions. And we’re going to take a look at that for convenient cooking presets, led shake reminder, which a lot of them don’t have, it tells you when to shake the basket off, especially when you’re making those fries, chicken nuggets. So it gets that perfect crisp capacitive touch control. So that’s all digital right there. It’s got an adjustable time, stainless steel finish that matches your fridge and your appliances. The very great, spacious eight-quart basket that’s the perfect size, has a great median and is dishwasher safe. So it’s got that nonstick basket, make sure you find a model. That’s why this thing is 130 bucks. I’m not trying to make this an infomercial, very high-level review. This thing is great. Here is the air fryer. And we’re going to kind of get into unboxing it right now we just saw the box. So I just opened the box up right now, it’s got a very thank you for your purchase. Tax on the inside of one of the sleeves, we’re going to open that up. And what do we find right on top, we find the bottom plate which is very nicely made. Very high resilient steel material right here, we’re throwing that to the side. We’re finding the bonus liners right here. So they give you 10 free parchment liners for your air fryer that’s for the grease and stuff or anything that goes to the bottom. Also, you have an instruction manual, which comes in at Chef Man right here, let’s open it up and take a quick high-level review. What’s inside of these right here you have a quick start guide, I would suggest you follow it which I will how to install it. This is your divider plate which we’ll take a look at in a second. You take your bottom plate, which is two, that’s the basket rack and then you’re going to put it onto the bottom. And then your divider plate slides in into these rails right here on the sides. We’re going to take a look at that. And it tells you all about the presets the time and the digital touchscreen how to remove and add the divider in their cleaning and maintenance also tells you different settings. So you need 22 minutes for chicken 10 minutes for fish 20 minutes for fries and gives you some of those tips and how to make the food’s so very great addition. There are also different types of cookbooks and different items that you can make with an air fryer I’m very excited my friend has this model. He recommended it to me and he said it’s a must buy so I wanted to get this and that’s why I’m doing a review for you guys. I hear is the divider. It’s very high quality. I can feel it in my hand I’ve used it at my buddy’s house steel divider, it’s got a little bit of flex to it as you can see but that’s good to insert it into the unit itself. It does show you a picture Graham of how to do that. Let the divider cool before handling or using the potholder. I’m going to talk about some bonus things that are in here as well once we remove the foam top, you can hear that little pop down because this was holding it in place. Let me throw that to the side. And this is how the unit looks. Let me take it out for you and we’ll take a look from there. So I just took it out of the box and this thing is amazing. It is about 13 pounds. Like I said before, it’s not heavy at all. It just looks gorgeous. Has got that stainless steel top, stainless steel under the sticker home cooking enhances delicious meals for the whole family. It’s got two stickers on the sides. If you can see it right there we’re going to plug it in as well.

And we’re going to look at that basket size. This is quartz this is a fully digital display. And that’s what I love about this unit compared to other units. It’s got four different presets already preset for fish, chicken and different and others we’re going to take a look at it when I started up. It also has that shape feature it is 10 inches high. If you’re looking at space in your different cupboards, or on your countertop, so this is 10 inches high right there. 13 and a half inches wide. And how long is it back, it is about 12 Almost 13 inches, so 12.7 and three quarter 12.75 inches long right here? So if you’re looking at those sizes, that’s what it is about. Let’s look at the basket and how to install it I don’t want to do such an in-depth review, we’re going to remove these two stickers very easy to do. And this is the basket size eight quarts here. Just an amazing size, you can fit a couple of pieces of pizza if you heard my buddy buys pizza a lot. He reheated I tasted it tastes like it’s like I’m at the restaurant. So it’s a completely different taste. And using a microwave tastes original, what’s inside here, there’s in great shape tells you how to unbox and what condition so it’s a quality check of the basket. Alright, so before we continue, let’s put in the divider. So when we do that it has rubber on both sides right there. And what we’re doing is first insert the bottom rack plate, which we have right here, we’ve put it right in, it slides in easily into the area you want it and what’s nice, you can set it at different levels. And once it’s at that level, you can kind of pick it up by this little rod that’s in the center there. Once you have that, you can just enter that center divider which just lives in and it looks something like this right there and that those rubber pieces hold it in. So once I put that in, we’re all set to start cooking, you can take out the divider, you don’t need it. Let me plug it in and let’s look at the screen. Once you plug it in, you’re going to hear a beep. Let me take off the sticker from the front so we can look at the stainless steel design of this unit here. Wow, this thing is just gorgeous. It matches my appliances very well.

It’s got that black front, you can see the different settings as I said, it’s got fish fries, chicken and, and meat. And all this is preset. So if I hit fish, it hits at 350. So this air fryer, its turbo fry. It works. So it’s 10 minutes at 350 for the fish. It works by the touch of a button and you can hear that process. You can stop everything on a touchscreen here. And then if you’re making fries, I’m going to stop it’s as easy as that. I’m going to hit the fries button I’m going to start and you’re going to have on the side right here on the side of the 400 is going to say shake it off. Up, and when that happens, you’re going to remove it, do a quick shake, and then entered. And then it starts upright again, you don’t have to hit any buttons. I’m going to hit that off. So if you want to do it on your own, you can set any temperature you want, you can click the time 10 button in the middle, and you can send the different minutes you want it to run for as well. I found out that in the manual, it also has the different carrots and different vegetables and tells you how long it takes to caramelize or make that as well. Other than that,

It’s got some extra features, it’s got an auto shut off so you don’t have to do anything it shuts off by itself. Everything is cool to the touch. So it’s child and safety friendly. It does not get hot on any of the exteriors. Also, it’s got a heat resistant handle so this handle will never get hot for you, which is great. So from chicken vegetables, pizza, frozen foods, and reheated leftovers. I think this thing is a winner at 6999 I’ll throw the link at the bottom. Thanks for watching guys. I’m not doing a cooking review for you guys. It’s just a high level of how it looks and how big it is. And should you buy it? I used it at my friend’s house. This is the best model I’ve seen 4.9 stars. Thank you guys for watching. Please give me a thumbs up. Please subscribe. I got a bunch more videos coming and have a great day.

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